Press conference soon…

Photo via EFE

Photo via EFE

The presser where we hope Rafa will finally announce his Wimbledon status is now scheduled for 7pm London time (just about an hour and half from when I’m posting this).

Pat sent in this Times Online article that has info about today’s exhibition match.

After defeat by Lleyton Hewitt yesterday, Nadal went down to Stanislas Wawrinka, of Switzerland, this afternoon. However, he did not look unduly troubled by his injuries and there was little in his body language or movement around the court to offer hints as to which way his decision about Wimbledon will go.

And information on what happens to the draw if Rafa pulls out of the tournament:

Should any of the top four seeds drop out before Monday’s order of play is issued, the No 5 seed – in this case Juan Martín del Potro, of Argentina – moves into the vacant slot, with his place taken by the No 17 seed, David Ferrer, of Spain. The 33rd player on the men’s list would then slide into Ferrer’s position and a lucky loser from qualifying would fill the final slot.

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  1. gundu_nimmy says:

    hmmmm. not much info regarding his knees ; in tweets, i was hearing that rafa was running and retrieving balls ok. had to wonder if his knees didn’t hold up as match progressed

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Gr8… I can’t wait for him to announce that he is withdrawing… The draw is immensely hard considering the current physical and mental status of Rafa..

    • Ch F says:

      You’re so right…His draw is almost a sign from above! I think he’s got one of the most difficult draws he’s ever had. And Federer gets lucky again, how on earth does he do it?

      • SA says:

        I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but with every easy draw it’s like every tournament wants him in the final.

        For those in the US, ESPNews will be showing the news conference. At least that’s what it said on its bottom line.

  3. johanne says:

    I don’t think Rafa’s draw is that bad, except for Murray in the semis, but it’s the semis! Your opponent should be tough!

    BLAH I’m so nervous to hear what he has to say in the presser. :/

    • sG says:

      I agree, Johanne. I’m so nervous as well.

    • loverafa4ever says:

      Well.. Roddick is in his half too. He is pretty gud on grass… Neways doesnt matter. Sod is in the other half. :P

    • Ch F says:

      I think it’s not great given the circumstances and in comparison to Roger’s draw…Anyway if he withdraws now he’ll be back in excellent form and draw will never be an issue again. Sad not to see him play, but let’s hope it’s for the best…

  4. SheIsBlessed says:

    I want him to go home and rest and be strong for US Open. I want the US Open on his shelf in 09!

  5. CC says:

    I really don’t know what to think anymore. Wonder if they’ll show the presser on telly here?! I hope he doesn’t break down and cry when he announces the bad new… Coz I cannot see it being anything else!

    • loverafa4ever says:

      I 2 think he will withdraw. It mst b a difficult decision for him, but i am sure he will happy to have taken this decision later on. He mght not get emotional in front of the press. But I am sure he will be really sad and might even cry afterwards. :((

    • johanne says:

      Get outta my head, CC (lol) I was also thinking he might get really emotional if it’s a bad new. But I honestly don’t know what to think at this point. I’ve been confused for like 48 hours.

  6. sia says:

    wimbledon site will twitter from Nadal’s press conference.

  7. Hesther says:

    Does anyone know wheather the press conference can be watched online?

  8. An says:

    I’m starting to become a nervous wrack….

    Rafa, tell us! We’ll support you whatever the outcome!

  9. AnaR says:

    If you want.. in this link on live

  10. johanne says:

    Of course he’s totally late to the presser. It’s OK, Rafa. I’m usually late too. :)

    *pulls out hair*

  11. Atch2 says:

    Rafa’s pulling out of Wimby.

  12. AnaR says:

    Rafael Nadal has said he isn’t 100% fit and has decided he cannot play at Wimbledon this year.

  13. An says:

    Pfffff, my hart is so sad for you my dearest Rafa but in my mind i know this is for the best.

    Rest honney, you will come back, stronger as ever!

  14. AnaR says:

    OMG!.. I don’t have any interest in Wimbledon this year!. I’m devastated and depressed!.

  15. Elie Farah says:

    where is the Press conference