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Rafa mixes work with pleasure and we all benefit.

Posted by goofy111.

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  1. CC says:

    I LOVE waterparks! Rafa in a waterpark, well that’s almost too much, no?

    Now I heard… that when he went there, he was happy to pose for photos at the slides, but too scared to go on some of them. Ahhh… ;)

  2. johanne says:

    Ohhhhh Raaaafffaaaa…how I miss thee!

    LOVE the real quick shot of him under headphones in the car, singing along to his music. In that moment you can really see how young he is, you know? Also FLOVE to watch him walk. He totally struts. He’s always stutting, but I’m not sure he’s aware of what he’s doing. It’s hot.

  3. Suzanne says:

    It’s a nice and “funny place” for the kids and for me! What a cutie he is. Did you notice his beautiful swimming stroke? Even though it’s just a short clip, you can see how natural and smooth his stroke is. Oh how beautiful he is…

  4. CC says:

    “…and be with colm at the room…” Classic Rafa.

    Oh, to be with colm at the room with Rafa. I’d do that any day.

    And boy does he strut, Johanne. And I agree, he doesn’t have a clue. SO.HOT.

    • Suzanne says:

      Yeah, his walk is so purposeful. In this day and age of effeminate men, he is the most masculine man I’ve ever seen! Testoserone just oozes all over the place wherever he is!

      • mary says:

        “Testoserone just oozes all over the place wherever he is!”
        Suzanne thats why we love our Rafa. He knows all too well how to get in touch with both his masculine and feminine sides. He’s definitely is a mans man, but we also know that he innocently can turn the charm on and spin our heads and other parts! “faints”

  5. Atch2 says:

    Rafa’s testoserone oozing strut probably can be attributed to the headphones glued to his head. But when he has on a suit, he has an elegant strut.

    • johanne says:

      LOL different kinds of struts! Well a strut is a strut is a strut! And I love it! :D

  6. nic says:

    omg hahaha how about that scene where rafa rises out of the water and flips his hair. couldn’t have set that one up any better if they tried. rafa in water is almost as hot as rafa on a tennis court. or actually….shirtless rafa, tanned torso, water… maybe that is better!

  7. Mim says:


    I agree with everyone’s comments on Rafa and that vid!

    Rafa struts..boy, does he strut. He bops, he weaves, he’s got rhythm.
    His swagger is undeniable and his charm so evident. He’s got cool, he’s got attitude, HE’S GOT STYLE!

    Doesn’t matter whether he’s on the tennis court, walking down the street, dressed in a suit at an event…He carries himself with the confidence and self-assurance that is powerful and commanding. His aura and presence DEMANDS that you take notice and listen to what he has to say. When he crosses a corner, necks turn to gaze upon him. There’s just a goodness that comes out of him that people can’t help but be attracted to.

    …And yet he’s the last person who will ever ask for any of that. He manages to have all of these qualities without a hint of being arrogant, distasteful, and self-entitled. He’s truly a good human being, a wonderful individual, an unassuming gentleman.

    With all of that said, he still exudes approachability, respectability, and hugablility (yes, that’s a word). How can you NOT smile when he smiles?! How can you NOT want to pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair? How can you resist the urge to tease him and make him squirm and blush playfully while offering up a suppressed snort-laugh??

    Like you guys pointed out, he does all of this with an air of unawares.

    “People say that I am hot, girls behave crazy around me, crowds go wild. But I am just Rafa, I cannot help it, no?”

    Makes you wonder with tickled glee: How can a single individual embody all of that and more? :D :D

    • mary says:

      Oh Mim, you summed it up so well. Just curious where did you get the quote from:-

      “People say that I am hot, girls behave crazy around me, crowds go wild. But I am just Rafa, I cannot help it, no?”

      We see him alot running around on court, so when he’s off the court doing his strut thing, it really blows you away. If he’s this sexy now what”s he going to be like when his 30. “OMG I think I need to ring the paramedics” (ambulance in this country) *faints*

      • Mim says:

        OMG Mary, I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. It’s completely my fault. I didn’t mean that to be an ACTUAL quote made by Rafa. That was a quote I made up IMAGINING Rafa as saying it. I was just trying to sum up Rafa’s response to the madness he creates. :D

        hehehe, can you imagine him actually saying that ALOUD? I think we would all fall out in an extreme case of the giggles. It would be SO very true that no one could dispute it, no? :D

        As for you comment as to what he’d be like when he’s 30….I blush just thinking about it!

        • mary says:

          Yep if he said that it would be as a matter of fact with no arrogance or self indulgence. I think I need a chill pill (nope I like the natural high that only Rafa can give). BTW, I enjoyed our chat the other day. I did get out and play some social tennis (seda)

          • Mim says:

            Oh my goodness, Seda? Good to see you!

