FB – Amazing shots

Rafa goes up, back and between the legs…and sadly, it’s not dirty at all.

And never, ever count Rafa out of a point.

Videos sent in by RC. The first one was posted by crislainegeo and the second by DukeHarold.

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  1. CC says:

    Well, f**k me! Fantastic.

    The three grunts he lets out in the first one are quite dirty, though… Mmmm…

  2. Delta says:

    No kidding!:) LOL!!! That’s Rafa playing every point like it’s “championship point!” He’s insane with talent! Cannot EVER get enough!!!! Drives me Mad! Can’t concentrate on much @ this point!
    Mind wandering……………….

  3. An says:

    This is why we need him back on court 100% fit and healthy again.
    He is…… amazing, indeed!

  4. johanne says:

    Ridiculous! I could watch “amazing shots by Rafa” all day long. And thing is, there’s soooooo many to choose from!

    T-minus 19 days until Montreal official starts. But who’s counting?

  5. Atch2 says:

    Examples of why we are Rafanatics. Rafa’s so passionate about playing tennis, fights for every point and enjoys the challenge, and makes unbelievable shots look so easy.

    We need him back strong and healthy soon.

  6. nedals says:

    Genius at work!

  7. dutchgirl says:

    OMG, these brought a big smile on my face :DD
    This is exactly what I miss when he’s not fit and on the court! Those points that make you think in the back of your mind: ‘he can make it, because it’s Rafa’, but at the same time take you by surprise when he does, leaving you with nothing but admiration and an upgoing heartbeat. O, yes, he can!

  8. mary says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen this one with Rafa v Nole hamberg semi’s 2008. When he is on fire every point is hotly contested. Like the vds above it’s one of the reasons we love to see Rafa in action. No-one does it like him.

    • An says:

      Love it!

      This is why we are so drawn to Rafa..
      The looks are quite something but the tennis is, the tennis is….
      And the man inside him and the hart he has…..
      I have no words for that.

      May we soon see you back on cort with this fighting will Rafa, then no one is going to stop you!


    • faecoleman says:

      I watched this match live, it was friggin fantastic, Rafael Nadal at his utmost best, HE-WAS-SUBLIME, so full of confidence, the energy exploding from his body! god how I miss seeing him play like this! and Djokovic’s expressions are always the same, “what do I have to do?” as he shakes his head. This match really seemed to affect Novak, he lost again to Rafa in another cracker @ Queens and didn’t quite recover after that. Verdasco too in Australia this year would often shake his head in disbelief at Rafa’s shot making! I think people forget too, the most important part of Rafa’s game, his movement, its amazing, just watching him in this clip is a joy to behold! Thanx for bringing this up Mary.

    • RC says:

      Just watched the semi and final of Hamburg last year that Tennis Channel aired over the weekend. That Nole/Rafa semi was great. The final with Fed was bizarre. Wicked good tennis in that semi though.

  9. sia says:

    Yep, mary, the man is sex on court in this match.

  10. cookie says:

    Thank you for sharing these Miri– watching Rafa’s amazing shots are my very favorite video clips. He gets such a kick out of performing them, and he’s never grand-standing at all! It’s just his genuine way of saying “I LOVE tennis” more than any words can express! <3

  11. bardant says:

    My goodness, those 2points against PHM are !!!!!!

    Cooooome back !!!

  12. Arabelle says:

    I want to thank the young lad for keeping up and that he will return to the game and do what he does best..I’m certain the rest has done him proper to relax and recapture for him great memories of the past….He’s still young with hopefully many more performances to look forward to.

  13. faecoleman says:

    I love the kick he gets out of his amazing shots, he gets so excited,(so do we lol). I remember in A/O this year v. Fernando, Fernando drop shotted Rafa and Rafa sneaked in putting it down the line passed Fernando, he stood there(Rafa) in a stance so intensly excited about what he had done, and Fernando’s eyes were a picture of amazement, he shook his head in disbelief. Its moments like this that you really only witness in a Rafa match, love watching these clips they are the best yet. Only can people understand the real essence of Rafa when they see him play, there is no=one like him, there never will be!

    • mary says:

      AO UNBELIEVABLE SEMI’S. Rafa is so intense in any game point played. No wonder he moves us in certain ways. I need ice – *faints*