Rafa will not play Wimbledon

Photo by REUTERS/Toby Melville

Photo by REUTERS/Toby Melville

Rafa announced during a press conference on Friday that he will not be playing at Wimbledon this year. He said it was one of the most difficult decisions of his career but that he felt he had no other option. You can see video of the presser here.

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  1. mary says:

    Sorry Rafa that spain lost. Congratulations to America they obviously played well on the day. What was the score as I’ve been busy working too hard and no energy left for anything?

  2. AnaR says:


    Finally the most important thing is that your son recovers well and as soon as possible. The game is not so important. A big hug and one for your child.

  3. sia says:

    Tough Luck June I hope your son will be OK … perhaps he’ll have to sit around for a bit of a rest and watch the rest of Wimbledon. Not the greatest Wimbledon (we all know why), but still lots of good players to watch.
    I’m rooting for Gonzales just because he’s kind of saucy.

  4. mary says:

    Sorry to hear about your son. My son also mucking around playing soccer hurt his knee, but it turned out to be just bruised. He instead has broken his wrist twice (same one). Fortunately, it is not his racket hand.
    Watch out for Hewitt he is on fire. He had hip surgery around 9 months ago and he is back with a vengence. He is the dark horse in this race. He has won it before! Sorry Federer, I just don’t want you to win this tourny or any when Rafa comes back.

  5. June says:

    Mary, the score was 2-0. Thanks everyone for all of the kind thoughts for our son. He had his MRI this afternoon, & saw the dr. this morning. He’s on crutches & will know the results tomorrow or Monday (could possibly be his ACL or torn meniscus in his knee) & he might have to have surgery & be out for the fall soccer season (his last as a senior in college). He’s bummed out & crabby as heck & of course his GF is out of town for 2 weeks :-( Mary, I’m glad your son is in good shape re: his knee & his wrist is much better. Yes, I agree perhaps Hewitt could win it instead of Fed or Murray. Maybe Roddick will get his chance again perhaps. RAFA will be back all refreshed & better than new like the bionic man! VAMOS RAFA :-)

  6. mary says:

    Hi June,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    It doesn’t sound to great for your son. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and doesn’t need surgery. Let us know.
    It feels like someone turned out the lights since Rafa’s withdrawal. I hope Rafa’s knees are well improved and he feels confident and ready to give every opponent a workout from hell. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!

  7. AnaR says:

    Attention please! … There are rumors of a recurrence of Rafael in the Davis Cup against Germany in July. On 30 of june will be confirmed whether or not by captain of Davis cup Albert Costa.

    • mary says:

      Hi AnnaR,
      Well this isn’t surprising. Rafa is a proud Spaniard and he loves his tennis. I guess we will find out soon enough.

  8. AnaR says:

    And we are absolutely shocked by the news of the death of “from our view” best pop artist in history: Michael Jackson. I was lucky enough to see you here in Madrid a few years ago, before his scandals and in its best moment, and OMG! as may be him so shy, and during his shows to be so amazing, so brilliant and so powerful for transmitting sensations. A prayer for him. He was a man very sad during his self-destructive life. Rest in peace.

    • mary says:

      You are so right! I couldn’t believe it when one of my work mates told me that Michael Jackson was dead. I still cannot get my head around this. It was good that you had the opportunity to see him live. A very meek and humble man who gave us some the best music ever written and sung. He will be missed.

  9. sia says:

    Yes AnaR, very sad about MJ I think his music touched so many all around the world.
    I was wondering about Davis Cup ? I know everyone is telling Rafa to save himself for the majors but one thing I’ve always admired about him is his love of playing for his country. I hope he continues to make space in his scedule to keep that up. I know that Spain has won the final without him but not sure if they would have got there without his involvement. The Davis Cup has a huge history, longer than some of the slams
    and I love listening to Davis Cup Radio from all around the world. I think Rafael Nadal will always have fans from everywhere in world, but he is a special hero in Spain. You are very lucky and should be commended for producing such a champion.

  10. nic says:

    I too am really saddened for Michael. He gave the world so much with his talent, his music will live on forever. So sad that a man who gave us so many great songs and memories led such a sad and lonely life. Poor poor MJ. He was a true musical legend.

    As for Rafa and the Davis Cup, if his knees are in a good state in July (when exactly is it in July?) I’m sure it would be great for him to get back on court and get back to work. But not sure that the team will want to risk using the tie as a trial session for Rafa, poor dear. Dunno. Hope Albert Costa and Rafa make the right decision.

