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Part 1 of the presser:

Part 2:

Also, Julie (if you comment here, I’m sorry I don’t know your commenting name) sent in this video:

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  1. natch says:

    You know what my first thought is? Damn, you work hard on this site, Miri. You know what my second thought is? Damn, he needs to get laid.
    I’m on my way, Rafa. I’m on my way. ;)

    Alright, srsly. He looks Fab.U.Lous in purple/violet/whatever that shade is.

  2. dutchgirl says:

    I wish him all the strength he needs for the coming period. Sounds he can use some. But it’s also good to hear him say he’s gonna look into things that haven’t gone well, seems like some changes are going to made in the calendar for next year.

    All the best Rafa!!

    • SheIsBlessed says:

      Thanks for posting Miri.

      I do hope he looks at his calendar for the coming year.

  3. loverafa4ever says:

    Thank you so much miri. We all really appreciate this. I will comment on the interview after watching it…

  4. PistolPete says:

    Thanks so much miri. Really appreciate your efforts.

    When Nadal was asked about his many fans and how disappointed they would be that he was not appearing at Wimbledon, the 23-year-old replied: “no more than me”.

    • Ch F says:

      I don’t understand why they even ask the question…of course we’d like to see him play but it’s not like we’re holding it against him! we’re not that kind ;-) It’s already hard for him as it is, he doesn’t need the extra pressure. If only he knew we all agree with his decision!

  5. Lou Lou says:

    Thank you!!! Miri!!! Sooo much!! Seriously!

    You’ve created this wonderful safe haven for all us Nadal Fans!
    Thanks so much for your quick updates, pics videos and everyone else who contributes… thanks!

    It’s funny how heart ache and relief can co-exist in one’s heart.

    The PAIN of not having Nadal at wimbledon but relief that our boy can finally kick off his shoes and just take it easy…! No one deserves a siesta more than him!! He’s already had the most tremendous year!!!

    What are the odds that my other all time fav, Ivanisevic, wasn’t able to defend his W title (due to his ailing shoulder).

    Take heart ladies, Our Boy will bounce back better than ever, I have no doubt about it!

  6. Phyzzie says:

    Yes, THANK YOU, miri for putting the interview together. Great job. He looks so sad and very frustrated at having to answer such stupid questions______

  7. sia says:

    Thanks Miri, perhaps our boy can do a little fishing and concentrate on organizing that ‘bubble tournament’
    see Updated Bad Knee news (near the end).
    Heartbreaking to watch his lovely face as the reporters ask the translator to ‘speak louder’.

  8. sia says:

    Updated Bad Knee news comments … that should read.

  9. Debbie says:

    Thanks Miri! I second the poster who said it is nice to have a safe place to vent! That said Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Okay, I am done. Rafa actually sounds like he has it pretty together, which makes me happier. I agree with natch-he needs a good schtoopin’. Volunteers abound I am sure. ;-)

  10. johanne says:

    Rafa looks so gorgeous!

    Oooh that boy is hot….that hair! that skin! that face!
    *fans self*

    Anyhooooo….like Debbie said, I think he handled himself very well…very mature and matter-of-fact. Obviously it’s very tough and he’s disappointed but I think he did well. He has a great support system and I’m sure they will help him through this. I just really really wish I was the one in charge of boinking him. Rats. ;)

    • Debbie says:

      Glad you agree-he seems to be handling it well and I like how he says “I only have 23”. He *does* look good. Actually, in spite of being sad, he looks a bit more rested than I have seen him look lately. Dang he looks hot in purple! *fans self*

      • CC says:

        I agree, he handled that SO well! Watching it makes me feel more with colm about the future for lovely Rafa.

        Journalists on the other hand never really handle things well. The question about whether it makes him feel better that three other good players also pulled out as defending champions is like “WTF are you talking about, MUCH better! Not.”

        Rafa looks great in purple indeed and I cannot stop looking at the hands as usual… ;)

        • miri says:

          Yeah, the “does that make you feel better” question was beyond stupid. I think about a third of the time when he says he doesn’t understand a question and asks for repeat, it’s because he thinks the question is stupid and doesn’t want to answer it and is hoping they’ll phrase it differently on repeat (or just give up). ;)

          • CC says:

            Yeah. You’re probably right.

            And where did they find the translator?! He looked scared all the time. I could have done a better job! Only I would have said “Rafa is pleased to announce he is fully recovered and will crush all opposition to go on and win his second title here at the All England Club.”


  11. skyejaden says:

    Thank you for the update and upload! It’s amazing how he keeps himself together in these idiotic conferences. “so, who do you want to win??” ME you jerks. me. ugh…i loathe their stupidity.

    He handled it well though, as always. <3

  12. patzin says:

    As is his style, Rafa is serene and matter-of-fact with his thoughts and feelings and “illusions” for the future. He looks fine and will obviously recover. Good it’s not chronic condition, although it seems chronic over the past year or so. Not unusual to have this condition as a tennis player. His seems more severe than most.

