Everyone misses Rafa

How ESPN’s coverage kicked off today (well, after the overwrought intro video).

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  1. An says:

    I miss Rafa soooooooooooooooooooo……………

  2. Suzanne says:

    Just a quick clarification…Rafa has never gone a year without a title. The “dry spell” was from Stuttgart (the clay tourney after Wimbledon) in July 2006 to Indian Wells in March 2007. As for 2009, he is still on one heck of a year for all he’s been through and I believe that our boy will come back stronger than ever. I hope and pray that he will have some time away from the spotlight, resting and recuperating, and then rehab-ing. By the way, Brad Gilbert has always been a massive fan of Rafa’s and he actually picked him to win Wimbledon in 2007, against all the prognostications of his peers! I love BG and am so glad he’s in Rafa’s corner. Maybe someone could work with Rafa on his serve and volley technique…He is great at the net, but just needs a little more confidence. That could take some strain off the old knees! Thanks Miri, for all your hard work and for caring about Rafa’s privacy. I love him too much to invade his personal space.

  3. AnaR says:

    To An, You miss Rafa, I miss Rafa and I have friends who are at Wimbledon and talking to people around the world and there is lacking a Rafa, everyone have missed to Rafa.. in fact there is a commentary on the website of the tournament that says something like “a tournament in which he is not Rafa Nadal is always more boring.” I think that’s all. Thank you all for your support. It is true that there are many Spanish players who are playing well. I feel very much that Feliciano has lost (what happens to this boy?). Frankly, there is much talk of who will win or Roger or Andy .. I would like to think that other players can also win: Andy Roddick, Fernando Verdasco .. and others..

  4. AnaR says:

    This video had not seen it before and think it’s very nice. The song is performed by Madame Sarkozy .. Carla Bruni. I need to think positive and happy things.

  5. faecoleman says:

    Thank you for your commens Ava cheered me up. All this talk of Rafa retiring is just too much/ I have never been so hooked on any player as I have Rafa, he changed the world of tennis and was the only one to challenge Roger, the most amazing athelete ever to grace a tennis court!!! come back Rafa, missing you so much, I really hope you get through this, there is no one else like you!! Thank god I have this site to relate and share things with, its awsome!!!

  6. Nada H. T says:

    Can’t say anything except that Ican’t bear seeing RAFA so sad

    almost crying at the conference. it breaks my heart :'(

    Wish him a good time where he totally forget about this sad

    situation and try his best as he promised to COME BACK


  7. June says:

    Has anyone read the article of Jennifer Capriati’s interview on Tennis Week.com? Here’s an excellent excerpt from it re: RAFA.

    Tennis Week: No, I don’t want to put you on the spot, I’m just wondering if anyone you see reminds you of your style or has that Capriati intensity?

    Jennifer Capriati: I love watching Nadal and Federer of course too. Nadal, I just love his tenacity and his work ethic and the way he just goes all out for every ball and the way he goes out there and treats every single match like this is the final. In a way, I kind of see myself in that way because I used to train just as hard as that and always tried to play with the intensity so you know I really respect Nadal for all of that.

    Tennis Week: What are your thoughts about Nadal trying to comeback from the knee tendonitis? You had to deal with some injuries with your wrist and your shoulder — how difficult is it to comeback?

    Tennis Week: I think he hasn’t had any surgeries yet so I think when you have surgery that’s a really difficult thing to come back from. You just have to have the right people around him to advise him, the right doctors, the right medical staff and you must listen to your body and just don’t over do it. It’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to say it’s OK to step back and shut it down a little bit at times too, which can be tough. I hope he can do that because I love watching him and he’s great.

  8. johanne says:

    OK just watched the last 10-15 minutes of the rebroadcast of the Murray/Gulbis match and the commentators made at least 3 references to Rafa within that time period! Everyone seriously does miss him. The comment that stood out for me was from Johnny Mac…he was talking about how he thinks Gulbis should watch some tapes of Nadal’s matches so he can see the amazing effort Rafa puts into every point. Mac seemed disappointed with Gulbis’ performance/energy level and pointed to Rafa as an example of what it means to fight for the victory. Seemed to me he was missing him some Rafa. ;)

  9. CC says:

    I watched most of the Murray game, and also heard Johnny Mac say “Can we pleeeaaase get rid of the idiots that shout ‘come on Rafa’ in the crowd…”

    But it’s nice to hear them talk about him so much. They were also mentioning his slice backhand and how it helped him win Wimbly last year.