A big bodied Borg

…can we get him in the Borg shorts then? RC sent this in thinking it might cheer people up:

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I could have sworn I posted this quite awhile ago, but if I did, I can’t find it now. If it’s a repeat, my apologies.

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  1. johanne says:

    YEAH! Rafa is awesome! And for some reason I think it’s cute that Stefanki calls him “Rafael.”

    miri: this is what I tried to send you that one time when I accidentaly sent in that Soderling quiz instead. HA HA HA ooops. :)

    • miri says:

      Ah-ha! Maybe that’s why I thought I’d already posted it. Sheesh. I’m getting more and more swiss-cheesed brained every day.

      • CC says:

        miri, NEVER apologise for repeating any Rafa stuff! I’ll take him twice, three times, four times any day. ;)


        *weighs the Rafa clip in one hand and Soderling quiz in other*

        Hm…difficult decision. I think I’ll go for the Rafa, after all. :)

  2. kefuoe says:

    I know I’ve seen it before, but I watched it 5 more times, just to be sure…

  3. SheIsBlessed says:

    Thanks, I’ve never seen that. I love when his peers have a rafa lovein.

  4. Atch2 says:

    A great summary of how Special Rafa is, with some of the best quotes

    “big bodied Borg”
    “but Rafael has the firepower, and u look at that and u go WOW”
    “this guy’s a horse”

  5. Atch2 says:

    After looking at this clip again and again I would have to agree that Rafa puts so much, maybe too much? energy in his practice sessions. I know that’s what Rafa is abt giving 100% to everythg he does but it must not be great for his knees especially. If Rafa was not in his casual gear, we’d think he was competing in a match.

    I LUV how he takes quick little steps to take a forehand.

  6. CC says:

    “big bodied Borg”
    “…this guy’s a horse…”


    Is he really THAT much bigger than everyone else?

    He looks gorgeous in the turquoise tee and the stripy bandana.

    • An says:

      I’ve seen him in real a few times now and you know… he just isn’t that big! He seems a lot bigger in TV! He’s a normal sized man but with huge shoulders and arms ( at least the left one ), hhhhmmmmm…
      Verry athletic, yummy bodie, handsome, beautifull, perfect.

      And he has a big aura when he comes to a court, you can realy feel his energy and his determenation. Of course i’m biased but you realy get under the impression he makes when you watch him live.

      • CC says:

        Oh, thanks An. It’s just that when people talk about him it sounds like he’s huge! But 185 cm tall is not that big.

        I can imgine he has a presence like nobody else.

        • miri says:

          I think the thing is, tennis players are usually kind of built like rectangles – wide from right to left (broad shoulders), but thin from front to back. Rafa’s more barrel-chested than most tennis players and I think that makes him look bigger in comparison.

          • CC says:

            “…wide from right to left (broad shoulders)…”
            *closes eyes, pictures Rafa*
            Yes, I can see that one.

            “…thin from front to back.”
            *closes eyes, pictures Rafa*
            No, not sure about that one! :D

  7. AnaR says:

    I had not seen this video before. I have seen it 4 times in order to understand as much as possible (I do not understand everything) but I must say that also in Spain we have a fantastic picture of Andy Roddick .. I always say that it is a knight of the tracks and I think I share this opinion with other fans of Rafael. Amazing what you say about him the great professional tennis .. very good video. Thanks Miri.

  8. nic says:

    I cracked up so hard when Stefanki says “the guy’s a horse”! He’s almost like in disbelief. And obviously admires Rafa for all that he can achieve with his strong build. Yeah Rafa is actually pretty lean, and not as bulky as people perceive him to be. Remember that oldest man in Majorca who when he met him on the clay in Majorca, the first thing he said was that Rafa was not as big as he imagined? But true, he is built quite differently from players like Rog, Novak, Andy. But that’s also what makes him oh so yummylicious. Mmmmm….

