Wimbledon practice photos

From the Wimbledon Facebook page

From the Wimbledon Facebook page

I was going to check the Wimbledon Facebook page at lunch, but Josh beat me to it and sent in this link. Woot!

Updated: I updated the link – I think this one should work whether or not you have a Facebook account.

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  1. sia says:

    Not all of us beleive in facebook, can we see this another way?

  2. sia says:

    Thanks Miri,
    I wouldn’t want you to get into any kind of trouble. You know what we are like … photos of Rafa, where … I want to see them … NOW.

    • miri says:

      Does the updated link work for you?

      • June says:

        Yes, Miri the link works perfectly, thanks as always. After seeing these photos RAFA looks more like a soccer player to me w/those muscles in his calves that I never noticed before, hmmm *clearing throat & coughing to herself* (I guess the close up on the pictures reveals those muscular calves that are to die for or else I was gawking too long)! Not to take away from him or his preferred choice of sport or anything, but Viva el Tennis & Tenista Campion RAFA & lucky us ;-)

        • miri says:

          I’ve been noticing those calves for a long time ;)

          • June says:

            I hear ya there sister . . . I have a son almost RAFA’s age & probably shouldn’t be looking that closely at his calves like that. Shame on me then for being so naughty (I think it’s my age & all — that’s my story & I’m ticking to it). Just like I was at the bookstore looking at the magazine cover that he’s on for this month (Men’s Health or Men’s Journal). Yikes. I’d probably be under house arrest, like Natch would like to be I guess ;-)

            • CC says:


              I think we’re all as “bad” as each other here!

              • June says:

                Okay CC, thanks for making me feel better & Miri, me too! My 15-year old daughter thinks I’m a creeper & my husband says when he wins hte lottery he’s going to send me to Spain to see my boyfriend (LOL) ha, ha.

                • johanne says:

                  Well tell your daughter she’s creepy because 15 & 23 yrs. old do NOT mesh well…. you and Rafa mesh much better! LOL ;)

                  • CC says:

                    *lol again*

                    I’ve just suggested to my partner, we should go and hang outside Rafa’s Wimbly house. He didn’t look too impressed!

                    • miri says:

                      What a poopyhead.

                      (Actually, in one of my groups of friends, one lady had a fiance we always called Mr. PoopyHead because he was always poo-pooing coming to our lunches. He later became known as Mr. PandaPants, but that’s another story.)

                  • June says:

                    Now that is making me laugh litterly out loud & I’m at work so I’m not supposed to be smiling. I’m sure she won’t agree w/me on that one. Her tennis friends all have the hots for him too & they are one year older than she is. But let’s see 8 yrs difference comparied to twice that age plus some, I don’t think so (I would be arrested for robbing the cradle).

                    • CC says:

                      He is a poopyhead, I agree. However, who can blame him, having to put up with me literally drooling in front of the screen as soon as Rafa’s on! (:

            • miri says:

              Urm. I’m about the same age as Rafa’s parents, so…uh. Yeah.

              • CC says:

                Age is irrelevant. Completely.
                And I’m sure Rafa likes mature women…to converse with, or something like that. ;)

                • June says:

                  And I was forgetting to add that too along w/I really don’t feel my age but then I don’t feel like I’m 23 either. Yeah I think we know more stuff from experience, etc. . .

                  • natch says:

                    Yuck! Who would want to be 23 again? Blech. Ptooey!

                    “Yeah I think we know more stuff from experience, etc. . .”
                    Ding ding ding ding ding!
                    Never forget, June, the young ones follow instructions better. ;)

                    • June says:

                      Yeah, you’re probably right there Natch. I felt really awkward when I was that age getting out of college & starting my first real job. The only good thing was being thinner & not having as many wrinkles of course but that’s about it. I’ve heard that before. My hubby is 2 yrs younger than me so I guess that counts for something (LOL)!!!

                    • natch says:

                      “felt really awkward when I was that age getting out of college & starting my first real job.”
                      Plus, you have NO idea what you’re doing. You think you do, but you don’t. There’s way too much pleasing and uncertainty going on that decade. I don’t even think I felt I qualified as a “woman” until I was around 25 or 26. Maybe older.

                      “The only good thing was being thinner & not having as many wrinkles of course but that’s about it.”
                      In your 20’s, you don’t appreciate what a fantastic body you have. You only can focus on things you find imperfect that almost no one else sees.
                      If your body is in good health now, there is no reason not to love it. As long as you are active, your body will reward you. I love my body and wouldn’t trade it for all the 20 year-olds in the world.

                      “My hubby is 2 yrs younger than me so I guess that counts for something”
                      I meant a lot younger than that, but…See if you can get him to follow some simple instructions tonight and let us know how it goes! ;)

                • loverafa4ever says:

                  datz no gud for me coz I am a month younger than Rafa… :P

            • teejustice says:

              OMG…I saw that cover at the airport and just zoned in on it for a while. I felt like I was stalking it. I walked away but came right back. Isn’t that the from the photo shoot before last year’s USO? Delicious either way…

              • June says:

                Yes, it certainly was & me too(Yowser) * she sighs & reminisces of being young from way back when* ;-)

  3. johanne says:

    Still no knee tape…I guess they really are trying to wean him off it.

