FB – the great escape

Presser from the 2006 Indian Wells tournament.

I love how shocked is when told his serve stats, how proud he is when he uses “run away” later in the interview, and how he describes sleeping with the “foots” up. Oh hell, the whole thing is adorable.

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  1. johanne says:

    Hell yes! I knew you had this one up your sleeve. ;)

    “…how proud he is when he uses “run away” later in the interview…”
    YES! That face he makes is so adorable!

    I also like when he says “large points” in the very beginning. And how he keeps talking about the windy. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he says “a bad new” when discussing his serve stats from the 2nd set. LOVE that Rafaism.

    Oooh so smiley & so pretty too. This is just classic Rafa. :D

    • miri says:

      And correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he says “a bad new” when discussing his serve stats from the 2nd set.

      I thought he was saying “He’s a bad batineer(sp?)” or something like that because my brain was thinking that’s a Spanish word for “returner” – kind of saying, well, if he got 100% in, he must be serving slow and Baggy wasn’t doing a good job of returning. But, I do a lot of crack, so I don’t know.

      • Atch2 says:

        “it’s a bad new bec I am serving very slow”, I think u got the meaning right, i.e., that Rafa got 100% serves in for the 2nd set, which means that he was serving really slow. But then again if it was windy u’ve got to try for the percentage, right?

        FYI, I found the final score was 7-5 6-0 to Rafa and the 2nd set only took 25mins.

        If someone put me on that little stage, behind the table alone and the centre of attention being thrown questions by reporters in a language I am not fluent in, I would be a nervous, blubberling wreck. Rafa seems shy and doesn’t luv to hog the limelight, but he is really natural in a presser, so cool under pressure and charming.

        • miri says:

          Yeah, I think you guys are right. It’s just that once I heard it one way, I couldn’t “unhear” it that way, you know? I just can’t imagine him saying that the other guy is a bad returner – doesn’t sound like him.

          And I agree. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to deal with all those people staring at you, microphones and cameras in hand while you are trying to talk in a language that you are just learning.

        • johanne says:

          “it’s a bad new bec I am serving very slow”

          Yeah that’s what I heard too! His face is just so adorable throughout this whole presser. Love when he cracks himself up. :D

  2. An says:

    I think this is my all time favourite!
    Thank you Miri and adorable Rafa…

  3. Delta says:

    OMG! He never ceases to amaze me, he’s so cute interchanging English/Catalan and looking over to his interputer when doesn’t understand question? Sooooo many cute answers to questions, love “the windy’ ‘as well as the question about being timed in 100 yd. meter. Said something to effect of “you think fast?”
    then pauses, smiles that great big smile:) plays with the hair, then says “slow?’ and laughs it off. I think this might be the cutest one EVER I have seen of Rafa:) so engaging, and unbelievably great looking!!!

  4. killian says:

    OMG—I had not seen this scumptiousness before. So engaging, relaxed, funny and gorgeous. Such positivity! Oh, Rafa, be well for Montreal! We miss you!!

  5. Josh says:

    Anyone know who he was against in this match?

  6. Debbie says:

    “unbelievable windy”. OMG. He is so cute. And, I believe he said it was a mistake that he went home after Montreal or Cincy so I selflessly volunteer my home in the States for a place for him to stay. ;-)

  7. CC says:

    This is the best one ever!
    Love it how he’s almost pissing himself with laughter after making the “escape” mistake.

    Oh, and: “Do you think very fast…? Or very slow…?”
    I’ll have both, thank you Rafa. ;)

  8. faecoleman says:

    Omg this is bloody hilarious, and adoreable! Rafa cracks himself up with the escape bit! oh how I love this guy, classic Rafa! best one yet! his smile/laughter are priceless.

  9. maisie says:

    aw he is ssooo cute :)

  10. nic says:

    Oh gosh isn’t this the cutest!! In a way, love to see how angelic and sweet and innocent-like Rafa was back then. And relaxed and just being himself all the time. So cute when he’s proud of himself for using “run away” correctly and when his 100% first serve stat was mentioned. Ah, what a cutie pie. Love it when he cracks up so hard when he realised he used the word ‘escape’ incorrectly. So many gems in this one! What a sweetheart. I long to see Rafa at a press conference again this year, but in a great and relaxed mood. So far, the more recent ones have been more serious, not so light hearted. Miss chirpy Rafa.

  11. nic says:

    Hahahaha just rewatched that. “The windy”!! Hahahaha.

  12. dutchgirl says:

    He is adorable in this presser, and so relaxed! Love it how he says ‘futr’.

  13. Yeuxverts says:

    I could eat him he’s so cute and adorable!