  9. natch says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Rafa and Stefanki. Stefanki and Rafa. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Oh! My! God!!
    Stefanki doesn’t look hot in that vid, but up close and in person…*faints*
    *whispers* Except…I think my voice is lower than his. Shhh…don’t tell anyone, it will ruin his sexiness.

    “Rafa’s more barrel-chested”
    I bet in two places. ;)

    • CC says:

      Who is this Stefanki? I’ve no clue.

      Hot? Depends on who you compare him with, as I always say!

  10. natch says:

    CC, compare him to other old guys our age. Just not from this vid. Watch him next time Roddick plays. Stefanki is Roddick’s coach.

    But speaking of old guys, today Brad Gilbert said he was 45. That’s practically my age, but he looks at least a decade older than me. I was so shocked I fell out of my yoga pose! I mean, I remember when he played, and we seemed the same age,… but then the years went by, and when he started commentating a few years ago, I thought he must be mid to late fifties. He’s either had a harder life than I thought, or bad genes.

    • miri says:

      Practically your age? It is my age! I was shocked too….then again, I’m in total denial about how old I look. :) (Oh, and it helps that I rarely go outside and that fat pushes the wrinkles out.)

      • natch says:

        Well, I’ll be 44 in a few months, so technically I’m not the same age as he is. I still don’t have wrinkles, but I know they’re on the way! I wonder if it’s because my face is wide? Does wide count as fat? ;)

        Sorry, sia. I’m not buying what you’re selling. Sun damage has some, but not all of the fault. Explain how Stefanki, Borg, Wilander, Cash, etc., are all hot despite it, but somehow it affected Gilbert?

    • CC says:

      Thanks, natch!

  11. sia says:

    Stefanki was a player but better known as a coach … I think he even worked with MacEnroe, way back.
    He’s coaching Andy Roddick right now.

  12. sia says:

    Natch they play outdoors for the most part … sun damage. Use your sunscreen everyone. I actually sent an email to Rafa to remind him to slather it on.

  13. Wooffie says:

    Oh … it is with such an aching heart that I am watching these clips. I cannot believe how much I am missing Rafa at Wimbledon and how empty tennis feels without him. With all the Federer posturing and uninspiring matches so far, I am bereft.

    He truly brings the “rock and roll” to tennis … Vamos Rafa!!!

  14. sia says:

    Natch, you know I’m no spring chicken myself … I actually think ( I haven’t checked) that he may be a bit older. I do work in the film biz though and I know that it is always a surprise at who is going to look good on the screen. Didn’t Brad used to have a lot of curly hair? Men can change a lot without their hair.
    Sometimes Rafa looks bigger and thicker on screen; whereas in real life is much more trim.

    • natch says:

      I guess I’ll just hope he lied about his age. But even if he’s fifty…not so well preserved. I know Borg is older than he is. I’m pretty sure Stefanki is, too. Not sure about Mats or Cash. But even Johnny Mac looks better at his age than Brad. I know what you mean about the camera. I work with athletes, and sometimes they look bigger, smaller, fugly, or handsome in person. One time a guy came in and I KNEW I knew the face. But he was HUGE. Really tall and powerful. I just assumed his was a linebacker. Then I heard his friend call him by his first name, and I realized he was a well-known running back. I almost fell through the floor! I can’t usually censor myself, so I told him he was way too big to be who he was. :D

      • CC says:

        Mats is 45 this year as well, I think. He’s my favourite out of these… Yummy.

        • natch says:

          Yes, Mats is hot. You know who else aged well? Coretja. When he was playing? Meh. But now? Yowsa.

          • CC says:

            OMG! I know, Alex Corretja is totally HOT! There is a GORGEOUS interview from Beijing where him and Rafa are in the TVE studio together. Rafa and Corretja next to each other…
            If I find it, I’ll ask miri to maybe post it some time!

