Even Gimmelslob misses Rafa

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  1. loverafa4ever says:

    Hmmm… Its true, but dont wanna believe that his style of game has taken a toll on his body and knee so badly.

  2. Atch2 says:

    This is a great montage of Rafa clips. We love Rafa for his determination, passion and style of play.

  3. RC says:

    I love it, “Gimmelslob”!

  4. johanne says:

    Ohhhhhhhh, I love Rafa… he is missed, for sure. :(

  5. CC says:

    Rafaaa! Love it when he glides and slides and reaches and fights for every point. It wouldn’t be Rafa without it!
    However, watching this makes you really appreciate the fact that he needs a REST!

  6. tmi says:

    Rafa’s way of playing is the same from the day he started playing till now. Whenever he gets injured ppl starts talking about his way of playing and he have to change his way of playing and starts questioning about his longevity. But after getting back from injury he use to be more stronger physically and mentally. This is his style and ppl unconditionally love him for this kind of style and unbelievable shots. His way of playing makes him more unique from other top players in the field. Media use to tell that his game has more physical stuffs than technical things. A guy cant be so powerful with the good physical condition alone. Of course he does lot of movements on the court than the other players because of which he makes incredible shots. We admire him for how he is in his game right now. More stress might have caused him this injury. As we all wish he will come back stronger than ever.

  7. AnaR says:

    Of course that even Gimmelslob misses Rafa and this is because Rafael has a very special way of playing, very bright and very spectacular. That is why more people now going to tennis tournaments. If Rafael plays in a tournament, the organizers already know that the days when he plays, the stands are full of audience. But it has a cost to him. Its fast and physical portentous (gladiator Hispanic) is what produces the final cost. I hope Rafa can recover well and he can finally win the U.S. Open!. Just misses this title to him!.

  8. ava says:

    He makes tennis worth watching. I was drawn to the game after a long time because of Rafa. GO RAFA!

    • Atch2 says:

      Totally agree Ava. He brought a new excitement to tennis when Fed seemed to always have the upper hand with his generation. Rafa was the rebel with a cause and heart.

      • nic says:

        Absolutely. Rafa is the reason I fell in love with tennis. For many years I watched casually, particularly at GS time. But when Rafa came along, I was immediately intrigued by his tenacity and will on court. And match after subsequent match, I fell in love.

        • johanne says:

          That’s EXACTLY what happened to me, nic. Rafa was so exciting to watch, you could really feel his passion. I’ve never seen anyone else exude that same kind of energy….it’s absolutely captivating. And to top it all off, he’s gorgeous. What more could you ask for? ;)

          • nic says:

            Hell yes, so captivating on court the way he fights all the time, and heck his game is so precision perfect most of the time. But absolutely, being able to just dig on Rafa’s beauty at the same time, indeed, what more could you ask for. Especially when a match goes for long, no problemo, I could look at him aaaaallll day. I have to say this again, I miss Rafa to pieces!!! Hhmm, Muzza’s just starting on centre court now. Also with new attire. Wow, Wimby’s such a ‘fashionable’ place. Feels like we’re watching a catwalk runway or something.

          • faecoleman says:

            Thats exactly how I feel Johanne. I too never watched as much tennis as I have since Rafa burst on the scene. Punishing or not, this is what has made Rafael Nadal sooo unique and so special. He oozes passion, charisma, he’s absolutley gorgeous and on court he is mesmirizing! drawing everyone towards him like a magnet. I truly believe we will never see another Rafael Nadal, he is so special, the most special sportsman I have ever seen and will ever see in my lifetime.

        • CC says:

          Same here! Heck, I hadn’t been into tennis since Wilander and Edberg and I was only around ten, eleven, twelve back then. Used to love watching them play RG and then Wimbly in my summer holidays.

