FB – Battle of the surfraces

From a 2007 exhibition match between Rafa and Roger. It was played on a half-clay, half-grass court. The players had to change shoes on each change-over – bet that was fun. Oh, and Rafa won. :)

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  1. An says:

    Great find! Never seen this before..
    I loved to see Rafa play like only Rafa can:)

    Made me decide that i’m not going to watch the final tomorrow, can only be dull after last year! A final without to manny emotions, no emotion by the public because Murray is not in, not to manny emotions on the court cause ARod and Fed are no such intense players as our Rafa is and altough i hop ARod can win, i’m afraid Roger is going to!

  2. faecoleman says:

    Totally agree, An! Rafa’s style is like no other an that gorgeous smile of his. (phew*)… I too am not bothered about the final 2mmorow. would love Roddick to win but realistically Fed’ll breeze it I think, if A-rod can serve like he did against Murray then he will challenge Fed or at least make it competative, but its all ifs and buts, thanks for this Miri, I have read about this and seen pics but never saw it, love the energy that Rafa has and the way he manages to neutralise Feds game like no one can.

    • nic says:

      I like how you said that Rafa neutralises Rog’s game like no one can. That is just so spot on!

  3. dutchgirl says:

    Great that you found this, I never got to see it at the time.

    I am going to watch the final tomorrow, but if it turns out to be a one way match (meaning Federer dominating, which I expect but don’t hope) I’m going to find something else to do.
    I really hope Roddick can find it in him to get over his history against Fed (was it 2-8?) play his very best tennis, but I know that’s not realistic.
    So, I think I’m gonna grab a book and read in my garden (even if it’s raining)!

    • johanne says:

      A-Rod’s record against Fed is horrific. He’s 2-18! Agh! ;)

      Don’t think I can watch that final tomorrow…too depressing! lol

      • dutchgirl says:

        So, it’s even worse than I thought! Hopefully Roddick can put that behind him tomorrow…

    • An says:

      I have found the perfect excuse for not watching….
      I’ve got to play a final myself this afternoon and i’m going to give it my all to win it ( for Rafa! )

  4. June says:

    Thanks for this video Miri (you always come thru for us fans) — have never seen it before either, but heard about it. I don’t want to watch the final tomorrow myself, but I know my daugther will tape it for sure. She’s going w/Fed & I’m favoring Roddick (where’s her Americanism! — even though her dad/my husband is not an American). Hope I’m right, seriously for RAFA’s sake, no ;-)

  5. johanne says:

    Rafa looks so sexy here!!! His bum looks amazing in those pants…I’m really tempted to grab it!! Hmmm looks like Rog was almost tempted too (9:33)…hahahah ;)

  6. Atch2 says:

    I actually thought that each player should hve played on the surface they are considered the best for the whole match, i.e. Rafa on clay and Fed on Grass.
    Wasn’t this played on Rafa’s home town?

  7. Ch F says:

    I agree with you about tomorrow’s final…Roddick will put up a fight if his serve allows him to, but Roger has to be in a bad day to lose this one, and I don’t see it happening given the way he’s been playing. Murray would have uspet him more. Rog has been playing some amazing tennis during his Wimbledon matches…It’s been like a reset for him since the French Open. Let’s hope that only motivates Rafa to come back and slow him down :-)