FB – testy Rafa

Rafa isn’t happy about hawkeye in this 2007 match.

Rafa went on to lose the match 6-7(5), 3-6.

Posted by dandantoltol and sent in by RC.

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  1. CC says:

    Ahhhh…hah, haaah! I love this!!! Angry Rafa is adorable.
    And does he…does he…slam his racquet down as well? ;)

    Love the commentators getting excited about Rafa being “fuuurious”.

    Thanks miri!

    • Rafafan says:

      Rafa is sooooo sexy when he is angy and so manly. I don’t think I have ever seen him like this before. I thought Uncle Toni says he has never thrown a racket in his life and that he would walk out – did this happen and that’s why Rafa lost – can anyone tell me?

      Yest he commentators are so excited…..

  2. johanne says:

    OOoooooooohhhaahahahhahahahhahaa never seen this! Rafa is totally pissed, good for him. Those “hairline” hawkeye calls are f-ing brutal!!! Even if they go my guy’s way I’m always like, oh that SUCKS!!

  3. SheIsBlessed says:

    That’s the angriest your ever likely to see of Rafa. He’s so controlled usually.

  4. Wooffie says:

    Blimey!! He’s GORGEOUS when he’s rattled …

  5. mary says:

    Ohlala!!!!!!!!!!! This is got to be my fav. He is sooooooooo manly and pissed off to the max. I flov it he’s adorable when he’s angry. I thought he couldn’t possibly get sexier, oh boy I was wrong. He f#####g rocks my world. Can someone clarify for me if the word f###k exists in the Spanish dictionary as I couldn’t find it and I swear that is what Rafa was trying to say!!!!

  6. Atch2 says:

    I can understand why he’s angry. That 1mm or less that decides the whole set?! The only time I’ve seen him close to this mad was when he was angry during Miami 09 (?) when he was not happy with his serves during practice and almost smashes his racket but de-excelerates before it touched the ground.

    The throwing back the spare ball, the talking with the hands, the head jerks, banging the racket (on his lap?) and agressive speech is adorable in a Rafa way bec u don’t really see this side of him. The raging bull indeed. But he deosn’t take it out on the ball kid.

    And isn’t this the same umpire as the Rafa vs Sod match in Rome 09 where Sod tried to lie about a ball mark?

  7. June says:

    Never saw this vid, thanks Miri! Wow, Rafi is so passionate about his game, no (that’s the word for it, testy). Does anyone know when Hawkeye came into existence in the tennis world? Thnx . . .

    • Suzanne says:

      It became “official” about three years ago in the slams and was first tried in the Masters “Serious” for a year or so prior to that. It has been used by the tv networks for the fans for a couple of years longer. Before that, we had the “Mac Cam” which was an actual video of many of the calls, but it was unable to help with difinitive judgements on the line calls as it wasn’t everywhere on the court. It’s interesting to see the records of challenges of many players…Although Andre Agassi was winding down his career as Hawkeye became available, he used it very well (his eyesight has always been one of his strengths…seeing the ball earlier than most). Rafa does pretty well with challenges and doesn’t seem to waste them. Interestingly enough, one of the worst records of using the Hawkeye challenge system is owned by Roger Federer, whose made no secret of the fact that he hates the thing! He often ends sets with either all of his challenges because he doesn’t like the system, or none because he’s burned through them. By the way, did anyone notice how our little Rafi threw the ball back behind himself in disgust? Wow…closest thing to a temper tantrum I’ve seen from him. Ha, ha, I guess he is human after all (sorry, just kidding, I had to say it). Interesting, though, that after giving in to his “testiness”, he ended up losing the match…Guess “the true is” it’s better to stay “colm” and with a “good aktitidue”.

  8. faecoleman says:

    Wow! thanks for this Miri, how absolutely hot is Rafa in a rage? *phew gotta watch this again! You hardly ever see Rafa dispute anything on court, and he lost the match too! so this double sucks!, hawk eye can be so so cruel!! at times. When Rafa loses his colm he loses his concentration, not good! his colm and mental strength are his best weapons… and what makes Rafa rock solid on court! nice to see him let go once in a while though..

  9. nic says:

    Oh wow how angry is Rafa here!!?? Never seen him so out of control before. Well, the clock says it was close to 11pm. Maybe he was already riled up when he got on court. Wow, still can’t get over that. Not our usual calm boy. Phew. When the commentator exclaims at the end when Rafa looks like he’s gonna smash his racket on his thigh, was pretty funny. They were equally surprised how fierce Rafa was. Wow, wouldn’t want to get on Rafa’s bad side. Looks like he’s one of those guys who’s lovely 99.9% of the time, and nothing much gets to him, but just that 0.1% when you get on his bad side, oh boy, look out! Yikes Rafa, chill baby, chill…. :)