He’s baaaAAaaack! [Updated]

Rafa started training today. Right now, I’m finding a few articles about his training in the Spanish press. Feel free to add links to more in the comments as you come across them today as I’m sure they will continue to pop up.


(Photos by EFE via SportsYa and JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Marca (Google Translation) – they have a video up too

In the opinion of the doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, Nadal “is moving and will continue his physiotherapy treatment and strengthening muscle” while training restarts.

Nadal admitted that the season is very difficult to try to regain the world number one but he warned that war still has a lot to give. “Even if you are already one hundred percent, we must be realistic. The remainder of the season will be difficult because after sleeping for a month, which will be nearly two, you lose the rhythm of the competition while others have followed . However, I also have an advantage over Federer, and I have 23 years, “he said.

Regarding the 1000 Montreal Masters, Nadal said that “an important tournament” that hopes to reach “in terms”.

Video from rtve.es.

Added more photos.

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  1. BC says:


    Translation of selected parts

    ‘I will not compete again until I’m fully recovered. I will not patch my knees nor infiltrate them because this isn’t the right way to go. I have my limits and couldn’t see what they were until I went too far. It was a mistake which I shall not make again’ Nadal assured.

    ‘The recovery is being slow and I’ll only play when I’m feeling fine. I will not make the same mistake, it would be stupid’ Nadal repeated.

    When asked about the rest of the season :

    ‘We must be realistic because I’ve not played for 2 months. I have lost competitive rythm while the other players have kept playing matches. I’ll re-join a little low but I hope to recover my best level’

    When asked about No 1:

    ‘1 or 2, all that it changes is the number. Neither was I at the top of the world for being Nr 1 or anything out of the ordinary happens for being Nr 2. What really matters to me is playing well… and from there on, anything is possible’
    ‘I had the season under control but now the favourite to finish as Nr. 1 is Federer. But it can all depend on what happens at the US Open’

    In any case, the Manacor native sees his future in the long run: ‘ I have an advantage over Federer, which is that I’m 23 years old and him 27 or 28. A player’s career doesn’t stop at 23 and I trust to have time to keep fighting and staying at the top. And I’m not referring to Nr 2 but to winning important titles which, at the end of the day, is what motivates a player. But I will not deny that I enjoyed being Nr 1 and I wish I could be there right now’

    • RC says:

      Thanks for that translation BC. Great to see that he has learned from all these injuries he has had over the past year. 3 seperate leg injuries since the end of last year. Maturity; thy name is Rafa!

    • nic says:

      “But I will not deny that I enjoyed being Nr 1 and I wish I could be there right now”

      Gosh it kinda hurts to read that. Poor Rafa. Indeed he lost a lot the last few months. But he will be back strong. He knows that.

  2. Delta says:

    BC, thanks for the trasnslation. Great to hear him speak wisely about his “playing schedule” :) as much as we all want to see him any chance we can get no? :) he will be “Our Rafa” when on court. GREATNESS! Love the reference to “anything’s possible” & him enjoying being No.1 as he represented it all too well! Motivation always there! Winning titles! Yessssss!!!! In no time he will have HIS No.1 position back! Main thing is to have him his healthy & happy self! Pure delight to watch, both on & off court!!!
    USO “anythings possible!” To steal your phrase Atch2: Let’s Rock & Roll in MONTREAL and for rest of the Master serious season/ or is it US OPEN SERIOUS? no? Either way can’t wait! Go Rafa darling………

  3. Delta says:

    Oh, how could I forget to comment on delicious photos! thxs & to all the links Rafafans, Anticipation building……….

    • Suzanne says:

      I keep thinking of how physical a game Andre Agassi had and how he got to be more agressive and offensive as he got older…He too had physical issues that he dealt with over the years and had to have some long layoffs, which might have lengthened his career through to his 36th year!!! Maybe our Rafi (who says he loves to play with “aggressivity”) will work (over time) to become more of a first strike player. He has all of the tools and weapons having honed his net game, sped up his serve and learned to vary it (move it around the box, as he says), and has always had and even greatly improved upon super passing shots. As I said, all the tools are in the box, he just needs to get used to using them sooner in the points! Oh how I’d love to see him raise the US Open hardware at the end of the fortnight…wouldn’t we all?

  4. mary says:

    Rafa is wiser, smarter and for a 23 year old much older. He’ll still run down those points if he can, but I think we’ll see alot more tactics applied in his game. Of course he will be just as aggressive and offensive, but we won’t see him over-reaching himself especially on hardcourts.
    As for hotness, OMG *faints* gets up *faints again*. 23 and getting hotter by the day!!!!!!!!!!!:) :)

  5. Delta says:

    ***edited – photos already linked to in RC’s comment in this same thread***

  6. mary says:

    BTW I know Rafa wants to be no. 1 again, it’s in his nature. To me though I couldn’t give a continental what rank he is I’d admire him always just like I do Borg even today.

    • miri says:

      I agree with one caveat: dropping below #2 complicates his seeding, so I’d prefer that not happen, but if it does, so be it. He’s got a winning record against the current #1, so if they meet in the semis, he should be okay. ;)

      • Atch2 says:

        Yeah true. But then again what ranking was he when he beat Fed the No.1 in the semis of his first French Open? Rafa has what it takes, he just needs to get some winning momentum back and then regain his confidence on the court.
        The USO officials will pray that Rafa and Fed are 1 & 2 bec they want to see them do battle in the finals, not semis.

        • An says:

          I don’t see a direct problem for his seeding, if he drops below #2 and would become 3 or 4 the only thing that changes too being #1 or #2 is that het could meat Fed in semis. Djoko and Murray where already there and more important i do think that beating anny of those 3 will always take a hard fight but is do-able if Rafa is, fit, strong, confident and willing!

          And winning is the only thing he has to do to climb up the ranking again. So…

          VAMOS RAFA!