FB – 08 Roland Garros photobooth

We got karaoke in 2007 and in 2008 we got a photobooth:

And then after winning…

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  1. mary says:

    Miri, also a good excuse to meet him :) :) :D

  2. June says:

    Mary, our son’s 22nd b-day is also the 22nd of this month just like your twins (how coincidental, no)! He’s having his knee surgery (torn ACL & meniscus repair) on the 24th & will miss his girlfriend’s college graduation party on the 25th (which is unfortunate for him) along w/his senior season of soccer at school this fall. His coach has been so nice & he will still be able to play next year though, while he’s working for his master’s in business & they will pay for his school (lucky for us)! Anyway, Miri, I’m all for Mary’s wonderful idea of us to bid on getting one of your shirts signed by RAFA (you know you have the nerve to do it girl — you’re so amazing that you designed this website NadalNews & you’re a woman & have the power — believe in yourself — we do)! Just go up to him & talk some Spanish like “Hola, Senor Nadal, por favor” (then google the rest of how you say “Would you sign my shirt” or May I have your autograph, something like that”). Heck, I remember seeing a video of some chick get his autograph on her bra that she handed him! I got his autograph picture thru his Fundacion for my daughter’s 15th b-day when I sent a donation, but the woman there said it wasn’t necessary to do this. I wanted to send another one in honor of RAFA’s 23rd b-day but didn’t (bad & forgetful me). Also I wrote to the ATP office in Florida, Monte Carlo & London & did receive an autographed picture for my daughter from Monte Carlo this year. I think if we went to Cincy I would cause such a commotion w/my big mouth & embarass my daughter & myself, so I thought I’d play it safe & ask for it in writing thru the mail.

    P.S. I have this Adida’s bracelet that says “Impossible is Nothing” I kind of thing it’s written wrong & should say “Nothing is Impossible” but que sera, sera. (got it for my daughter, but she won’t wear it since it’s not Nike attire, which is basically the only brand of tennis attire that she likes these days). Go get him Miri — you can do it! And have a really fun time doing it (the autograh that is (LOL) — “Just Do It” like Nike says, no? Also forgot to comment on what your son said on one blog re: “the blondy being the better one” Mary — that was funny :) Sorry, for my lengthy essay here everybody.