Benito’s getting busy

Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

He’s giving more quotes about Rafa’s status…

Nadal prepares his return though still not using his racket

. “He is not playing tennis. He only touched his racket the week before Wimbledon, for training and exhibition games,” Nadal’s spokesman Benito Perez-Barbadillo told the German Press Agency dpa.

Nadal is working hard and with great dedication to return to the tour, but he is also trying to relax an exhausted mind. That is why he plays golf whenever he can, that is why he recently spent two days aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean.

But his priority is to return to tennis – as soon as possible, but also avoiding a relapse in his knee injury.

“Rafa is in Manacor alongside his physiotherapist and his physical trainer, working intensely on his recovery. That recovery was pushed to try to make it to Wimbledon, but Rafa was not ready for it either physically or mentally, especially mentally,” Perez Barbadillo admitted.

11 Responses

  1. loverafa4ever says:

    good 2 hear all dis… I hope he fully recovers physically and mentally before coming back to tour.

  2. faecoleman says:

    Yes especially mentally!!! the mentally strongest player ever on the tour! is coming back, common Rafa! great news, Rafa is coming back to rock the tennis world again! and I can’t wait!

  3. CC says:

    Ahhh…I worry. I worry so much.
    When I read “…but Rafa was not ready for it either physically or mentally, especially mentally…” I worry. I so hope he will be OK soon, but I still think it will take a while. I hope the passion is still there!

    Also, “Nadal, 23, did not want to utter a determined “no” – or perhaps he just did know how to do it…”
    We all need to learn how to say “no” sometimes, no? ;)

    • nic says:

      Yes, I’m kinda worried reading this actually. “Especially mentally”??
      Poor thing, I can’t imagine the mental side of things was that bad before RG. Thought they stemmed from having to bear the pain in the knees for so long, and not being able to focus on his game. Maybe the way he went out at RG really hurt so much, and then not being able to defend Wimby hurt so much too that’s why he’s mentally exhausted having tried sooo hard to make it back to Wimby? Dunno…I know he’ll be back strong and rearing to go, but just a little unsure about that comment. Poor Rafa, really hope all that time at home and with friends helps him get totally refreshed. Can’t imagine how tough it must have been for him to be missing Wimby the last 2 weeks and to not be able to touch the racket even for that period.

      • faecoleman says:

        Yeah that bit bothered me too, not touching his racket, so unlike Rafa!

        • mary says:

          I wondered about this myself. You are left to imagine that the mental side of his current situation is far more afflicting him than is physical problem. As you said “so unlike Rafa”.

  4. CC says:

    On the other hand:
    “…that is why he recently spent two days aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean.”
    OK, Rafa, if I must. But TWO days, what could we possibly get up to…but fish? Or swim? Or sun ourselves…? Or…?

    *stares dreamily into space*

  5. aRafaelite says:

    Well, clearly he needs to eat more chocolate-chip cookies. Apparently they’re good for his head. I made my best-ever-recipe for chocolate-chip cookies again on Sunday (to mentally prepare myself for the Wimbledon final)… and I’ve decided to call them Rafaelitos. The question is… how do I send them to Rafa?! Where’s the girl with the restraining order again?!

  6. Atch2 says:

    I think Benito sums it up well. Rafa’s challenge is to get mentally and physically in good condition, and to be relaxed and balanced in his life.

    But the quotes that worries me:
    “trying to relax an exhausted mind”
    “especially mentally”
    I hope he refers to the tennis bec if it’s personal, it may be harder.
    Really miss u Rafa.

  7. Milla says:

    I miss Nadal so much. I seriously hope he comes back strong and healthy. Knowing Rafa he will :) I don’t buy into all the negative posts on other sites about his health. He’ll continue to win numerous slams :) and beat up on “The Federer” hehe

  8. mary says:

    It’s good to hear that Benito is giving us more info on Rafa’s condition. It kind of still leaves things up in the air but we are all a little more informed. At least this will put a stop to all the ridiculous statements from so called experts that haven’t apparently got a clue!! No wonder Rafa had to seek solace on a boat out in the ocean. (he could’ve taken me) LOL