New ATP profile picture

What the heck is this? A mug shot?

© Getty Images

© Getty Images

Did he get caught stealing towels again?

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  1. Atch2 says:

    I’m still confused about what’s going on here.
    Compare the smiling face of Victor Troicki and are-you-looking-at-me-punk-face of Stan Wawrinka. Different photographers were given different briefs?
    Or maybe there was a time and cost limit. Only 1 shot/1 min per player? given that the ATP are trying cut costs?

  2. faecoleman says:

    There is a place on the atp site where you can right your opinions on issues that you think need to be changed etc.. *thinking of doing it right now*..

    • Diane says:

      We ought to go, en masse, and crash the server with pleas to fix the f’ed-up pics of all of the players. Maybe start a campaign on the fan sites of the others as well.
      Just a thought.

  3. miri says:

    It’s just a picture, people. Let’s not go nutso.