The Battle of Wounded Knee

Photo by Fiona Hanson/PA

Photo by Fiona Hanson/PA

Or, in this case, the battle with wounded knees. At least this time, there will be less bloodshed. (At least, I hope so!) RC sends in two Guardian UK articles by Simon Cambers:

Rafael Nadal’s wounded knees make Wimbledon decision fraught with risk

Does the reward outweigh the risk? That is what Rafael Nadal will ponder before he makes a final decision as to whether his knees can stand up to a vigorous defence of his Wimbledon title.

And only he and his doctors truly know the possible risks. The rest of us are just speculating. I’ve read everything from total gloom and doom to no problem.

John Hardy, a consultant specialist in orthopaedic and trauma surgery in London and Bristol, said he was “amazed he has been able to go on” as the pain has built up. “When you go up and down stairs, [the stress on] your patella is three times your body weight,” he said. “When you get up from a chair, it is seven times your body weight. When you are running around the tennis court, sometimes with your knees at angles, the stress on your patella and your quadriceps is enormous.”

Going down stairs hurts more! (Well, for me. I don’t even want to think what 3 times my body weight is. It might be half a baseball team.)

Todd Martin, the former world No4 and twice a semi-finalist at Wimbledon, suffered from chronic tendinitis during his career. The American said the pain was playable but if the effect on the knee was significant, it would “undoubtedly be pretty limiting physically and mentally”.

“[For] Nadal, having to deal with a knee injury is especially difficult though,” he said. “The sport continues to get more athletic and Rafael leads the pack in that category. His movement and strength are astounding and they have always had a carry-on effect into his mental and emotional strength.”


Rafael Nadal losing fight to defend his Wimbledon title

Rafael Nadal is losing his fight to play at Wimbledon next week. Unless there is a dramatic improvement in his knees in the next few hours, the Spaniard seems set to become only the fourth man in the modern era not to defend his title at the All England Club.

Oh, that hurts. I didn’t know that so few had not been able to show up the next year. As the article goes on to say, the four men were John Newcombe, Stan Smith and Goran Ivanisevic. Of those, only Ivanisevic wasn’t able to defend due to injury.

The final decision will rest with Nadal, who was due to play Stanislav Wawrinka tomorrow but the Spaniard promised last week that he will not play unless he is 100% fit and he knows that, if he pushes himself too hard, he may risk ­causing further damage. Those close to him suggest winning the US Open – and completing a career grand slam – is his goal for this year so anything that endangers that possibility is a serious risk. Moreover, if he is not able to bend properly, it will affect every part of his game, especially his serve, which requires him to bend low to push up and create power.

No serve, no ability to get to low bouncing balls on grass…what’s the point?

I need some chocolate…STAT!

10 Responses

  1. johanne says:

    The not being able to defend his title part is f*cking KILLING me, I can’t even imagine how Rafa feels. In my lame attempt to rationalize, I’m sure that a lot more than 3 other men have failed to actually defend their Wimby title….I mean sure, they showed up to play, but they didn’t win 7 consecutive matches there. Defending a title is always tough, even tougher when you’re not entered in the draw!! Wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    I’m so bummed! But always impressed with his ability to look so beautiful, even in defeat (and pain).

    Maybe my girl Caroline can make a dream run on the ladies’ side and cheer me up that way.


  2. Holly says:

    It’s just so damn sad.

  3. faecoleman says:

    Yes it is really sad! can one imagine how Rafa’s feeling??? just cannot imagine the pain he feels inside. He still manages to look stunning though doesn’t he? He will be sorely missed @ Wimbledon this year thats for sure, this bad news all round for Tennis too! in general.

  4. Atch2 says:

    We as fans are feeling so sad, frustrated, confused, eager, impatient etc. I cannot imagine the pressure that Rafa is feeling now. We’re with u, whatever your decision is.
    But pls relook at your schedule next yr. Especially ignore those tournaments that have their tournament directors fly to see u at home bec it is selfish pressure that he put u under (looking at u Rotterdam!).

  5. loverafa4ever says:

    GO HOME RAFA! ENOF OF THIS! *sob* *sob*… I hope he learns a lesson form this for next year. Do not play if you at feeling only 95%. Esp in 1000 series tournaments and 500, 250 absolute no no. Enof of master series titles… We need slams Rafa… Lets concentrate on that. USO is waiting for you. Get that. Be at 300% for that!

    I am soo sad… Poor Rafa! :(( He is trying so hard to play at Wimbledon. It just shows how much it means to him.

  6. rcm says:

    Rafa is too important to men’s tennis to compromise his health for this match – even IF it’s Wimbledon. For his sake and the sake of tennis I hope he takes the time off if his knees require it and comes BACK even stronger.

  7. lynney62 says:

    I agree! Go home and get off your feet….rest is the only sure cure, Rafa! Do not risk permanent injury requiring surgery….you already have 1 Whimbledon….forget this one and concentrate on getting the US Open trophy now!

  8. Christian says:

    Rafa, your meteoric presence in the world of tennis has added unimaginable beauty and startling charm! Even if you had to unfortunately end your competitive career today, your matchless aura will definitely be indelibly passed into the golden book of sporting life. But let’s, though, hope fate will be heavenly inspired and grant us all the chance to go on admiring you in action!Amen!

  9. killian says:

    Rafa, we love you. Go home. Rest. Get your beautiful body strong enough to match your beautiful spirit, and we will marvel in that beauty at the US Open. !Vamooooos!

  10. Christian says:

    Rafa, we, the millions who hold you dear both for objective reasons and for your personal charm, for your modest, respectful, sensitive soul, we, then, are trustful you’ll calmly rec over and be even more astonishing than before!! Happy summer around your dear ones! Regards to Toni, your admirable uncle, coach and friend. Successful recovery, Rafa! We are waiting patiently. And let us know about your doings, every now and then.