            *crosses fingers*

            • natch says:

              Hmmm…Rafa and Coretja together…I think I had a dream like that where I was in the middle. ;)
              C’mon, Miri, let CC show it. We’ve got nothing to talk about for a while.
              *sits patiently*

              • CC says:

                Bum, I can find it, but it ain’t playing anymore!

                • natch says:

                  Did you see Stefanki today? I think he knew we were talking about him. He had his cap off, and his hair looked beautiful. He also wore a very nice-fitting navy Lacoste shirt. Who knew Wimbledon would be so hot without Rafa? ;)

        • miri says:

          Ah…Mats. He was my Rafa back in the day.

          • natch says:

            You know who was my very first Rafa? Vitas Gerulaitis. I must have been in the 10 – 14 years old range. He had that beautiful blonde, curly hair and looked like he was so much fun. I lived in NY then, and any time I saw him in the city…I would corrode on the spot.
            RIP, Vitas.

            • Atch2 says:

              My very first Rafa was Stefan Edberg. Luved the cool and sportsmanlike Swedes. They don’t make Swedes the way they use to.

              • natch says:

                “They don’t make Swedes the way they use to.”
                He’s another one who still looks good. It seems like almost every tennis player ages well, except Gilbert!

                • CC says:

                  Being Swedish, I still have to completely agree with you! I have given up on Sweden and sport for the moment, we are hopeless and not particularly hot.
                  Edberg is handsome, but not hot, I think. He looks too much like my dad! ;)

                  “It seems like almost every tennis player ages well…”

                  Aged Rafa, yes I can see that being a…good one.

                  • natch says:

                    CC, you’re Swedish? Heh. I always picture you with dark hair. Now, in my mind, I have to switch you from a great Italian cook to an airline hostess. ;)

                    Aged Rafa sounds like he goes good with wine. Maybe a red Zin or Shiraz. And a nice, dark vegan chocolate. Mmmm…

                    • CC says:

                      I have got very dark, almost black hair, so you can carry on picturing me like that! Not a great Italian cook or an airline hostess though… ;)

  15. faecoleman says:

    I have heard that too ana, how much presence Nadal brings to the court! Also his peers feel it too, during the Madrid tournament after his match Meltzer said excatly this, he brings so much energy to the court its overwhelming in itself”.. something like that anyway. Also people say that the ball he hits when you watch it up close live, its going soo fast the spin and it sounds different from anyone elses. Amazing, I was hoping for the same experience this year at Wimbledon and now its all over! I cannot stand listening to all the Fed hype and relying on some other inspired competitor to put a stop to it, but can they? The most exciting tennis player of all time not to mention the most handsome with a physique to die for and I cannot see him play, omg these are the worst times ever. Vamos Rafa indeed, come back soon Rafa, please……

    • An says:

      Yeah exactly! And youre right about the ball and the spin, it realy sounds different from the way his peers hit the ball!

      And, ooo, i’m so sorry for you, i can totally imagine how dissapointed you must feel having tickets for Wimbledon and to not see Rafa play. Sad!
      Last time i saw him was in the match against Hewitt in RG… When nothing seemed wrong, i came back home so happy believing that all the ” doobts” i was having for some time when seeing Rafa play where not neccesary.
      (I think i was distracted by seeing him in real again so i didn’t see that he was not moving like he usually does, and btw the Hewitt match was his best in RG)
      And then i felt so empty after the Sod match!

      Remember, now miss Rafa so badly.. It’s for the best!

  16. Atch2 says:

    I saw him at the AO 09 and he does look slimmer than on tv. Slimmer but well built and fit as a horse. Very cool and collected presence on court. And when he wins and takes that bandana off, he’s the happiest boy with the sweetest smile in the world! People ask him if he lost weight since last yr and he said it’s bec of the sleeves which seems tru. But even in his Wimby whites he looks the coolest. His Wimby outfit looks so much cooler that Fed’s. I’m glad Nike didn’t design anything over-the-top for Rafa. Wonder if he will wear that on his return to hardcourts.