          Then along came Rafa. And I only got into watching him properly last year. (I’m so slow…)

          • nic says:

            It’s ok to be a late bloomer :) We all made our way to Rafa eventually, that’s all that counts. And we all have remarkably good taste :)

            • CC says:

              Yeah…the only bad thing is that I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of Rafawesomeness. But I’ve kind of made up for it in the last year. (:

            • June says:

              I agree w/you Nic we all have excellent taste in tennis players! I’m also a very late bloomer (last year when my daughter started playing tennis & got a magazine w/RAFA on the cover & I being her mother had to of course check it out who he was, where he came from, etc.). Then my husband started wondering what I was doing up so late when I was watching the AO since our daughter was TIVOing it, so then I had some explaining to do, no :-) (LOL)

              • CC says:

                Ha, ha… Yeah, I keep trying to tell my partner that it’s all for the love of tennis that I get up in the middle of the night to watch games and drool in front of the telly when Rafa’s on. He doesn’t believe me AT ALL, for some reason! ;)
                Don’t know why…

        • loverafa4ever says:

          I usd 2 watch only the finals of the GS… thatz it. Now I watch every tournament, if Rafa is there. All tounerys he plays. Its probably not coz of my luv for tennis. Its coz of Rafa.

          • Jaime says:

            ME TOO! I actually feel in love with him during the Wimbledon final last year and I’ve followed his every move since. Too bad I can’t celebrate our one year anniversay this year! :(

  9. Esmmée says:

    has anyone seen this? atrocious, how dare them?
    i hope you are ok with this link miri.


    • An says:

      Well… i would suggest evryone to not bother to read this article!
      That person has absolutly no idea what he’s talking about… and its not worth to comment anny further on it IMHO!

    • tmi says:

      yes, i found this link in rafa’s forum some two days back. I replied my thoughts to it. That person seems to be very passive about rafa. whatever we say he has some arguments for it. So i just ignored it. But “Fear of losing” is a tough word to be used against rafa. But so many ppl supported for rafa through there comments.

      • johanne says:

        He’s probably a hater, ignore it. And that “fear of losing” bit is crap. Rafa himself answered that question in that interview that takes place in Miami where that woman kept waiting to be able to interview him. I think that’s who asks him the question. Anyways he said he’s driven by the “desire to win” NOT the “fear of losing.” And I believe Rafa over this jackass. ;)

  10. nic says:

    “Nadal’s body is so strong…his back, his legs, his core”…. mmmmmm am melting…..

    I love the slo-mo shots of Rafa, gives you plenty of time to admire his gorgeous physique.

    “He makes you feel the pain of greatness. He epitomises the idea that nothing worth achieving is easy”

    Absolutely love that line. How very true of our beloved champion. Because when we watch Rafa, we can appreciate how much goes into every point, and what it takes to win. Nothing is for granted.

    I miss Rafa so bad :(

  11. sia says:

    Esemme that guy is a bit if a jerk, although the comments about Rafa afterwards are quite endearing. I think this guy just posted this so he could up his viewing count. He talks of Rafa not being professional
    i think that shoe fits on his foot.
    Miri can you post some little morsels from days gone by to cheer us up and fill in those who are late comers.

  12. Wooffie says:

    I loved that montage of clips. We have saying a within our group of Rafateers that at Majors in particular and certainly at the Olympics last year, Rafa came on court and he just had that “that look” about him, and it was so wonderful to see it again in some of those clips (last seen at the AO, IMO).

    I look forward to the day – which will come some time soon – when we see “that look” about him again.

    I wasn’t so keen on some of the smug commentory, nor with this growing opinion that somehow it is Rafa’s “fault” that he finds himself in today’s position because of the unforgiving way in which he plays. He plays the way plays because of the physique he has and unlike other players, he has to make the most of his talents which are different to the *sublime* (yuk) Federer. His error, I feel, is probably being selfless and not taking enough time out at appropriate moments, and honouring his commitments to tour directors and even his doubles pals by not backing out and letting them down.

    I’ve loved tennis for many a year now, but only had my interest in the game revived when Rafa blasted onto the scene and gave us that something different we have so been looking for. So please media and commentors, don’t now diss him for bringing that variety that the men’s game so sorely needed.

  13. June says:

    I used to play tennis when McEnroe, Connors, Evert & Navratilova played & watched them also (wanted to emulate Chrissie). Seeing RAFA play did entice me to come back to watch the game again, but not play unfortunately as my joints can’t take it. Those clips were great to see. I finally got to watch the entire Wimbleton final that was on over the weekend & TIVOed it. It was so wonderful to see himwin & was a fantastic match. I watched some of the US Open last year when RAFA played (my daughter recorded it since she started playing tennis in high school) and have watched the AO, Indian Wells & some others that we recorded also. RAFA will be back better than ever I’m sure (you can take that to the bank)!