Rafa goes golfing

Shocking, no? What’s next…fishing? I totally don’t understand the appeal of golfing, but am glad he appears to be relaxing and enjoying himself.

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  1. johanne says:

    I don’t really get it either, but of the guys I know who like to golf, they tell me it’s a relaxing, social sport – one where you can be outside with friends and just hang out, talk and drink beer. I guess I understand that! ;) But professional golf? Nope. Snooze. Sorry, Tiger. Zzzzzzzzz.

    Is this new footage? LOVE when Rafa puts his arm on his uncle’s shoulder and kinda cuddles up to him. That’s Miguel Angel, no?

    • CC says:

      “LOVE when Rafa puts his arm on his uncle’s shoulder and kinda cuddles up to him.”
      Hah, I thought exactly the same thing, *flove* affectionate Spanish men. ;)

      I really don’t understand the golfing thing, professional or not. B.O.R.I.N.G. Mini golf is fun, though. And Rafa’s legs look beautiful in those shorts.

      • johanne says:

        His bum looks good too. So perky and round. ;)

        • CC says:

          Oh God, yeah… Together with the legs, his best feature, no?

          • johanne says:

            His entire body (including face, hair and skin) is his best feature! lol

            I miss him. :(

            • CC says:

              Yeah, I meant on the lower part of his body, of course. If you then move up you have the tummy, arms, chest, hands, eyes, face, hair… :D

              Yeah, he must be back to play soon, or I’ll die.

              • nic says:

                omg i can’t handle all this rafa hotness!! i’m so happy to see him it’s insane! sigh, indeed he does look so gorgeous in them shorts, they hug his figure very very nicely. Mmmmm. I don’t know which part of rafa is my favourite, too much goodness to choose from. i love love love the last part of the vid where he’s looking at his shot so intently. sigh. what a babe this man is. i can’t take it. rafa, come back to tennis quick please before i need to be institutionalised!

                oh yeah, and i too love when he snuggles uncle miguel. how adorable is he there! gahd!!

  2. An says:

    Just this week i had a clinic in Golf… Its nice but i decided to stick with tennis and maybe will go golfing when im 60 or so…
    But for Rafa i’ll make an expetion, i wil be glad to walk 18 holes with him! :P

  3. June says:

    I really dislike both golf & fishing. I guess I always thought it was a guy thing, but I’m glad more women are trying it. My brother loves to fish & says it’s so relaxing. My son bought some golf clubs last year & has hardly used them. I think he & his girlfriend go out to play miniature golf more. RAFA is a true athlete in more sports than tennis for sure, no (and in more ways than one, literally speaking) (LOL) :)

  4. Suzanne says:

    The amazing thing is that golf is a skill that takes patience along with strength (for the tee shots) and finesse for the short game…i.e. chipping and putting. Rafa has an amazing skill in the whole game; his driving is evidently very powerful according to Freddie Couples (pro golfer who is pals with Rafa) and he has even out driven Fred at times (Fred has always been one of the best off the tee so that’s saying a lot!), and you can see from this clip that his putting is spectacular! The long putt he made was amazing…I’ve seen him make some great shots in other clips as well. I think of Rafa (and other “Tenistas”) enjoying golf as a balance to their tennis lives sort of like it is a game of chess. There is a lot to golf in reading the course and the greens, knowing how to handle the wind, knowing what club to use, etc. You must be “colm” also, or you’ll have a rotten round of golf. Anyway, probably TMI, but I can understand the attraction…

  5. Suzanne says:

    Also loved the snuggle with Miguel Angel…I’ve said it before, but Rafi is the cutest human being alive!

  6. faecoleman says:

    Agreed CC, I’m gonna die too! how cute is that when he embraces his Uncle like that? he’s such a warm, honest, natural person! In that last shot, love to see that determined expression, full of concentration! typical Rafa mode! doesn’t matter what sport he takes part in, he just oozes competitiveness!!! Boy I can’t wait to see him on court! Even Rafa cannot get me into Golf! Nice to see him smiling and relaxing here, is it recent?

  7. Libby says:

    I wonder if poor Tomeu EVER gets to drive the golf cart when he golfs with Rafa . . .

