BBC interview

Interview about the withdrawal. Pretty much covers all the same stuff as the presser.

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  1. faecoleman says:

    Dear Rafa, how cute and well spoken is he here? he’s so kissable, such lovely skin and so lovin that purple on him. btw a colour specialist told me that purple is a colour that should bring good luck. I hope he continues to recover well, he seems optimistic bless him. I am sad yet relieved, I couldn’t bear to watch him play and struggle anymore! this is for the best. Vamos Rafa and get well soon

    • loverafa4ever says:

      he shud wear purple for the USO… :)

    • Diane says:

      I agree about it being painful to watch him struggle and hurt. I just want to see him feel better. I don’t care if he ever picks up a racquet again. I hope he does, but my esteem for him is not tied to his game. He’s such a great guy. Best wishes.

  2. CC says:

    As there is no more to say about the knee situation, I will from now on only comment on Rafa’s hotness and beauty. (As if I ever do anything else, anyway!) Forgive me.

    OH. MY. GOD.

    This man has got the most beautiful face ever. Look at those eyes! And the smile! Just. Perfect.

    Oh, to just once kiss him… Or twice. ;)

    • johanne says:

      Fine by me, I love talking about Rafa’s hotness! That’s why it pains me that I have to survive a whole friggin’ Wimby without his sexy, sweaty bod struttin’ around the court. Sad face! And he’s all bronzed and gorgeous right now. MAN! Rafa withdrawal is in full effect right now. Ugh.

      • CC says:

        Yeah, it’s tough. And all I have on DVD to watch is last years Wimbly final, which is too painful to watch. I might have to see if I can buy some more matches, just to keep me going.

        When he comes back from his rest though, he will be even more bronzed and gorgeous, dontcha think? No tan lines whatsoever, me thinks…

        *faints at thought of no tan lines on Rafa*

        And I mean, NO tan lines… :)

        • johanne says:

          I just finished watching last year’s Wimby final an hour ago, if you can believe that. The Tennis Channel (in the States) was showing it and I simply couldn’t stay away (neither could miri! lol). On the one hand it did make me sad, just because I now have the knowledge he doesn’t get to defend his title; but on the other hand it made me so happy because that match was unbelievable and Rafa seriously played his pretty ass off. Talk about the heart of a champion. And he will always be a Wimbledon champion. :)

          Btw, I can barely function with the thought of no-tan-lines-bronzed-Rafa in my mind.
          *fans self*
          *continues fanning self*

          • CC says:

            If it was on telly at this minute, I would watch it as well! It’s such an amazing match. Too much effort to open the DVD cover and press play though… :)

            Next time Rafa plays somebody’s pretty ass off I will cry of joy and I mean that! I hope it happens some time again.

            • An says:

              I’m sure its going to happen and like we shared the tears of pain last night ( and the tissues ) We’re going to share the tears of joy then!

              May it be sooner as we maybe think now!

              And lets go on and only talk about his hotness, his bronzed body witn no, think of it NO – TAN – LINES…

              *To much hotness for a young girl*

    • nic says:

      I need to chime in on this one, totally. Throughout the BBC interview all i could think of was how poised Rafa is in any situation, be it in victory, defeat, and total sadness and disappointment. And also how totally beautiful he is. Oh my heart just skipped a beat thinking of him in that purple top, and looking so bronzed. What a gorgeous gorgeous face indeed – the warmest brown eyes, the warmest most sweetest smile. I’m so gonna miss being able to see him on court in his Wimby outfit. Glad he at least got a chance to trot it out at Hurlingham and give us a little taste of how gorgeous he looked in it. Sigh, this hurts again. Rafa really deserved to be there and play his heart out. Rest and recover my dear champ. When I see how calm he is in this interview, I realise he was with colm about his decision, and absolutely relaxed. Breathtaking Rafa, wise beyond his years.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Yeah!!!! Rafa sun bathing at the beach with friends and family. Njoy ur rest and recover quickly.

  4. killian says:

    Is it me, or has Rafa’s English gotten SOOOOO good? I am so proud of the way he has spoken about all of this; Can you IMAGINE the pain, frustration, disappointment, and then try to “esplain” it in another language? Makes me love him even more. Get better sooon, Rafa. We want you to feel perfect again!

    • Ch F says:

      Yes it has improved a lot. I remember watching the Wimbledon final two years ago; the commentators praised him for improving his English and added that he’s a hard worker in everything he does. They even joked that if his English has improved so much then imagine how much his tennis on grass has! So true, a year later he won the tournament.

  5. CC says:

    *flove* the noises he makes when he’s asked a question!