UK/Europe goodies

I found out I can open a Spreadshirt store in the UK too! What does this mean? Cheaper shipping for people in the UK and Europe. The product and color selections are different, but they seem to have even more goodies in the European store. I’ve updated the support page to include links to both stores under the product picture. If you aren’t in the US or Europe, sorry – I don’t seem to have any more options via Spreadshirt. Check both stores and see which will get you cheaper shipping or let me know if there’s a free service like Spreadshirt in your area.


(Um, I also fixed a typo on the “Positive Acktitude” shirts in the US shop. I shouldn’t do this stuff while staying up all night watching tennis, no?)

3 Responses

  1. CC says:

    OMG! I hadn’t seen the a lot of the stuff here. Must order when I get home from work today! *flove* the mugs and other little bits. Thanks miri!!!

  2. dutchgirl says:

    This is good news! I was thinking of ordering myself another Rafa shirt, and this UK store makes that cheaper for me! Now I have to decide which one…

  3. June says:

    Yes, me too — I need to get one for my daughter for playing tennis & then her friends will see it & ask where she got it from so you should have more US orders then Miri!