  8. serene says:

    Thanks for everything, Miri. You made our day! It’s so wonderful to see Rafa looking well and happy again. Can’t wait to see him back on court. We miss him lots. Don’t understand golf too but will watch anything that involves Rafa. He’s really so handsome and has a physique that’s out of this world!

  9. Carol says:

    Miri, what a lovely sight to have breakfast with on a Sunday morning here in the rainy UK (apart from choking on my toast at his bum at 0.07…). How natural and open he always is – glad to see him happy.

    I don’t play golf myself, but agree with Suzanne’s comments about different types of skills for diff shots. I live next to a golf course and see that for some people it amounts to an obsession. Have even seen guys playing in a thunderstorm – how sensible is that to be waving a metal stick around in a thunderstorm?

    It’s no surprise that a sportsman like Rafa is talented at other sports than tennis. As a case in point, I can’t recall the source, but there is some youtube footage of Rafa at the Chennai open being introduced to cricket by the Indian captain. He hit a huge six on his second ball! Does anyone know if he’s tried baseball?

    Just going back for another peek at that gorgeous bum, er legs, er face, hair, smile, skin… oh yes, you are a total sexy sweetie Rafa.
    Thanks again Miri.

  10. Atch2 says:

    Rafa looks relaxed, healthy and determined. I luv his interactions with his Uncle and Tomeu who I swear will never get to drive that gold cart. Miss u Rafa!

  11. SuzR says:

    Golf has never appealed to me (although I could probably watch Rafa play it all day!). A friend’s husband was obsessed with golf and she thought ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. She started playing and now she is as obsessed as he is! It’s great to see a smiling and happy Rafa again. Can’t wait to see him back on court.
    Miri, thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this site. It’s been a tough few weeks without Rafa but coming here has helped get me through.

  12. mary says:

    The expression on his face at the end of the vid says he is serious about his golf. I’d play putt putt with him and I’m pretty good on the green, but the rest of golf please wake me up when it’s over (unless its Rafa of course). I thought that was fairly cool how he got that ball in the hole from the edge of the green. Impressive “well it is to me”. Btw men and balls! They seem to hand in hand. Need I say anymore

  13. June says:

    Our Rafi is definitely a golf pro in the making (watch out Tiger Woods)! My one girlfriend joined her husband also, Suzanne after she got tired of him going to take clients to play golf to close business deals & since they are both retired now, they moved to a house next to a golf course (lucky you, Carol living where you do getting to see all those guys play golf). I’m willing to teach RAFA baseball Carol. I don’t have my brother’s talents but did play girls softball & loved it when I was younger (a whole lot younger) (LOL) :) Again, thanks for this fabulous video Miri from your collection — I bet you’re counting down the days till you leave for Montreal, you lucky woman you!!!! Please remember to get that autographed shirt so we can all bid on it to help pay for your website (you know you want to . . .)

    • miri says:

      No, I don’t. I think I stated that very clearly. First – I’m not into autographs; second – ask Rafa to help pay for this site? I’m sorry, but that’s just insane. He’s got his own site he pays for.

      And, as stated in the post, the video isn’t from my collection, it was posted by the IB3 news channel.

      • Suzanne says:

        I agree, Miri. What is all the fuss about getting autographs? Thanks for your integrity at not wanting Rafa to “work” for this site…Okay, on a lighter note, I found a youtube clip of Rafa with Freddie Couples (great golfer and friend of Rafa’s) that I’d mentioned a couple of days ago. Here is an expert talking about golfing with Rafa:


        Fun, fun, fun.

  14. miri says:

    More video of the golf tournament can be found on the rtve.es site.

    • CC says:

      Love it how he walks around and swings the golf club casually, looking like he’s going to hit somebody any second.
      Thanks miri!

  15. Atch2 says:

    It’s so great Rafa is taking his mind off his own problems and does charity work and gets to play golf as well. Anyone know what charity it is for?
    It’s a shame that Rafa couldn’t complete the FO and didn’t compete in Wimby bec didn’s a Spanish bank or insurance company offer Euros 1000 for every ace he hit at the grand slams?
    Good luck to pull in the donations at the USO Rafa!