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The DailyMail Online has a quick Rafa fashion article up by Andrew Preston. Hard to tell if any of this is new or just gleaned from old interviews. It’s one of those typical fashion pieces that feels like it was paid for by sponsors…

I’ve got a fashion secret: my mother tells me what to wear.

I still take advice from my mum on what clothes look good on me. I used to listen to her a lot more, but I’ve started to choose my own things from time to time.

I think that’s long been suspected…

Like a lot of sportsmen, I find trousers can give me serious problems.

I often find it difficult to find a pair that fits me well. The way I’m built means I have muscular thighs and calves and a thin waist, so trousers very often don’t fit. They’re either right for my waist and I can’t get them on, or big enough to clear my thighs and really baggy around the waist. Usually I end up wearing the bigger pair and holding them up with a belt.

Sure, it’s the thighs that give you a problem.

Skincare is vital for me as I’m out on court all day in the sun.

The only problem is that it’s hard to use creams during a match because they can get in your eyes and sting.

No kidding. If anyone knows a good sunscreen that doesn’t sting your eyes, please let me know!

I hate the gym.

I don’t spend much time in there and I never have done – I just don’t see why. I only ever run when there’s some point to it – say, if it’s in a game of tennis. I do a lot of aerobics in the pre-season period, but after that I keep fit by playing in tournaments. I also love playing football – my preferred position is striker. I can’t play as often as I’d like because of the injury risks.

Awww…I hate the gym too. Too bad I don’t like any other ways of keeping fit, though.

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  1. Diane says:

    Me, neither. I can figure a keep fit regimen, it involves a certain Spaniard, and a lot *ahem* push ups. hhehehehehe

    • Carol says:

      Gym = yuk, so booring. Diane, hehehe. I could also take Rafa walking (training, I mean) over some of the wonderful hills in the UK (just to gently exercise his thigh muscles and glutes you know :))

  2. johanne says:

    This translation totally doesn’t sound like Rafa! However, I’m still hoping he did say “…they get me in the mood.” That was hot.

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    Teehee! Whether it was Rafa who wrote it or not, it tickles me to read about his ‘trouser troubles.’

    Mmmm, tiny waist…

    • nic says:

      yes, tiny waist! what a turn on. again, what’s his waist size please somebody tell me!!!! need. to. know.

  4. CC says:

    Um…whaa?! This feels like someone has put together a mish mash of things that Rafa has said and then really simplified everything…no?

    The trouser thing is cute, however. You can really see how his…ahem…muscular thighs struggle to fit into all jeans he’s wearing. But he always looks good. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the fact that his bum is hard to fit into things. ;)

    • johanne says:

      LOL! He would NEVER admit his ass causes him “problems”, but we all know what’s up. ;) Personally, I love how his big thighs and perky bum always seem to be encased in demin. He sure can wear a pair of pants…….

      • CC says:

        I also love how his t-shirts quite often seem to “get stuck” around his waist, beacause his bottom is kind of in the way, no?

        • johanne says:

          Oh yeah it’s totally in the way but I love it because then you still get to enjoy his perfect, peachy bum. Better yet make him shirtless because then you get to drool over the way those muscles dip in around his hips. And then, of course, there’s the fluffy treasure trail…..

          The boy kills me. Absolutely kills me.

          • CC says:

            It’s only 6.30 in the morning here and my mind is already wandering to all sorts of Rafaplaces. What was it I got up early for again? I’m sure there was something I needed to do… :D

        • Carol says:

          Noo – his botty is never in the way, just in our sight…!!

  5. CC says:

    “No kidding. If anyone knows a good sunscreen that doesn’t sting your eyes, please let me know!”
    I have the same problem. I even struggle with things like Clinique’s eye creams, everything makes my eyes sting! It’s a bummer.

    • Suzanne says:

      I’m not sure, but isn’t that what “Water babies” sunscreen boasts, kinda like “No more tears” shampoo…I hate that sting when sunscreen drips into my eyes. The only other thing I can think of is how hunky Patrick Rafter used to wear zinc oxide…scarey but effective. Part of this interview seems rather recent as Rafa didn’t know the term “striker” several months ago when he was being interviewed. How adorable is it that he admits that mama helps him pick out his clothes. He is so comfortable in his own skin!