  17. johanne says:

    Just noticed that Rafa’s buggy-whip forehand nearly knocks his hat off at 1:38. Cute! :)

    • CC says:

      Yeah, I saw that too and love how he was able to just slide it back on quickly. Nice trick, Rafa.

      • Atch2 says:

        He did that during a match against Roddick earlier this yr too and his bandana came off. It probably happens often so it’s a reflex action to put it back in place.

  18. AnaR says:

    I like to come here every day and read messages of support for Rafael. In these important moments in which we are a little pessimistic about her situation is a consolation read the messages so positive and loving, and also from other nationality different from that of Raphael. I also think he is the most exciting tennis player in tennis today and probably of all times. And I think that is why they still at Wimbledon British newspapers are still talking about Rafael as if he was there. What a pity!. A Kiss to all of you. Thanks for everything.

    • nic says:

      Hey Ana, me too. I just like to come here and see what everyone’s been posting and talking about. It’s my way of keeping my love for Rafa strong and alive. And you’re right, it’s so great to see the support for Rafa from around the world. I miss Rafa so much. And watching Wimbledon without him is just quite sad, there’s this big hole without him. Rafa has this great presence. And he brings this sense of grandeur and importance to a tournament when he’s there. I kind of remember watching Rotterdam and thinking what a small quaint tourney, seems pretty laidback, but with Rafa there, it took on a whole other level of excitement. I can’t help but think how tough it’s going to be that we will not get to see Rafa play for more than a month. Already since Friday’s announcement it feels like a lifetime without Rafa :(

      Ana, what’s the feeling like in Spain about Rafa’s withdrawal? Are people sad, or upset, dissapointed? Hope there is plenty of love and support for him. He really needs it. Especially since Rafa always reads the papers and everything, I hope they have words of encouragement and support for him, and not criticism.

  19. AnaR says:

    Of course we are sad … There are other Spanish players, Verdasco, Robredo.. Ferrer and Juan Carlos Ferrero but whom always has a chance of winning, only him. And like you, we have to read unreliable and contradictory information. However, Rafael with his recent 23 years old has much time in his life for winning. He will return more powerful (when a person has a bad time usually will be more strength). I love tennis. In my family we have always played tennis. Play 3 times a week and I like see all the tennis matches I can, but sorry, I’m not watching Wimbledon now .. I can not. That is the sentiment here and we have also thinking if some of the other players (not only Roger) can win in Wimbledon. If Murray does not win can be Del Potro or Gonzalez from Chile, or Roddick (OMG!I would love to see winner Roddick because I sincerely believe that his tenacity deserves winning a GS, really). It is a great tennis player who is always on the top of the ATP and on fight. But basically people are sad and waiting.

  20. AnaR says:

    Alex Corretja is who is behind Andy Murray at this time. He’s who has changed the physical to Andy and who advises in many of the tournaments but before this, Alex was a commentator for television and he made the best interviews and the best comments I’ve seen about the tennis. What a great player he was and how big it is in everything he does! .. I had the opportunity to know him personally a few years ago and is very friendly and nice. And very handsome too!.

  21. natch says:

    Ask Alex if 43 and 6/10ths is too old for him to have a one night stand with. I’ll make it worth his while! ;)

  22. Mim says:

    Everything said in that video, so true!
    Love Stefanki’s passion about Rafa’s DESIRE and HUNGER. How those are qualities that cannot be taught (“You come out the shooter that way”) LOL XD . Also, the look in Hewitt’s eyes as he’s discussing Rafa says it all. He truly appreciates Rafa for who he is, and how he is, as a competitor and athlete and as an individual who is apart of the sport of tennis. Overall, Great clip! Atch2, I totally agree! The little steps he takes (that turn his feet into a temporary blur) to rip that inside-out forehand is too cute. As for all the comments about his charisma and energy, we can all sense it through the TV, I can’t imagine what it must be like to experience it live!

    Rafa we miss you, get well soon!