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Photo © Harley-Davidson

Photo © Harley-Davidson

Thanks to nereis for tweeting this article about Rafa being “captivated” by Harleys. (Google translation)

In this sense, has been the athletic XR1200 Harley-Davidson that Nadal has won “by the unique combination of its sporty lines with classic style.” Furthermore, he claims that he “loves the power, strength and aggressiveness with which transmits only watch.”

Is it just me or does the idea of Rafa loving a muscle bike boggle the mind? It seems rather…daring for him. I keep picturing him puttering along in last place in that go-kart from the Rafa vs. Iker event. Perhaps it’s just a sponsorship kind of thing…

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  1. tiemyshoe says:

    Awww, but he looks so haaaappy!

    As long as Rafa doesn’t take up parkour or cage-fighting as hobbies, I wish him the best with his toys.

  2. sia says:

    Well that look is definitely one that suits him … Rafa does have a bit of the wild child image. Oviously he looks good in anything … or nothing. The problem though is that one of the most common occuring injuries with motorcycles are injuries to the hands!!! Those beautiful hands …

    • Suzanne says:

      I also worry because I think of the accident Tommy Haas’ parents had on a motorcycle in Florida several years ago that nearly killed them. Tommy left the tour (when he was ranked #3 I think) in order to be with them through their recovery. Please God, don’t let our Rafa get hurt…

  3. nic says:

    Yeah, does seem a little bit of a strange fit, Rafa and a Harley. But being able to see his beautiful smile return to that gorgeous mug again, that’s just priceless. Been a while. What a sweetie. Thanks Harley Davidson for a recent photo of Rafa’s long-missed megawatt smile.

  4. June says:

    I hope his mama takes the keys away & grounds him to his room or the family beach house & he has nothing on but the radio (LOL). But those jet skis aren’t really that safe either. I worked at a law firm where we had a case in which a guy hurt his “family jewels” but then he was drinking & making a fool of himself by showing off for the ladies (something which we know that our RAFA would never, ever do), no!

    • Suzanne says:

      And if he sneaks out to drive it again, he has to clean up his room and make the bed every day…Mama will inspect!!! Our funny guy; he is so tidy with the water bottles and his crisp, perfect looking clothes, but Mama needs to scold him after a few days at home for keeping a messy room. If he does anything risky to that lovely body of his, his punishment should be housework!!! I hope he does know of this site and can get a “whiff” of it occasionally, but I also hope it doesn’t freak him out…we all know that heights scare our boy and we have him elevated pretty high. No matter, he deserves to be thought of in a grand light. What a precious man…

  5. June says:

    You know he would be a cool foreign exchange student in college here w/that cycle (hubba, hubba) & would need a tutor, no (oooh la, la)!!! Any frisky volunteers must apply in person (have to be approved first by Mama, Uncle Toni & Xisca in that order — whose brave enough to take on this mission impossible task)?

  6. June says:

    Mary, I just love you Australians! I’d love to go there sometime whenever I win the lottery (along w/Mallorca of course) ;-)

  7. June says:

    What a sweetie you are Mary, thanks for the offer! The same goes for you if you ever come to St. Louis, Missouri. Of course, we would love to extend this invitation to the Nadals if they are ever in our town :)

    • mary says:

      Just think Rafa need not spend a dollar/pound/euro on any accommodation. He’s got it covered anywhere he goes,we’ll provide. We are spread far and wide,(Oh I wish “sweating profusely”):) :) Rafa my door is always open. I promise I’ll restrain myself, I think!!!!!!!LOL

      • Suzanne says:

        You know back in the good old days professional tennis players stayed with “host families” instead of hotels. My family actually hosted some players in satellite tourneys and it was so fun. I remember Stan Smith, John Newcombe, and others (way before the years of many of you) thanking host families. How yummy it would be to be able to mother our Rafi for a week (or more!!!).

  8. June says:

    What a great idea, Suzanne! — that’s actually what I had in mind BTW, no — I wonder how his PR guy Benito would react though, along w/Xisca ;-)

    P.S. I actually got to see John Newcombe play here in St. Louis back inthe late 70’s in a tournament, don’t think Laver was here, but it might have been Stan Smith also (it’s too hard to remember back that far for me now). I do remember his moustache & build though!

    • Suzanne says:

      I would personally take him to any golf course he wanted if he let me be his host and would also cook “gambas” every day, however he wanted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. An says:

    Oh yes…
    I abolutly love Gamba’s too and i dare say they’re one of my specialty!
    And this week i discoverd playing golf.

    So Rafa, i’m ready, whenever you are!

    • Suzanne says:

      I wonder if he likes lobster…lobster and Frexinet (a Spanish champagne).

      • An says:

        I don’t know that! I guess he will be ok with lobster cause i read somewhere het totally loves sea food. But the Frexinet i dunno… I think i heard him say he’s not much of an alcohol drinker! He loves to spray with champagne tough!!

        O, and Rafa, i promiss, no cheese and tomatoes:-)
        And when we have baby’s, beschuit met muisjes, you know from the Rotterdam tourney.

  10. June says:

    Wow, Suzanne, we hardly ever have lobster, but my son loves shrimp & my husband loves tilapia (my daughter hates fish) but loves chicken. I read somewhere (maybe vamosbrigage) that Rafa’s mom said he loves simple foods like tomotoe w/bread for lunch). I heard he hates cheese. My fridge is full of cheese, yogurt, dairy products (of course fresh fruit & my family loves steak, but I don’t) guessing Rafa does. I would have to get some of the Spanish chocolate milk though (cocoa calo?) Also would have to take a cooking class for spanish food although we have a lot of Mexican restaurants nearby (don’t know if the food is similar). My husband is middle eastern & likes cucumbers & yogurt, or lots of tomatoes w/cucumbers for summer.

  11. miri says:

    Heh, I showed this to my boss who grew up around bike riders and rides one herself (and is a tiny, tiny woman). She laughed at it saying it was a sissy bike. ;)

  12. June says:

    Oh yeah, have to add this one that we do cook a lot of pasta w/salmon or only tomato sauce as my son loves that for energy. Also have plenty of Gatorade for dehydration & we aren’t big beer or alcohol drinkers much. Lots of water & fruit juices & oh yeah, I make a mean chocolate chip cookie (if my kids don’t eat the raw cookie dough 1st) (lol) and RAFA can make all the cakes he wants in my kitchen since it doesn’t bother me to have a man in it as my husband was a chef before he became a restaurant manager & owned one — I don’t think the saying too many in a kitchen is bad or is it too many cooks, spoil the broth, no :)

  13. June says:

    Oh one more thing to add I promise I’m done after this one (RAFA can make all the cakes his little heart desires) if I can lick the bowl, since I’m a chocoholic (LOL)!!!

  14. June says:

    Okay, I lied re: one more thing to add (RAFA can drive my mustang convertible — it goes up to 140 mph if that’s enough speed for him) also we can take him to the Lake of the Ozarks for a speed boat ride or hop on a jet ski/Seadoo & no, we don’t own any Harleys or other bikes other than 10 speeds :)

    • Suzanne says:

      Just one thing…Rafa hates tomatoes (how is that possible?). He says he likes tomato sauce, but not tomatoes…