  6. Delta says:

    The man/boy kills me too, and I’m with any of you on this article if its really “Our Rafa?” I believe he may take his Mum’s advice on his clothing choice when it comes to dressing up, otherwise the jeans,shortpants+t-shees are on his own. Love him in pink-gets that from Elvis! I was young when Elvis died, but became a convert via DVD’s especially “live in Las Vegas” when he was Gorgeous like Rafa, and had that charisma, charm & little boy innocense. Also apparently unaware of the effect he had on people! Just like “Our Rafa”. The reason I compare him to the early 70’s Elvis Presley is Not only that I saw the parallel between the two “humble” individuals with magnatism that will set off fireworks, but the recent commentators were saying that when Rafa was in Miami, he would go to the same Argentine resturant night after night and had a following of people “like he was Elvis Presley’!!! Same goes for Paris, as one quoated, “Rafael Nadal going into a resturant, is like Elvis entering a building.” its insane, but I have to agree as Rafa has that same aura, and is somewhat oblivous to the affect he has on people!

    PS. On Tennis Channel right now in the States Our Rafa is playing Djokovic in Hamburg!!!!!!!

    • Suzanne says:

      Elvis had NOTHING on Rafa…I pitied him, but he was one messed up man, very early on. He was tempremental and used a lot of drugs at a very early age. People following after someone like Elvis or even Michael Jackson are difficult for me to understand because they were both narcissistic and very screwed up. Rafa is the polar opposite to both of them except that he DESERVES the attention he gets!!!

      • SheIsBlessed says:

        Are you crazy? Michael Jackson never deserved attention? Wow! I’m a Rafa fan but come on!

      • Delta says:

        Suzanne, I agree with that aspect of Elvis, and I feel sorry for him as he was innocently put on uppers when in the Army in Germany, then the nature of addiction at that time much wasn’t known of the dangers of “perscribed medication”. He cannot be compared to Michael Jackson. He had other issues. I by no way want to compare Elvis to Rafa, as Rafa is in a different class & he does deserve all the adulation and attention he gets for being Himself in every sense of the word. Sorry if I didn’t explain things correcto? Please didn’t mean to offend any Rafafans or Rafa himself!!!

    • mary says:


  7. SheIsBlessed says:

    I have the same problem as Rafa, a bubbble butt and small waist. But when he finds the jeans that do fit him well damn does he wear them well!

  8. Suzanne says:

    I’m not saying Michael Jackson and Elvis were not talented or interesting, but just messed up. Look at the stupid things they wasted their money on and much of it was vanity…Rafa is so unaffected by the whole wealth and fame thing. If you look at the Nadal home, it is very simple and comfortable. There is nothing wasteful or ostentatious about him or his lifestyle. He takes care of the racquets and equipment he is supplied with as he understands that it costs money and many people cannot afford those things that he gets for free from his sponsors. When he won his second Mercedes in Stuttgart he gave it to Uncle Toni because he didn’t feel like he needed another one. Many in his position would have given away the old car and kept the new one for himself; after all, he earned it! But there is not a selfish bone in his body. Scarey to think that one person so many people admired left this world hundreds of millions of dollars in debt because of his foolishness. Another one couldn’t stand being alone and thus had multiple televisions in each room and his ex-wife had to open Graceland as a tourist attraction to keep her daughter solvent, even with all of the ongoing record sales. Yet the one we all mutually admire (our Rafa) does whatever he can to help others and does not let his millions rule his life. There is no comparison.

    • SheIsBlessed says:

      Wow at you sounding like Rafa is some deity. We all have our shortcomings even Rafa!

      Elvis and MJ had their shortcomings but are admired for the musicality. And so they should!

      • Suzanne says:

        No godlike status for Rafa or anyone (I only know of one God and He does His job quite well) but I do esteem Rafa above many of the brats and self-important celebs in sports and entertainment. He’s precious and I just love him. Not a hard thing to do…

      • miri says:

        Wow at you sounding like Rafa is some deity. We all have our shortcomings even Rafa!

        Exactly. And I know people tend to go over-the-top online, but anything that smacks of putting Rafa up on so high a pedestal as to deify him makes me extremely uncomfortable.

