Eyes on the prize

eyes on the prize

The Courier and Mail has given Elizabeth Kaye’s article yet another home. It’s the cover story in this weekend’s magazine. You can view a pdf of the story here.

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  1. patzin says:

    thanks. Good article of course – I like the cover.

  2. sia says:

    Miri, I love this photo … is it saveable somehow. I am an artist and would love to use it as inspiration for a little something I’m working on right now. (Not going to copy it or anything, but as a fairly stylised image of the lovely one it contains some real truths.) Usually Rafa photos are about him in motion … as it should be.

  3. sia says:

    Thanks Miri, not quite sure why it didn’t work the first time … I clicked on the image but it just printed out the Nadal News page underneath. Maybe it is a Mac thing (No right click) … all is fine now, though, it worked the second time ! Now I shall actually read the article.

    • Courtney says:

      You can rightclick on Macs– hold down “control” while you click on a link. And if you click on the thumbnail image here you can rightclick and select “view image” and it will bring you to a much bigger version!

  4. Debbie says:

    That is a beautiful photo of Rafa. Wow.

  5. CC says:

    Mmm…that photo is one of my old favourites. Beautiful…

    Gosh, it feels weird though, to see all these great articles about Rafa and for once he’s not actually…playing…

    • loverafa4ever says:

      True… Wimbledon starts 2moro and I still can’t believe that I will not get to c Rafa playing. I am reading all the old rafa articles abt 2008 final and 2008 as a whole. That was such an awesome year, its hard to believe that its not the same this year.

      • naaz says:

        Its really tough!!! Especially becoz last year’s wimbly was Rafa’s high point in his career. He would have loved to have done it all again. But, he is only 23 and insahallah, he will win loads of more time…

  6. AnaR says:

    I’ve read the article on Rafael, and I think that is made with much love and from a person who is really admirer of Rafael,of his game and his way of being. Thanks to her for this wonderful story that gives an idea of all that can fascinate Rafael on the track and off the tennis court. And thanks to Miri for being so professional and for to give know even more around the world to this boy who is now suffering so much.

  7. Atch2 says:

    Miri, what country is this Courier & Mail newspaper?

  8. Wooffie says:

    Wow!! That picture of Rafa is amazing. Chocolate eyes, lovely lips … and those fabulous cheekbones *swoons* Thanks for the posting!!!

    I do adore him also, of course, for his fantastic tennis and it is with a heavy heart that the hour fast approaches when he would have walked out as Champion onto the famous Centre Court.

    I hope he’s mentally a million miles away from this and is enjoying himself with the people he loves around him.

    Vamos Rafa!!

    • nic says:

      Poor darling Rafa, feel so bad for him on the first day of Wimby. What he would give to be playing there :(
      Did anyone see Roger step on to Centre Court in that outfit today???
      Omg, that was just horrendous, made me laugh so hard, though I didn’t mean to. I just burst into laughter. And he was wearing that waistcoat while warming up. Oh gosh. And his bag is so full of gold. Yikes. Think Nike have gone waaaaay overboard this time. Poor Rog, I think it’s a bad fashion choice.
      Then I was thinking of Rafa and what he would have looked like in his gear. Classic yet fresh and vibrant. That new white jacket with the purple V, and his classic polo and shorts with those purple Wimby accents. Bwaaahahaha so sad :( I really really miss Rafa. Sigh.
      Yes, he does look so swoon worthy in this pic. I love how he’s staring right into the camera. Those warm chocolate brown eyes. I could just melt right into them. Gosh he’s beautiful.

      • dutchgirl says:

        Just read your comment after I posted mine, nic. So yes, that outfit is terrible, made me almost feel sorry for Roger that he’s wearing that for the next 2 weeks… Bad fashion choice indeed.

        • nic says:

          i know, thinking about it again makes me cringe. the jacket was really ill-fitting too. wonder if he had any say in it. probably did. rog, please put that waistcoat away!! dutchgirl, i think what you said to describe it was perfect – preposterous! poor rog. wonder what all the papers will say about it tomorrow.
          … still missing rafa i am :(

          • dutchgirl says:

            Thanks for the compliment! It was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the outfit. How different and much better Rafa’s outfit was! Hard to think Nike is responsible for both.
            Missing Rafa with you here, nic.

  9. dutchgirl says:

    Those eyes are amazing! I haven’t read the article yet, but thank you again for posting miri. I wouldn’t know where I’d be right now without all these bits of Rafa.
    So sad to see Roger walk up that court this afternoon in his preposterous vest, knowing that it should have been Rafa… :((

  10. miri says:

    I was noticing how much shorter the left side of Rafa’s face is and since face symmetry (and/or the lack thereof) interests me, I made some images. So, here’s all left Rafa and here’s all right Rafa.

    • Atch2 says:

      That freaks me out Miri. I prefer the current version of Rafa. He already looks like a beautiful classical Greek sculpture.

      • CC says:

        I think it’s kinda cool! I so prefer the “all left Rafa” to the “all right Rafa”.

        • miri says:

          It’s thought that your left side shows more emotion than the right. :)

          I remember the first time I saw a series of “all left/all right” portraits and, invariably, the left side looked more “feminine” and the right more…uh…thick. So, it was interesting to me that Rafa’s fit that memory.

          • CC says:

            Wow, yeah, that’s absolutely true when looking at “all left Rafa”. Much more feminine AND lovely.
            I generally tend to like “left” more than “right” with everything in life (apart from maybe left-side traffic here in the UK, that’s just stubborn and stupid!).

    • dutchgirl says:

      I like the asymmetrical face far better! My husband has a face that’s even more asymmetrical – I like a face where there’s something to see.
      Ofcourse, all of our faces have different sides, but with some people it’s more obvious.

    • nic says:

      holy shit, that is freaky!! wow, never thought about faces from that perspective. very interesting to see. but i love the fact that no one is perfectly symmetrical on both sides of their face. and of course we love rafa as is :p

  11. efi says:

    hurmm..im watching wimbledOn final last year mOre than 3 tyme tOday=)
    i miss rafa sO much!!!!!!!!!!!!T_T

  12. sia says:

    I hear you you efi, here in Canada they are showing the end of the Golf US Open on TSN, so no Wimbly coverage till tomorrow. Silly me I decided to watch a little online coverage … and who was there … THAT swedish player that probably shouldn’t be named. (I know, I know it is not his fault), it was just a bit too much.
    I am sending Rafael all the good, recuperative thoughts that I can.