Rafa in Barcelona for knee scans

I think this IB3 report is saying that Rafa is in Barcelona for scans on his knees to see if he can return to practicing.

Posted by vamosrafelnadal and sent in by Josh.

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  1. CC says:

    *crosses fingers for Rafa*
    *worries about results*
    *checks out his lovely bum at 0:22*
    *immediately feels better*

    • mary says:

      *crosses fingers for Rafa*
      *worries about results*
      *checks out his lovely bum at 0:22*
      *immediately feels better*

      CC not feeling sooooo knotty in tummy now!!
      “knees will be fine”
      “Raf-ass looking better”
      “Tan – well just simply ooooozes sex”
      ” faints “

  2. Milla says:

    espero que el pueda comenzar a practicar!!!!

  3. alik says:

    does the report say how rafa is doing?

  4. alik says:

    thank you Anna!

  5. guenek says:

    from RN.com


    July 13th, 2009

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 14th of June, we will release a statement that will explain how Rafa’s injury is doing.

    Furthermore, you will hear from the champion and his doctor explaining in more detail the problem and it’s evolution.

  6. Linda Miller says:

    Hoping and praying for good news for Rafa.

  7. faecoleman says:

    Big day tomorrow then, oh pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseee Rafa baby be ok! I’m praying for you!

  8. guenek says:

    I hope but … the text is not very positiv, no?
    Why they don’t say, everything is getting better?

    • mary says:

      Who knows. Its driving me nuts. Oh the suspense}}}}}}}}}}}}}
      I must go to work but can’t think straight. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease be ok Rafa

    • dutchgirl says:

      Ever since I read the announcement on the RN site, I’m a little concerned. The choice of words made me think there’s not enough progression yet…
      Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.
      I have to see my psysio later this afternoon for my own injury and I’d rather hear that Rafa is fit enough to practice, then that I’m allowed to play tennis again!

  9. guenek says:

    I want the same! I miss him so much!
    I’m not in a good mood tonight after reading this text. So I go to sleep (if I can!) and wait until tomorrow!

  10. An says:

    Lets think positive…. And keep our fingers crossed an pray for Rafa!

  11. Suzanne says:

    Pray for Rafael…His name means “Healed by God”…certainly a good thing to hold on to!

  12. AnaR says:

    Yes, it is true, Rafael yesterday was revised in Barcelona, and today 14 are supposed we get news of the result .. Please, that Rafa is well!.

  13. mary says:

    Just checking out vamosbrigade. No wonder he loves his mallorca. He should still check out Australia.

    I gotta take a holiday

  14. guenek says:

    Rafa returned to Palma today at noon.
    Nothing new was said.

    • mary says:

      nothing like being held in suspense. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaassse Rafa we are right behind you on whatever the decision is!!!!!!:) Let us know.

  15. AnaR says:

    OMG! Guenek and this news is good or bad?

  16. dutchgirl says:

    The news is out: he’ll start practising again on monday and will play Montreal!! OMG, I’m so happy!