        • Atch2 says:

          Rafa wouldn’t like the comparison either. To him, he’s just one of the guys and that’s one of the reasons why we luv him.

          • Suzanne says:

            I’m sorry that you guys have been uncomfortable with the way I speak about Rafa. I don’t want to cause drama or give any indication other than I’m having fun with you all as a Rafan. I have always been one to want to shoo away people who get too close to him, invade his privacy, and go over the top with how “perfect” he is. That’s one of the reasons I respect Miri so much for her stand on the posts about his private life. Some of the comments I made were responded to with almost a hostility…What ever happened to “let’s get along, kids?” I do not now, nor have I ever put Rafa up on a pedestal, I simply admire his character, etc, and scratch my head at how people can admire certain celebs for their talent/charisma to an unhealthy end for all concerned. My God created Rafa just like He created you and me…I pray TO God and FOR others, including Rafa. I guess it just bothered me to have Rafa put in the same category as guys like Elvis, who have been deified by so many people (some poor shlubs think he’s still alive!!!), and I don’t want his life ruined by these attitudes. Yes, I do think that he is an exceptional human being and a cutie pie, but also “as normal as apple pie!” BTW, although his trousers (fit) are a problem for his physique, he puts them on one leg at a time…imagine that…don’t we all?

    • CC says:

      “There is no comparison.”
      Then don’t compare! ;)

  9. An says:

    Rafa, if youre trousers are a problem… I offer you to custom make them for you!
    We’ll make an appointment to take youre measures soon, no?

  10. Suzanne says:

    I just read the complete post from the Daily Mail Online (Miri provided it above, so just click on the link). Anyway, for all of you who have dreamed and wondered about how Rafa smells, he says in the article that he wears “Lanvin L’Homme Sport” and he loves it because it smells like the sea. I think I’ll be checking it out next time I’m at a department store. Oh aren’t we obsessed? I guess I have to admit that I am, slightly…Heee heee!

    • CC says:

      The photo above is from the Lanvin L’Homme Sport photo shoot that Rafa did to promote that particular fragrance.
      It smells lovely and citrusy, I’d wear it myself!

      • mary says:

        I’ve been mainly on facebook these past few days. How could I have missed this:O :O Oh dear, your Raf…asset wouldn’t by any chance be in the way of a good fit. A bit like the “tighty whiteys” heh! Fortunately you look hot in anything. Btw you should ask AFL players what clothing label they wear. As most of them are built exactly like you.
        Here in Auss we get a little carried away with the zinc, as it really works and doesn’t get into your eyes unless your silly enough like most of us and wipe your face with your hand/arm forgeting that you’ve got it on.
        I do believe this maybe a mixture of old and new news. I’ve heard about the gym before at least. I’ve made up my own fitness routine, its called “dance aerobics”. It’s fairly basic just dance and jump around alot. Maybe that is how our dear Rafa can learn to dance:::LOL
        Between the lot of us we can dress him (or not)this will include a proper measurement from head to toe, provide advise on skin and body care(intensive advise on every part)and help him keep fit running after him around the court or maybe a more private setting could be chosen. What we could do for him or to him only the mind could imagine.

        • Atch2 says:

          I saw a photo of Rafa using zinc cream during the Aussie Open this yr. I’m use to seeing mainly crickets with it on their nose and lips. Rafa’s lucky bec he with his dark skin he has some natural sunblock but with the amount of time he spends in the sun, on court and at the beach, in the boat, on the golf course etc.. it will impact the health of his skin in the future.

          I still haven’t tried Rafa’s Lanvin L’Homme Sport. Is it suitable for women? Or does it make u feel like u r enveloped in Rafa?

          Rafa looks good in almost anything. He may not have the editor of Vogue on speed dial but Mama Nadal has done fine so far with her son, with maybe a few odd jackets here and there which I assume were Rafa’s choices.

          We luv Rafa the way he is.

  11. Carol says:

    He absolutely must get some of his stuff customised – can I contribute design ideas in person?
    Bet he does not shop at Primark(Spanish budget clothing chain)- their stuff would never fit our well toned Rafa (sigh).

    Have been listening to some music as I’ve been perusing this site (again):
    “Something” (in the Way he Moves) (Shirley Bassey)is just so spot on: rhythm as well as words for this cool boy. Have a listen and see what you think – and no I’m not the great Shirl’s age btw (smiley face.