    Time for Mallorca, friends, GF, and family. He is a balanced individual and will obv get through this. We hold Rafa in the “light” of blessings and prayers for the future.

  13. Esmmée says:


  14. Wooffie says:

    Hey Miri,

    You mentioned my name above as I sent in the 3rd video as Julie (I’m Wooffie when I post here).

    Its desperately sad news about Rafa, but the right decision, I think – all things considered.

    Just a bit of info. for everybody out there. There’s a bunch of us in the UK who call ourselves the Rafateers, and are established on a BBC 606 Tennis thread to share our thoughts, pictures, vids. and lust over Rafael.

    One of our members was at Wimbledon tonight who posts on here – Rafandready – and it was her who alerted us all to your wonderful site. She spent many an hour watching events at the All England Club tonight, she could see Rafa on a couch, then chewing the fat with Nole in an armchair, and she then actually got to meet Rafa as he left the club. He didn’t really speak, but signed a picture for her and was responsive when she asked him to to shake her hand. It says everything for the measure of the man that even inspite of what he must be feeling right now, he took the time out to make one of his fans happy. He left with Nole, and Nole was also pleasant to Rafan and signed his autograph and thanked her when she said that she hoped he would win the tournament now.

    Another of the Rafateers – who’s nickname is Pearl – after our encouragement also turned up tonight to witness Rafa leaving. She wished him well in Spanish and he thanked her … “Muchas gracias”.

    The Rafateers are labelled as fangirls, but happy to be so … and proud of it. We also feel so much for the disappointment that Rafa is going through right now. But I just wanted to let you guys know just how wonderful this young man is at probably one of the darkest moments in his career and what he does to keep his fans happy.

    He is a special person, a fabulous sportsman, and an all round decent man … en Rafa confiamos … Don’t worry … he is Nadal !!!

    • Debbie says:

      THANKS so much for your report. I love that Nole is being so supportive. You are not the only one to report this so I have much comfort in Nole being such a good support. Wow. I will be cheering him to win the whole thing. Thanks for your insights. Please stay in touch. Miri has an awesome blog here. :)

  15. teejustice says:

    Thanks for the pressers Miri!

    All the best to Rafa. He looked very handsome (as always), and comfortable with his decision. He’s there to fight for the win as only he knows how to play. Can’t wait for him to get back those feelings and on court to win!

  16. Atch2 says:

    Rafa looked sad but relieved as most of us feel. He handled it great and expressed himself so well. Is that Rafa’s agent Benito translating?

    I read this on

    After shaking up the tournament, Nadal sat on a couch in a players’ lounge area, chatting for quite awhile with his spokesman, Benito Perez-Barbadillo, and Djokovic. As it approached 10 p.m. _ later, even, than the finishing time of his epic match against Federer a year ago _ Nadal finally rose to leave. That trio, along with Uncle Toni, walked toward one of the black steel gates that guard the All England Club’s exits. The gate was locked shut.

    “How do you get out of Wimbledon?” Perez-Barbadillo asked aloud.

    They eventually found another _ unlocked _ gate, and Rafael Nadal, 2008 Wimbledon champion, departed the grounds, his 2009 Wimbledon over before he hit a single shot.

  17. ayliya says:

    Thanks so much for posting! You’re awesome source of all things Rafa.n Great job!

  18. Tine says:

    Very well said Woofie…very well said. And yeah “He is Nadal” no worries…

  19. An says:

    Yeah, thanks for showing the press con vids.. last night i tought i couldnt see it because by seeing Rafa sad or even crying would totaly break me down.

    And now i’m so glad i watched it, i’m so proud of the mature way he handled himself. How was it again, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; …

    Alwasy, always remember that.

    And let us trust in this great champ, INDEED HE IS NADAL!

  20. faecoleman says:

    His comments are amazing he is always so humble, such a great champion is our Rafa, he is Nadal yes and we have to believe he will come back stronger then ever. He will have a great deal of time to ponder on whats gone wrong or the mistakes as he says. I hope that he reschedules himself better from now on. he really holds himself well he bless him. He will be surely missed here at Wimby this year, I think though this just might make people realise how much excitement Rafa does bring to every tournament, a repeat of last years finally is a hard act to follow. God Bless you Rafa……..!!!!XXXXXXX

  21. juliet says:

    Thank you Miri:)
    Rafa seems at peace with his decision and so am I. It hurts, but it’s the best one for his health and career. God bless Rafa. No matter what, he is my number one and hero, and no points will ever change that for me. He will be back stronger than ever and has “youth” on his side.

  22. Lou Lou says:

    But seriously — “does that make you feel better”!!! How can that journo be soooo beyond stupid!!! I mean, What was that!!!

    For Nadal to respond with so much grace, patience and maturity when faced with such indescribable stupidity just goes to show he’s just the most remarkable(excrutiatingly handsome)guy.