Presser photos

(Photos by REUTERS/John Voos)

8 Responses

  1. Maru says:

    Sad face.
    *hugs to everyone*

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    I hate to see that face in the first picture on the second row. *sigh*

  3. CC says:

    Hah, the fourth picture is like “Shut up for f-cks sake, I’m thinking, no?”

    Mmmm…arms…and hands…and bronzed skin…against purple. Did I mention before that I think he has a tendency to look gorgeous every now and then. Oh, I did. Sorry for repeating myself.

  4. AnaR says:

    The gestures betray him. Can anyone imagine the pain and frustration and the impotence being that Rafael should feel at the moment?. The best, the great tennis player, the man who enjoys each point and every match, that player is “a joy” when he plays well and to everyone .. must be suffering terribly. And we sympathize with him. Never he must to the Madrid tournament. This tournament just has done break him the knees.

    I’m very outraged because this did must never have happened and I hope that this can be to his environment as a lesson to the future. All can also learn from bad situations.

  5. ava says:

    I’M DEPRESSED. Just looking at them. But the rest will be good for him.

  6. nic says:

    Oh ouch, the bottom left and right pictures :(

  7. Courtney says:

    I always notice asymmetry when I look at photos… take a look at Rafa’s left eye compared to the right in the presser photos. Doesn’t the skin around his eye look really swollen? That would really suck if he has some sort of painful eye problem on top of everything else :(