  12. Delta says:

    I agree with Atch2 as Rafael does have a lot of melanin in his skin and therefore less suseptible to sunburn, yet there’s always the damaging effect of the uva/uvb rays as your skin:) ie; is the largest organ in the body, and our 1st line of defense:) the Nurse in me. Being I can’t work @ moment cuz of
    back surgery I can pass on info @ make a difference to those who maynot know? no? Others maybe R.N.; and/or Physician. Don’t mean to be pious, just educate. Re; sunscreen (which I’m guilty of not wearing often enough as I get bronze w/o reddness) but if you can find Eucerin sensitive skin/fragrance free for face&body 30 SPF its basically zinc oxide/titanium dioxide- the most effection combo for protection w/o greasiness,chalky,or stinging as I really only use on face. Highly recommended by skin cancer foundation. @ local drugstores or online. $9.00 USD
    Enough preaching…… LOL! reading the above posts, you all keep me entertained with your lusty comments about “Our Rafa” My thoughts aren’t too far off…..
    Just want the darling back doing what he loves best, playing & winning titles! All while were cheering him on! Mesmerizing is he not? no? Yesssssssssssssss
    Then comes the flood of comments on Miri’s great site! Thank you………….

  13. June says:

    My oh my, how that man can move a room or a bunch of women to get hot flashes or start to perspire (OMG) & it’s only in the 70’s where i live in St. Louis now! IMO RAFA would have to get designer-type clothing to fit that perfect bod, no. Anyway, I’m guessing he wears a size 33 or 34 pants (my son actually has a similar body type to our RAFA’s & no, I’m not exaggerating here, but he’s not quite as tall as he is & that’s the size he wears — he’s a soccer player & has a thin waist also). I wanted to get him some of that new cologne for his b-day, but he only wears Polo & that’s about it since his girlfriend gets it for him & picks out most of his clothes. I’m surprised that Xisca doesn’t get involved in the clothing choice for her man, or perhaps Mama Nadal is a dominant force in her son’s life which is kinda good I guess. Rafi should be a Calvin Klein underwear model, no! My brother, who was a former baseball pro (for the MLB years ago, St. Louis Cardinals & NY Mets & only played around 6 years due to injury & is now retired living in Florida got into modeling in NY, he’s 6′ blue eyes, dark hair — I even see his baseball trading cards on E-bay but not as much of a hot commodity like the famous great players of all time). Me, I did some modeling here as a teenager, but after I stopped working out at Balley’s gym for 2 hrs. a day, met my husband, had 2 kids there’s no way I could wear a bikini ever now, unless I joined Jenny Craig or NutraSystem (I just walk the dog and ride my bike for exercise but should do weights for strength training at my age). I took an aerobics class & tore my calf muscle which really hurt for a while. I liked both Elvis & MJ (am closer to his age) but right now RAFA is my absolute fav (better than Kaka or Christiano Ronaldo in soccer IMO, so sorry soccer lovers in Spain).

    • miri says:

      And most of this has what to do with the topic?

      Maybe I’m exceedingly grumpy today or something, but I’m getting tired of rambling comments that have nothing to do with posts on the site. If you want to chat, go into the chat room. (And yes, I’ve been guilty of rambling myself from time to time, so I’m grumpy at me too.)

    • Delta says:

      June, your too humble, I bet your a beauty & sounds like you & your brother came from great genetics that you passed onto your son. Plus your intellect & humbleness adds to your character.
      Just like “Our Rafi” wish I knew what nickname he prefers? I read where his Grandfather “Rafael”
      calls Rafa, “Rafael.” any name that doll goes by is fitting. Speaking of “fitting” I think Rafa looks great when dressed down or in a suit. I tend to look at his ‘brown bedroom dreamy eyes” Melting……
      and his long flowing locks and he has me by then…. no need to examine his attire. LOL!
      Thanks for the mention of Elvis, when I wrote in my post re; Elvis- who yes is another one I think was drop dead gorgeous in the DVD’s I have of his “Vegas years”, I was taking from comments read about our Rafa being in Miami, & Paris, where they had said, “when he walks into a resturant, its like Elvis Presley walking into a building.” I suppose they meant the fans & his entourage ie;) his Uncle Toni, Beninto, Papa Sebastian, ect. and the myriad of fans & photogs. Didn’t mean to compare their lifestyles, yet Elvis was known for his generosity to strangers, buying them cars, ect. Plus he wasn’t pompous or arrogant from what I gather, but seem to have been a lost soul later before his demise. Sad…. That’s all, I won’t bring Elvis up anymore as after all we have the “Epitome of greatness” with
      Our Rafa, in every sense of the word. Years from now people will hear of “Rafa” & know him just by the name “Rafa”. Funny how all the “great ones” are known for usually their first name! When people talk of Roger Federer, they refer to him by his full name. If commentators just said “Roger” no one would know who they’re talking of, but not in the case of “Our Rafa”! Speaks for itself? no?
      PS. hope youv’e healed from calf injury?

      • Suzanne says:

        Boy have I stirred up a kettle of fish! I’m so sorry that I went bughouse about Elvis, MJ, et al. As I said earlier, I just kinda scratch my head at times over the way people admire someone with talent or looks and not a lot of “substance”…Rafa is just a rare individual and it’s refreshing to have him around. A very good example for kids coming up in the sport as well as us oldies who could use a kick in the arse every once in a while to adjust our “akititudes”. Delta, please don’t stifle your enthusiasm for ANYONE you admire…we all have our opinions and I have been a bit too outspoken with mine the past several hours. I don’t want to criticize anyone but honor people who are uplifting. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we really did follow the golden rule and treat others as we’d like to be treated? This, of course, would include speaking of others as we’d like to be spoken of…Back on subject, win Rafi, win!!!!!!!!!

  14. June says:

    Okay, Miri, I completely understand & apologize for my blogging. I’ll play by the rules next time, sorry again :-)

  15. Delta says:

    Miri, sorry as I maybe the culprate, I’m pretty sure I always incorporate Rafa, as after all that is what this great site you have put together for us Rafafans is all about. I made a comment I wished I had found it back 4 mos. ago when I had back surgery as it’s a fabulous site with your posts & the comments are entertaining, makes my convalesence easier to endure. So its my fault for telling of my situation and others caring and wanting to know my progress? Again, I will not speak of personal things re; myself or any other person, except of course the reason were all here- RAFA!

    PS. Don’t apologize for feelling grumpy, “welcome to my world” (not that bad, very grateful, especially to have this forum you created for us Rafanatics, as we all bond because of this special being)
    I do want to support you by way of purchasing t-shirts. Do you ship to P.O. Box? Have a great time Miri in Montreal and cheer on “Our Rafa”!

  16. Delta says:

    ***edited for being off-topic***

    • Delta says:


      I’m quite aware of what you were doing – but it was, again, NOT ON TOPIC.

  17. faecoleman says:

    Rafa doesn’t like the gym? that explains why he punishes himself there! I too have Rafa’s problem, small waist with a fair size butt! Rafa always looks great in his jeans and his shorts on court, even if they are a little tight round his butt, who’s complaining? Who was it who said they were watching Rafa v. Djokovic in Hamburg on the tennis channel, fantastic match that was, enabling Rafa to keep his no.2 ranking! only to claim the no.1 ranking later on, amazing! Interesting comments from everyone on here, Rafa definately does have a special aura about him, I admired MJ as an artist, but find it strange comparing such a person like him or Elvis to an athelete like Rafa! the difference is huge, totally different professions, backgrounds and mindsets… don’t get it sorry!

  18. Delta says:

    Concerning Rafa’s fit with his trousers, he should take the measurements of his Nike wear, as they fit him well. Maybe just have them tailor make him his trousers no?

    ***off topic bits removed***

  19. nic says:

    Hhmm that’s one strange article alright. Some of it just doesn’t sound like what Rafa would say, even if it could have been translated from Spanish to English, just doesn’t really sound like him for a lot of those quotes. Also, it’s a really vague way they put it together, no context when and how. Weird. I’m sure some/ most is probably real, but kinda seems like they mixed and matched stuff from different places and even reworded some. But I do like the insight into Rafa getting fashion advice from mama Nadal, and also his trouser problems. Too cute.