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What the contenders need to win Wimbledon by Tom Perrotta

Rafael Nadal, confidence: How severe is Nadal’s knee injury? It’s unclear at the moment, though we should know more by this weekend. Even if his knees feel OK, can Nadal overcome the injury to his spirit? His uncle and coach, Toni, told the Spanish press this week that Nadal’s chances are no longer as good, and that losing at the French Open has hurt his confidence. If he finds it by the end of the first week and starts to feel healthy, look out. If not, we might be in for another early exit, this one not at all surprising.

Rafael Nadal tests troubled knees against Andy Murray by Sandy Macaskill

Photo via

Photo via

Rafael Nadal’s preparations for Wimbledon intensified on Wednesday when he tested his troubled knees in a practice session with Andy Murray at the All England Club.

“Rafa was hitting the ball well,” said the British world No 3, who is Britain’s highest-ranked male player at Wimbledon since Roger Taylor in 1973 after being made the men’s third seed.

Nadal plans to play an exhibition match at London’s Hurlingham Club on Thursday against Australia’s Lleyton Hewitt, the 2002 Wimbledon winner.

The Spaniard also intends to play an exhibition match on Friday, against Switzerland’s Stanislas Wawrinka, at the same venue, so the signs are that the world No 1 is going to defend his Wimbledon title.

Nadal and Murray – We Capture Pair’s Play by Frank Wiechula

RAFAEL NADAL put his injury worries behind him as he limbered up in a discreet practice stint with Andy Murray yesterday.

Nadal, who has tendinitis in both knees, looked in fine fettle as he knocked up in front of a handful of viewers on the Aorangi Park practice courts against Murray in a potential dress rehearsal for a July 5 final all of Britain would relish.

Nadal, the No1 seed who had to pull out of last week’s Wimbledon curtain-raiser at the Aegon Championships at Queen’s , did not have any strappings on his knees and ran freely .

Asked how he was feeling and if his knee was OK, Nadal just smiled and said: “Yeah.”

His uncle and coach Toni Nadal added: “He’s not bad, normal, not too good. He’ll play at Hurlingham and we will see how he is .”

Is it just me or does that article title make it sound like the guys were making out? Especially given the knocking up? ;)

Nadal gives Scot food for thought with knockabout by Simon Cambers

Andy Murray got a sneak preview of Rafael Nadal and his knee injuries yesterday as the two stepped up their preparation for Wimbledon with a practice session.

The Scot played for an hour with the defending champion, who is still not certain to play at the championships because he has tendinitis in both knees. Nadal says he won’t play unless he is 100% fit, but Murray said the Spaniard was at least in good form.

“He was hitting the ball pretty well, as you would expect,” the Scot said. “It was so windy, there were not many long rallies, so I couldn’t see how well he was moving. But he was hitting the ball well. It was on serve 4-3 but the standard wasn’t great because it was so windy, it just wasn’t worth carrying on.”

And besides, Andy has bad memories of playing Rafa in the windy.

7 questions on GCSE physical education – I promise, there’s a Rafa connection.

21 Responses

  1. kefuoe says:

    I think that I will offer myself to the press and a full-time Nadal Knee Watcher. I can text or tweet updates half-hourly. (if I don’t get too distracted…)

  2. Atch2 says:

    Thanks for all the Rafa updates Miri, or else I wouldn’t know they existed.

    It seems Murray and Rafa do have a thing going. A nice friendly rivalry.

  3. somarem says:

    thank you miri.

    the PE GCSE cracked me up.

    And yes the headline and words within makes it sound that it’s some sekrit make out session…

  4. johanne says:

    Yummy Rafapecs….when is that boy going to practice shirtless again? When did he get so modest! BOO! Take it off!!! ;)

  5. CC says:

    I was listening to the BBC Radio 5 Live’s Wimbly preview last night, where they had Andy live in the studio. He said he had been hitting with Rafa for an hour, and as he said it he sounded so…enthusiastic and happy. I really like Andy, and I think he really likes Rafa and I hope Rafa really likes Andy. Such nice boys.

    An Andy/Rafa final would be a dream for me*.

    *note that “dream for me” should be said the way Rafa says it!

    • johanne says:

      I’m totally following suit with the media by going gaga over the Rafa/Murray lovefest (they so like each other). It’s contagious! :)

      • CC says:

        Yes, I agree! Andy said on the radio he was going go-carting on Friday and I thought “Please bring Rafa, please bring Rafa”! I *flove* the two together.

        • johanne says:

          Oh that would be so cute…but I bet Rafa will be very concentrate on the tennis and not on the go-carts, lol. :)

          I read this in another Rafa/Murray lovefest article:

          They obviously have the utmost regard for each other’s amazing abilities and are comfortable in each other’s exalted sporting company.

          At one changeover they even had a polite chat over the water they quaffed. Nadal’s uncle and long-time coach Toni smiled broadly when that very subject was raised.

          He said: “It was lovely to see him practising with Andy Murray, they have great respect for each other. Yes, those two facing each other would make a great final. For Murray I think it is possible for him to make the final.”

          TOO. MUCH. CUTE.

  6. Atch2 says:

    I got the Rafa-related questions in the PE GCSE right! He was my inspiration bec i got the other questions wrong.

    • dutchgirl says:

      Same here, my only two (!) good answers were the ones about (Rafa’s) pecs, and the knees (ofcourse!).

  7. faecoleman says:

    Toni really is playing down Rafa’s chances, along with the media!!! Andy is a hot favourite now behind Roger, it will be interesting to see how Rafa re-acts to all of this, and if those damn knees allow him! Vamos Rafa! common sweetie! Talking of knock ups you always see Rafa happy to practice with anyone, is it me but you don’t see this of Roger?

    • loverafa4ever says:

      Lol… I jst said that… you never see Roger practicing with the biggies… the seeded ones… He is scared… :P

  8. nic says:

    Hahaha I laughed when Rafa turned up in the second question, and even more when they showed his pecs as an example. Cheeky people at BBC :) But I likey.

  9. sia says:

    Our little reward for getting the answer right.

  10. loverafa4ever says:

    I have always liked Andy… and when I hear him say good things about Rafa, I like him even more. And I have never seen roger practicing with top seeds… I guess its the fear of getting defeated if he has to face them. but Rafa and Andy never think about that. They practiced at Madrid and now here. How sweet. And Andy never says nething bad about Rafa. Like he was asked to comment on the ranking system suggestions made my Nole and Rafa and he totally supported Rafa’s suggestion.

  11. AnaR says:

    I didn’t see on this site this video of Rafa practising with Andy Murray one of these days..I hope don’t repeat it.. as always.

  12. loverafa4ever says:

    There is a video of them practicing at the bbc website…

    I really really like the last part of the video… :P

  13. Atch2 says:

    I really like the part when Andy’s talking and smiling with Rafa (and/or Uncle Toni) at the end as well. It’s a nice rivalry, of the same generation. They never bad mouth each other.