            Yeah, Rafa would be so innocent about it that the entire press conference room would just laugh out loud and he would be left with the adorable expression he gets when he’s trying to understand what’s so funny.

            I’m glad to hear you successfully hit the courts. Maybe we can meet up and chat again?

            • nic says:

              are you peeps in oz land? so am i :)
              if only i could find more rafa fans here (in oz i mean).
              soooo many fed fans….

  8. faecoleman says:

    Hot,hot, hot Rafa! *faints too*, that one of him coming out of the water ( a la james bond) is fab, and whats great about Rafa, I agree, is his unawareness, he is so sexy and yet so natural with it, he oozes sex appeal! He is definately a mans man, I have two boys, both half Greek and my eldest Alexandros struts like that, he is naturally masculine too, Harry the youngest is completly different. Alexandros is also a Gemini 4th June! day after Rafa.. and handsome too with huge blue eyes. Apparently they say Gemini’s talk with there eyes and haven’t journalists often said that Rafa is really engaging always maintaining eye contact? I believe thats a sign of a genuine person ‘just Rafa!’ definately!

    • Mim says:

      No doubt Faecoleman, he has the most beautiful eyes. So kind and gentle. Yet they change. One minute there’s a flash of fire in them. The next they are dilated and vulnerable, betraying the image of his tuffy exterior. They smile. They sympathize. They mock. And they laugh. They have an intense gaze when he is trying so desperately to express himself and share a thought when the correct English words escape him. They sadden when he hurts. They are honest and warm.

      Rafa’s special isn’t he? He is so natural, so true, that every part of him can’t help but express what he feels. From eyebrows to feet. A genuine person indeed.

  9. Mim says:

    *dons James Bond impression* I’m Nadal….Rafa..Nadal..

    HAHAHAHA! I can just see him all dressed up in a suit, with a tennis racket in a holster instead of a gun, swooping from a helicopter, and on to a jet ski, hair billowing in the breeze to come and – I’ll leave the rest to you.

    This image of him is perfect for what we’re talking about:

    He is just so DRAMATIC in his movement, his looks, his everything that he could be a movie star! The charisma he posses, it could be a silent, black and white film and he’d STILL captivate audiences!

    I remember my mom and I were watching ( a re-run :P) of one of his matches. During the match they decided that it was of high importance to the viewer (how right they were) to show a slow-mo of Rafa taking the ball out of his pocket, tossing it to the ball kid, reaching for the towel, sneaking a glace at the opponent (no doubt assessing damage), and walking…no STRUTTING back to his chair.

    My mom and I exchanged glances and said nothing. We simply shook our heads from side to side with secret smiles on our faces.
    There was absolutely nothing to say about what we’d just seen. There was so much VIBE, so much DRAMA in Rafa just doing what would be considered mundane, uninteresting things. With anyone else, slow-mo or not, I wouldn’t even realize they’d sat down. But as we know, Rafa has a way of turning the most common , unnoticeable actions, into a spectacle out of an Oscar award winning movie.

    Like the water scene Faecoleman and Nic pointed out. Spielberg couldn’t direct that!

  10. June says:

    He sure does love the water & looks good in it also. I am a Scorpio & love going to those water parks in the summer here in St. Louis. BTW, all of our baseball fans are gone from the All Star Game that was here yesterday. I work downtown & the traffic, parade & people were too much. I enjoyed watching it on TV @ home. Now of course if RAFA came here, that would be a different story, no problem w/the traffic, long lines, security, etc.

  11. dutchgirl says:

    I love the discussion you guys are having about Rafa: this is exactly why he’s so attractive! Rafa just being… Rafa.

  12. June says:

    I had to comment once again on this water video which takes me back years ago to my watching the tv show “Bay (babe) Watch” days/nights — the program w/the lifeguards & all. RAFA would of course be the best-looking male babe on the beach there (better looking than the tall Hawaiin guy, Jason Momoa) & all the girls would pretend to be drowning, so he of course would perform CPR on them being the chivalrous gentleman that he is indeed. Again, how many volunteers are needed (don’t all raise your hands at once please!) This program might put some people under “house arrest” so to speak, but hey, then that would mean at RAFA’s house, right? (sorry, party for two only.) Anyway, now I see why the Nadals have the philosophy of “what happens in Mallorca, stays in Mallorca,” no. I have to go to sleep now after watching another rerun episode of “Sex & the City” that’s on way past my bedtime ;-)

    • mary says:

      You mention “Sex & the City” and Rafa in the same message. OMG I definitely need to go and find “my colm”. Is there a doctor in the house, I need somes meds immediately!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  13. June says:

    Mary, RAFA definitely is one hot tamale (tapa), no! Yeah, I went to sleep really well last night & slept like a baby (ZZZZzzzzzzzz). He is such a sweet young thing & oh, so lovely to look at ;-)