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(AP Photo/Ermindo Armino)

(AP Photo/Ermindo Armino)

According to this article on (by Johan Lindahl), Rafa’s knees will be fine in a few weeks. No mention of the source for the quotes from Dr. Cotorro, though.

“Rafa had tendinitis in knees for some time, the situation is a bit better now, but that was not enough for Wimbledon”, said Dr. Ángel Ruiz Cotorro. “With rest and recovery, he will be ready in three to four weeks for tournaments”.


“A fortnight of big efforts would be too much for him”, said Ruiz Cotorro. “Grass is very demanding surface and he is aware that this was the best for him”.

“Big clay court tournaments are crammed into the spring, and Rafa had no time to rest. But when he steps on the court next time, he will be like new”.

Thanks to patzin for making sure I saw this.

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  1. kefuoe says:

    These days I like to imagine that the rest of the ATP know this and are shaking in their shoes at the thought Nadal coming back to the tour with renewed fight and energy.

    • sG says:

      You know what, I don’t need them shaking in their shoes. I just want my Rafa back on court. Healthy and well. I’d love for him to go on a tear but I don’t need that so much as I just need to see him raquet in hand. :)

      • CC says:

        Me too! At the moment I’d love to just see him hit a couple of slow balls on a training court. Just to see he’s OK!

  2. Atch2 says:

    Our light at the end of tunnel!
    See u soon Rafa, fit and healthy.

  3. RC says:

    Great to finally hear some good news for a change. Can’t wait to see Rafa back to playing at 100% both mentally and physically. And maybe sooner than we all expected!?

  4. naaz says:

    Finally, some great news!!!!!! Knowing how he came back from his 2005 injury, beating RF in Dubai, I have high hopes for him. I can’t stop thinking though that this break might be good for him.

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!

    • An says:

      And remember the come back after the tendonitis at the end of 2008…
      He won AO.

      I say USO is Rafa’s!!

  5. johanne says:

    “But when he steps on the court next time, he will be like new.”

    That’s one of the best sentences I’ve read all week! Hell yes, I hope it’s true. Hopefully this means you’ll be able to see him in Montreal, miri!!

    Mmmmm….I bet Brand New Rafa smells heavenly. ;)

    • CC says:

      Oh, DON’T start me off on how he smells again, Johanne… I need to know! SOON! ;)

      But…ah…I hope Dr Cotorro is right. I mean he IS a doctor and I always trust them 100%.

      • johanne says:


        • CC says:

          You and me, book tickets to Mallorca, go to wherever he might be, I grab one arm, you the other and…sniff. Ahhh…

          If he’s on the beach, can you imagine how good sun warm, bronzed skin would smell on him…


          OK, no more.

          • johanne says:

            Sounds like a plan to me!

            Mmmmm sun-kissed beachy Rafa…

            • An says:

              Oooohhh STOP! I had to work today…
              No hope for that now.

            • nic says:

              hahaha stop it people, you’re getting me going too!! sun-kissed rafa, omg, could there BE anything better than that??? btw talking about smells, anyone know if rafa’s lanvin fragrance campaign already launched??? been wanting to catch the ad in a magazine…so i could just drool over it…but nothing so far. and wanting to see if i could get my hands on a life size promotional banner or something in the dept. stores :)

  6. sia says:

    I love that photo of him. He manages to look completely fed up and hot at the same time. Thanks Miri.

  7. Atch2 says:

    Anyone smelt Rafa’s Lanvin fragrance yet? What does it smell like?

  8. Josh says:

    Angel said something like this at the beginning of the year, he said; “He will be in his best form ever”

    And look what happened; he won Australia!

    Come on New York!

  9. tmi says:

    Yes happy to hear some good news abt his knees. But still there are weeks to go to see him rocking.

  10. faecoleman says:

    Oh finally some good news about Rafa! I hope he is going to be ok, its obvious that he doesn’t want to spend to much time aware from the game as not to lose complete momentum and points further! I hope he doesn’t come back sooner than he should though and rethinks his schedule, he has to protect himself, can’t wait to see him back on the court again although I will be nervous as hell watching him. Vamos Rafa!!!

  11. nic says:

    Am really happy the way Rafa’s doc is positioning this in the press. He’s really stressing how positive things will be for Rafa when he comes back. That he will be like brand new. Awesome. It’s great cos it’s coming from a top sports doctor in Spain. So that should shut everyone up about Rafa’s condition really!

  12. Marina says:

    Hi girls! I’ve smelled Rafa and let me tell you he smelled damn GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a picture with him at Indian Wells tournament this year. And i’ve touched his hand when he signed my ball mmmmm :)

    • johanne says:

      Lucky ducky, Marina! That’s awesome! One question: did you smell him right after a match when he was all sweaty & delicious, or did you smell a freshly showered Rafa, like natch did at the USO?! Tell me tell me! ;)

      • CC says:

        *almost dies of jealousy*

        Marina, you MUST give us DETAILS of what Rafa smelt like. D-E-T-A-I-L-S! ;)
        Sweaty? Shower gelly? Musky? Washing powdery? Warm…is not a smell, but anyway?

        Dying to know!

    • Atch2 says:

      Marina Pls!

  13. loverafa4ever says:

    “But when he steps on the court next time, he will be like new”.

    I luv this… He has alwayz had unbelievable results after coming back from injury. He is going 2 rock at USO winning it by playing no more than 3 sets… :)

  14. Mim says:

    Great to hear! Take your time Rafa, there’s no rush! As much as we’ve all missed you to chocolate chip cookie crumbs, we want you to return only when your absolutely sure that you can compete to your fullest!

    We all love you very much. Wimbledon and tennis isn’t the same without you!

    VAMOS RAFA! Big hugs and kisses from all of your fans around the globe, we all support you and are rooting for you!

    Btw, you guys are crazy! Loving the wacky Rafa conversations..sun-kissed Rafa..LOL! Just love you guys! It’s great how we all have each other to cheer each other up during these times.

    Speaking of which, any of you’ve seen these Rafa vids? I’ve been scouting YouTube for anything Rafa. I can’t BELIEVE how crazy everyone’s been with him gone for just a couple of weeks! we miss him like mad! Anyway, I’ve found these vids very entertaining and it’s great for daily Raferapy (aka Rafa therapy). So I thought I’d share:

    1- (removed so that I can post it later…I’m gotta stretch the goodness out – miri)

    (fan vid on Rafa)

    3- (another fan vid on Rafa)

    4- (another fan vid on Rafa, one of my favs)

    (Rafa and his sister taking pics together in 2005)

    Take care everybody! :D

  15. serene says:

    Yes, Marina, please tell us what Rafa smells like close-up. We’re dying to know. And in detail, pls. Thanks

  16. mary says:

    My lips are droolling HOW DOES HE SMELL? I am going to AO next year and if I know the smell I’ll be able to find him!! And by the way he won’t get sun kissed here in aus he will be a bronzed bombshell. Scorching hot………