    …Thinking of Rafa so much this whole week… really miss him at Wimbledon.

  11. AnaR says:

    I hope Rafael is well enough of their knees and he plays in July!. Davis Cup in the quarter-final between Spain and Germany will be 12 to July 14 in the wonderful city, super touristic Marbella and with higher temperatures (OMG! July is too much hot there). But Rafa’s participation is not confirmed yet.

  12. Atch2 says:

    Talk about luving his countrymen, he let his friend use his Wimby house.
    Fm Steve Tignor
    —Rafael Nadal put down 10,000 pounds on a house in Wimbledon and didn’t bother to get his money back, the Sun reports. It’s being used by other Spanish players now, who, as you might expect from those crazy Spanish, are having a “party.”

  13. AnaR says:

    Today in Spain the news are about that Rafa isn’t going to participate in Davis Cup.. almost sure.. What a pity! but surely it’s good to his knees. And we want the best to him.

    • nic says:

      aawww poor darling rafa. yes, it probably is for the best. but poor thing would have loved to. i hope in his mind he is focusing on coming back strong for the north american hard court season. with that strong focus it’ll give him something to look forward to and keep his eye on the ball. hhmmm wonder how rafa is doing back home right now…hope he’s taking it easy and his friends are cheering him up.

    • mary says:

      Rafa needs to be 100% confident mentally and physically before he can return. If it wasn’t for the titillating news and pics (thanks miri soooooo much) I would be going out of my ***** mind. And yeah I hope he is getting some much needed R & R. Just watching 2 matches-Verdasco v Karlovic and Hewitt v Stepanek. I won’t get the score as I will be asleepor maybe not. (its the other side of the world here) If Rafa were playing sleep would not be an option.

  14. AnaR says:

    Rafa could be more selfish with His department but I have to say that “this about that the rest of the Spanish team used the department” sounds like a custom very spaniard. It’s fantastic. They are his friends.. and he has confidence on them.

  15. mary says:

    Well I didn’t sleep. Sorry for Vadasco but happy for Hewitt. As I said Lleyton is the dark horse in this comp. I have to support my fellow Aussie!!

    • Clare says:

      Lleyton was good and tough tonight, he fought hard and came through. I hope those around him will be paying attention. And hopefully the Fanatics keep up their ongoing musical theatre!!! Well done to Lleyton, ’cause like Mary I have to support my fellow Aussie!!!

      • mary says:

        Do you know security clamped down on the “musical theatre” and tried to shut them down. No-one can clamp down an excited Aussie. We usually get kicked out instead. So go Hewitt!!! Lleyton, Novak, Andy M, JC, we want one of you guys to win!!!!!! We need to keep our beloved Rafa at numero uno!!!!!

  16. AnaR says:

    And Juan Carlos Ferrero (the mosquito) won to Gilles Simon.. (OMG!, Simon is so handsome and very good player and so gentleman). I saw Simon at the Master of Madrid and really is so special. Congratulations to Ferrero!. He is on quarts of final now!.

  17. sia says:

    Yes good to see JC Ferrero through to the quarters. Very sad to see Hot Sauce go down to the freak show known as Karlovic. I’m glad Rafa isn’t playing this tie of Davis Cup (hopefully next one), earlier in the year Tommy Haas said he wouldn’t be playing so that may be helpful to the Spanish Team.

  18. Atch2 says:

    Go Hewitt! Go Ferrero! These r wonderful surprises to Wimby this yr.
    Don’t underestimate previous Grand Slam champions.
    Shame about Verdasco. And Go Nole! Go Murray!

  19. mary says:

    Oh miri please keep the good stuff coming. I’m going through withdrawal at the momento. I need a Rafa fix******

  20. AnaR says:

    Yes, ATCH2,

    The two old champions and two number one at that time over the world, are back. Old champions who really are very young .. Lleyton 28, Juan Carlos 29 years and from the same generation. They clashed often with different results and I can not understand that how they being so young, all we are speaking about them how if were old .. OMG! .. I am glad, I am very pleased that this generation that has not yet come to 30 years .. can continue to strive and succeed. And if someone of them could at last reach the final! .. would be a great joy for me. Let’s go Lleyton, Juan Carlos Vamos!. Both are two great champions!..

  21. Atch2 says:

    Was just watchg Serena V Azarenka match (a lot of shrieking). Saw a Xisca look-a-like sittg beside Williams team. The hair in a ponytail, cap and Ray Ban Aviators. Hope that’s not her and she left Rafa by himself.