Flashback – US Open 2005

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  1. CC says:

    Bloody hell (sorry), I miss him playing so much! That fighting spirit and the way he gets fired up here is just amazing. I don’t see anyone else like that in Wimbly at the moment. Nobody compares to Rafa.

    Also, his bum looks FANTASTIC here! And TWO shirt changes… Almost too much for an early Friday morning.

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Look at him getting excited on every point. And I didn’t know Murray was doing pretty well at that time too. He is also in talks in 2005. Neat! Alwayz nice to see some old videos. I have never seen this before.

  3. An says:

    Ooooo.. Can we see this intesity back on court soon please?
    Gett well quick Rafa!!


  4. johanne says:

    OMG I’ve seen pics of Rafa in that skin-tight top and NEVER knew what tourney he wore it at! Now it all makes sense as I didn’t watch the USO in 2005! Rafa’s full of (sexual) energy here…frolicking around the court like the hot-blooded 19 year-old he is!

    *fans self*

    Btw, great to hear Johnny & Ted discuss Rafa’s dream of winning Wimbledon…especially since he does!! WOOT! :)

    • CC says:

      I’d never seen that skin tight top in action, either. I’m glad I have now.

      And is it just me…or does it look like he’s not wearing any undies…? The bottom is sublime!

      • miri says:

        I thought it looked like he had dark colored undies on. He’s been known to do that. Silly boy.

        • CC says:

          Oh, I thought that was his tanned bottom peeping through. :)

        • natch says:

          And what, may I ask, is wrong with dark undies?

          Personally, I think he has a jock on. I’m hoping that’s Rafaflesh. *faints*

          • miri says:

            And what, may I ask, is wrong with dark undies?

            Nothing…unless you have on white shorts/pants/skirt. My favorite was a photo someone sent me of him on a practice court with white shorts and you could clearly see he had on undies that looked like they had a cow print or overgrown polka dots on them.

            • Atch2 says:

              Calm down u guys. He’s wearing his usual white briefs. White. U can see the outline.

              Also some more Rafa skin tight top footage:

              • CC says:

                No, don’t spoil my dream of Rafa playing without undies! ;)

                Mind you, that’s probably a bit uncomfortable, no?

            • natch says:

              “Nothing…unless you have on white shorts/pants/skirt.”
              And this affects you how? Does it harm your vision? Is your day ruined? If the wearer is satisfied with his or her choice, are you saying you are unhappy with it? there is absolutely no sarcasm in my question. I am just curious.

              • miri says:

                Just a personal preference.

                • natch says:

                  So you are comparing it to, say, your not liking a food or color? It’s wrong in that way? I’m just trying to understand your logic. So far I can’t follow where you are at. (Unless you answer “yes” to my above questions.)

                  • miri says:

                    I’m just saying I think it looks wrong/ugly/tacky/whatever to be able to see dark underwear under light pants/skirts. It always makes me think the person got dressed in the dark and/or just didn’t care. I mean, I get dressed in the dark and show up at work half the time with my shirt inside out, but I usually try to make sure I’m wearing light undies under light pants because that’s important to me. (Actually, having the shirt right-side out is important too…but that’s the last thing I put on and I’m usually running VERY late by then.)

                    Then again, I’m wearing red shoes, khaki green pants, orange undies and a purple shirt, so perhaps I’m not one to talk…

                    *checks* But my shirt is on right-side out.

                    *checks again* And my undies don’t show through my pants.

                    • Suzanne says:

                      But I think we’d even forgive Rafi if he wore his undies over his shorts…He’s a cutie no matter how much of a clueless guy he is on the undie issue!

                    • CC says:

                      It’s all about aesthetics to me. White with white goes better. Wearing cow print knickers underneath white trousers would make me feel uncomfortable and ugly. And I don’t want people to think I’m ugly. Simple as that, for me.

                      On Rafa it’s cute. Of course. :)

                    • miri says:

                      As the fabulous Tim Gunn always says, “It’s a matter of taste.” But yes, some people can pull of things others cannot. For example, forget the undies issue, I shouldn’t wear shorts of any kind. But, since it’s 106F outside, I say screw that.

                      And, it seems to be pretty standard for tennis players to wear dark undies under white shorts. When I saw Andy Murray in Miami, he had one a white hat, white shirt, white socks, black tennis shoes and….black undies (or at least the top band was black). Oye.

                    • CC says:

                      OK, about aesthetics and not wanting to feel ugly.

                    • natch says:

                      Okay. I think I understand. I only have one objection to color, and that’s pink. I hate pink. If someone else wears it, that’s fine with me, but I can’t look at the part of them in pink. It will affect my mood. So I’m comparing it to that.

                      Tim Gunn? No idea who s/he is. But matter of taste I can agree with. Dark under white? So what. I don’t even own white ANYTHING because white and I don’t get along. Mismatch? Doesn’t bother me (although, in myself, I prefer matching undies and bra. just makes me feel better.) Undies showing through? So what. Everyone wears them at some point.

            • CC says:

              Oh yes, I’ve seen pics of Rafa in training, all sweaty, white shorts transparent…and then the dark pants. Hot!!! Not the polka dots/cow prints, though! Please find that pic, miri. Pleeeaaase…

          • CC says:

            “Personally, I think he has a jock on.”
            Oh, GOD NO! Anything but that…
            That would definitely “harm my vision”.