    He looks so hot & determined here. Mmmmm, I like it! Sexy Wimby Champ.

  4. loverafa4ever says:

    He reached there 2day and has already started practicing? Wow… I hope everything went well with the first practice session. I dont understand why people in facebook bother to comment if they want to cheer another player instead of the player in the picture.

  5. sia says:

    Miri, the link does indeed work very well. Lovely indulgence for the day. Thanks.

  6. CC says:

    Oh yeah, baby! You show them who’s the boss!

    Good to see him on a tennis court.

  7. Libby says:

    Thanks so much for delivering the goods, Miri.

  8. An says:

    So good to see him back on a tenniscourt!! But i’m worried sick for him.

    Think positive Anna, think positive!!
    hmmm.. arriving early and a lot of practice pics bring back good memories, Olympics, AO…

    Vamos Rafa!

  9. dutchgirl says:

    OMG, it’s soooo good to see him practice on those green courts! Thanks Miri, for posting these. And thanks for the update, because I’m not into Facebook as well.

  10. teejustice says:

    YAY! Rafa’s on the courts…looks divine!

  11. tmi says:

    Thanks for posting it. I am so satsified to see him practicing. Great but still worried about his health. Let all the best wishes be with him to make him strong.

  12. alik says:

    from what i understand rafa will play 2 days at the expo.thurs. and fri.
    i really hope that he does will there!

  13. faecoleman says:

    Yeah I hope Rafa does well at the exhibition, something to boost his confidence. Gr8 to see fresh pics of Rafa on the lush tennis lawns of Wimbledon. Really hope to catch him there….. work permitting!

  14. AnaR says:

    The translation more o less is:

    Rafael Nadal is in the pool. Does now nine days since he lost in the fourth round of Roland Garros. And that after two days of medical tests on the knee have recommended rest, forced him to relinquish the Queen’s tournament and have jeopardized his participation at Wimbledon, which starts on Monday. Even so, the champion don’t has solace at sun, but if sweats. The pool is not a distraction. It’s hard work. The number one, who plays for this position, spent two hours of tennis in the day and as many of their physical while working in Majorca, divided by the track, the gym, the physical therapist’s couch and the pool, your joints do not suffer the impacts soil. It is not enough for now. Nadal arrived to London yesterday with a heavy baggage: three people traveling with him and thermotherapy machines, mesotherapy and physiotherapy for recovering from tendinitis and of pain insertion of bone edema.
    “Rafael has worked very well the physical, with shorter recovery times, great intensity and strength, looking for resistance,” said Francis Roig, his technical advisor, which just closed a cycle of five days working with Manacor in Mallorca; he has been swimming at home to do work aerobically. Joan [Forcades)his coach, has been very happy. Rafa is doing a proper preparation, forcing more every day. There is a cap, but there is time. He has been making with machines and is well .

    “I see well the evolution of the injury,” added Dr. Cotorro yesterday while awaiting a call from the tennis for how ido had its first practice on grass, “is training hard, but we will not know until Friday how it adapts to grass, where all is different. They are studying a match during a day of showing at Hurlingham. Then you will know whether or not was disputed Wimbledon tournament. We have need to know the state of your mind, your inner balance, the perspective with which Nadal looks to the new scenario. Then there is the issue of playing at Wimbledon without a tournament of grass as Roger Federer did before winning in 2007.

    “The best thing in Rafael is his mentality,” says Roig, who along with Toni Nadal, uncle and trainer, devoted time and words to reinforce the best defense of his ward, which has suffered too much: the mind and muscle of Nadal that moves mountains. “If someone can overcome this is Nadal. I was at Roland Garros, and he has lost this title that was of his property and lost and this left him upset. Rafa turns this issue in his head because he had an excellent year, with all controlled and now it’s endangered. We talked all three: Toni, he and I do. “You have to see everything you’ve done all you can do, not what you lost,” he said. ‘What are four Roland Garros with 23 years old and many to win again. ”

    “We have insisted on trying to play more forward, to look further out to the ball,” Roig said, “he has worked the serve in intensive form, his address, a bit shorter, and level of gesture, the more loose. He has been serving very well when the tournament is on Clay that is where it cost more. On grass, the movement, the boot of the ball, everything is more complicated. How he’s not going to Queen’s, Wimbledon is clear that it is not easy. But is not the same the first week or the second week. “If Nadal plays at Wimbledon, he will two tournaments. In the first week, according to the draw, may be subject to great risks. If he enters on the second, experts say, attention!: the champion roams freely.

    I hope this translation being good!

  15. AnaR says:


    It’s incredible the number of articles, and reviews appearing in recent days in the British press on Rafael Nadal. Some of them very emotional .. this is the last thing I’ve seen and fortunately it don’t have to be translated. The British press has once again turned with our champion .. Will it be as opposed to the attitude of the French press?.


  16. AnaR says:

    Miri, I’m sorry, I had not seen that the last article already it has been put on the web. Always I go in a hurry. On the next time I promise you that I will see before web.