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Rafa can’t not answer the phone when his mom calls:

Posted by gustock, sent in by RC and suggested by many.

Dealing with many, many kids who have no concept of personal space:

According to the comments on the video, the first kid asks if Rafa prefers blonds or brunettes and he says he likes both. The second tot asks if he’s ever been beaten by a girl and he says no, that would mean he’s in a bad moment.

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  1. CC says:

    The first clip is a classic.

    The second one I hadn’t seen before. In only a minute, the kids manage to ask more interesting questions than any journalist in a presser. They should always let the kids ask the questions. ;)
    Blondes or brunettes… We know that Rafa prefers Swedish ladies, no?

  2. Delta says:

    So true CC ;) how cute is his always playful response, yet cannot understand? no? Am from So. California yet don’t know Spanish) ie; Catalan. 50% Norweigan,25 English/ 25 Irish. Blonde,brown eyes.
    He’s adorable and has an adorable one, no need for those questions, although cute! Love the can’t resist “Hello from his Mum.” Soooo Sweet is he!!!

    • anne-marie says:

      hes lush, i love rafa sooo much, i went 2 manacor and met one of his closest friends last year, it was the best day of my life, i live in south wales in the uk and i watch rafa every chance i get whether it be on eurosport or youtube, i have sooo many pictures of him my dad goes mad when i bring another one home lol, i also cut his pictures from newspapers everytime theres a little photo of him in there thats how much i love him.

      im his biggest fan in the world and i have been learning spanish for the past 2 years so i can have a conversation with him when i finally get to meet him, its always been my dream to meet him since i saw him play his first wimbledon.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Rafa does seem to hve mobile phone issues.
    The first clip is pure adorableness. The expressions on his face are classic Rafa. He usually ignores incoming calls and turns off the sound, but not for his Mama.
    Can someone pls translate what he says to his mum and what he says to the reporters in the room (except for “Hello from his Mum”)?

    And if anyone wants to know intimate details abt Rafa, best to get a kid to ask them. They sound more innocent that way.

    BIG thanks for postg these Miri.

    • teejustice says:

      He says “Mama do me a favor, I am at a press conference. I will call you later.”

      • Atch2 says:

        Thanks. Reconfirms that Rafa is a considerate person. Can’t imagine any other player doing the same, and at a US Open press con! And it made the reporters laugh too.

        • teejustice says:

          You’re welcome. Speaking of considerate (and adorably sweet)… I think he says “that was the #1 in my life” at the very end after he says sorry. He speaks so fast in the last part that I am not sure, but it sounded like “vida”, meaning life, and I heard “numero uno” as he put up his finger. Hey at least we can pretend that what he said. Sounds like our Rafa ;)

          • CC says:

            Heh, I’ve always wondered what he says there. Sounds like a great translation. How sweet!

            Thanks, teejustice!

          • Atch2 says:

            Just when I thought I couldn’t luv him anymore, Rafa gives me another reason. Our Rafa. Xisca and his Mama are so lucky.

          • johanne says:

            Seems like he’s saying something like “sorry, that’s the first time I’ve done that.” Meaning, the first time he’s answered his phone during a presser. Is that what you mean?? Well in any event, I’m mostly just swooning over his beautiful smile in that moment!! ;) *sigh*

            • CC says:

              And there was me thinking he’s saying that his mum is his number one person in his life… :)

              • Suzanne says:

                Actually it seems like he says something like my mother has to come first! What a cute little pumpkin head. I always have said that he didn’t have a mother I’d volunteer for the job…Now I know why for sure!

                • johanne says:

                  Ohhh that’s a good guess! Hmmmm. I like yours better. :)

                  • Suzanne says:

                    Yeah, I’ve watched it several times in the past and that is what it seemed to me he was saying. It makes sense for the respect and love he has for his “mama”. Have you noticed that when there is a formal dinner, he always takes his mom? Is that adorable or what??? Who else does that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

                    • johanne says:

                      Yes, his love for his entire family is very apparent. Just one more thing that makes him so incredibly appealing!!

  4. faecoleman says:

    Thanx for this Miri, classic Rafa, loving those bashful smiles! I agree, getting the children to ask Rafa makes for a far more interesting outcome! Seen the mobile clip before, never get tired of it though.

  5. dutchgirl says:

    He’s great with kids. Early this year he did a very short interview with two girls for the Dutch ‘Jeugdjournaal’, news for kids. You can watch that here:


    They asked him how old he was when he first picked up a tennisracket (3 years old) and if he was a good player at the time (no, he was very bad).
    Second question is what it’s like to be no. 1, and we all know the answer to that one.

    (O, by the way: see that crowd, waiting for a signature? I was in it, but never got to Rafa though, because he only had 10 minutes. Later on, it said in the Dutch papers that there were al lot of middle aged women in line for Rafa… LOL – I’m one of them :))

  6. nic says:

    The first video with Rafa and his mama is just the cutest thing ever. Think I’ve watched it more than 10 times :) This just puts a smile on my face. His expressions are priceless there. Just plain adorable, sweet, and absolutely natural. And the one with the kids, isn’t he just the biggest sweetheart with kids??? Gosh, this break without Rafa is just making me long waaaay too much for him now!!

  7. cookie says:

    I agree with nic– waiting for the Montreal Masters feels like the heavy oppressive anticipation of a lover’s return after an extended absence. Thank you Miri, your coverage of Rafa is wonderful!

  8. johanne says:

    OH GOD he is so hot!! That cheeky smile is deadly!! Gorgeous Rafa…you are sooooo missed. Please bring the sexy back soon. :)

  9. Delta says:

    No kidding johanne, Everything about RAFA is deadly, drop dead gorgeous!!! In my ‘illusion” he is completely oblivious to what HE does to all of us): no? I would bank on that actually. That is what makes HIM so unique, unlike any other ATP player out there. He walks onto the court and the electricity he exudes amongst us Rafanatics and the other opponent, ); ie; Fed fans can’t deny it!!!! I am 100% sure “all of us” are counting down the days when that beautiful soul steps onto the hard court in Montreal. I can barely contain myself as anyone who knows me, knows the 1st and/or 2nd word out of my mouth is about RAFA! He is AMAZING as we all know!! Funny thing is I have never before been so intriqued with someone I have never met. Stranger things have happened, no?

  10. Atch2 says:

    Found this on youtube, translated by someone called nachmaister
    Rafa says:
    – just a second please!
    – mom! hello! can you do me a favour? i’m in a press conference! i call you later, right? bye!
    – sorry! it’s the first time that i do this in my life!

  11. Sarah says:

    These vids are great :)
    ive met Rafa 3 times now at wimbledon, rg and australian open. Im going to us open semis this year and i hope to meet him there too :) ive travelled the world to see hi
    play in at least 6 tourneys a year since 2004!! Its so great