            I’ll settle for white briefs, then.

            • natch says:

              Harm your vision? But..but…there is no back on a jock. How could that possibly be harmful? It would be pure Rafaflesh and straps.

              • CC says:

                Rafaflesh, yes.
                Straps, I can live without.
                That’s all I’m saying.

                Did I start all this?! ;)

                • natch says:

                  When they have the straps on, I just stare at the a$$. The straps, they disappear. ;)

                  Start what? I rather enjoyed this discussion.

  5. Atch2 says:

    Great clip. Luv to see Rafa all pumped up and ready to go. His facial expressions and body language says he wants to win. And didn’t that top come in Red as well? But then again any colour looks great on him. Miss him even more now.

  6. dutchgirl says:

    This is great!! All pumped up Rafa! Can’t wait to see this energy back on court, because this is exactly what’s so fabulous about him. And that’s what’s missing at Wimbledon. I’m not excited to see the matches – I watch a couple of them, but find myself easily distracted. That’s never the case when Rafa is playing.

    • An says:

      Same for me, i watch a couple of matches and before i knew Rafa i loved to watch tennis on Tv, especially Wimbledon. And now…. untill now it realy cannot intrest me! I only miss seeing our boy there.. Rafa, you spoiled my fun in viewing tennis forever you know!

      But thats ok, it is, and always will be worth it!
      If you stop youre career ( manny years from now off course ) i don’t mind if i never have joy in watching tennis again, being able to live in youre time and having seen you play tennis is enough.

      • dutchgirl says:

        It’s strange, isn’t it, that you don’t experience tennis the way you used to before the Nadal era? Because I used to watch Wimbledon every year and it didn’t occur to me that something was missing. Now we know better…

  7. tmi says:

    First i thank to the person who post such videos here. It really brings some energy and more positive hopes with in us. I think recently rafa have controlled his emotions while winning a point on court when compared to the past years. He does it very rarely now a days when he was pushed to his limits (like AO 2009 semi). Great to see such videos. Please keep posting similar videos.

  8. killian says:

    Love the little shoulder shrug at :11. It’s wonderful to see that kind of energy and drive and just plain HOTness. Whew. . . Thanks for this post.

  9. sia says:

    After watching this I feel like I can really start my day. Rafa always inspires ! He can barely contain the explosive energy and power that must have been radiating through the court (up through the stands … all throughout the city). Vamos ! Indeed !

  10. nic says:

    omg how HOT is rafa in this video!!!!! geez louise!!
    yeah i’ve never seen any footage of this USO either.
    wow, he looks so tanned, and his skin is just golden.
    phew, i need to take a moment here.
    and his energy and passion on the court is just electric.
    rafa does seem a little more subdued these days, but think i read somewhere, not sure whether it was rafa or another player, that celebrating every point with such passion takes alot of energy out of you, so toning it down a little is much better for your game. well, these days when rafa does a vamos or a fist pump, it’s really for a point that’s worth it.
    i still can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous he looks here. i didn’t used to think that the 2005 rafa was quite as hot as he is now, but this proves me wrong!

  11. natch says:


    I’m going to quote Olive Oil: Oooooooo…a man! A MAN!

  12. patzin says:

    All I can say is, WOW. He sure looks good – high energy, power, and “pop”. The last shot of his olive skin, muscles – the man is adonis. Nice to see – I miss him at WMB. I am following the matches but not focused enough to sit and watch each match. My favs are Murray, Roddick, and Novak – but still don’t sit glued to the TV.

    Rafa has an energy and a presence that other players just don’t have.

  13. Alison says:

    OOooooh my shorts!! This has got me all Rafatastically excited again.
    We need him back on the court asap as no-one else can compare to Mr Hottie.
    Pleeease get well soon Rafa

  14. Nadalover says:

    He is soooooooo intense!!! I freakin love it…so sexy! Can I be Xisca for one night pleaseeeee! Also…I really miss the sleeveless shirts- those arms are way too beautiful to hide!

  15. patzin says:

    Assuming the Roger wins and ends up back at #1 – I would like to see Rafa go back to the #2 clothing line – please!

    • Atch2 says:

      I agree. I hope that it is in his Nike contract. It does not have to be a skin tight top, just sleeveless.

  16. Debbie says:

    The sausage casing shirt! OMG-just helps accentuate the, ahem, lower body parts. *faints*

  17. mary says:

    OH my OH my!! I have never seen this clip. Hot, hot, hot. How does someone at just 19 look that incredible. I have to say those air punches are fewer these days but I don’t care as long as he is enjoying his tennis. The skin tight sleeveless shirt…… (please pick me off the floor)
    As for the undies I had to watch it more than once they’res definitely a dark shadow (the tanned butt sounds better). Could be either.

  18. sia says:

    The more I watch this clip the more I want to … just touch him … or be there watching. Funny how all the boys seem to be quite interested in the shirt changes. Watch them in the crowd behind Rafa.

    • CC says:

      Heh, I find it very difficult to tear my eyes away from Rafa’s naked torso, but the guys behind seem to pretend they’re not interested, but…I think they are! ;)

  19. mary says:

    Oh sweet Jesus I looked at it again!!! The more I watch it the faster the palpitations. I think I need a chill pill or a cold shower. Ah forget it I’ll stay with the heart attacks!!
    We really misssssssssssssss you Rafa.