Rafa is possible for Fortis Bank Tennis Classic

Photo via the Fortis Bank Classic site

Photo via the Fortis Bank Classic site

Rumors about Rafa’s possible participation in this event at Hurlingham Cub have been mulling around for awhile now. As ekattor pointed out in a comment thread, Rafa’s site has been updated with the following information:

“I have kindly been invited to play the traditional exhibition at the Hurlingham Club on Friday, June 19. I have played at that Club for several years now. It would be a good test for me to play there on Friday to see how the knee is doing and it would provide the perfect setting to get some practice before Wimbledon. If I feel the recuperation is going well I will be more than happy to be there again. I hope that’s the case,” said Nadal.

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  1. CC says:

    “If I feel the recuperation is going well I will be more than happy to be there again. I hope that’s the case,”

    Oh, Rafa, I sincerely hope so too!!!

    It’s great to see the tennis season start here in the UK. Coming back from the airport last night, I “bumped into” Mohamed Lahyani at Victoria station in London, fresh from having umpired in the Queens final, I assume! He was trying to buy train tickets from a self-service machine with a couple of other ATP people. He looked happy and laughed most of the time. Very nice. (:

    • johanne says:

      AHHH! I love Mo, he’s so smiley! Plus I think he & Rafa have a little love story of their own, hahahaha ;)

      It will be nice if Rafa plays and has fun with Stanny… I just hope the media doesn’t give him crap for it, i.e. “SEE! He’s not injured!” That would suck.

      • CC says:

        I know, Mr Lahyani seems like such a sweetheart, really giggly. Him and Rafa would make a lovely couple!

        Re. Rafa getting stick for playing, I’ve just come back from Sweden and you can imagine the comments I got there from friends and family:
        “Oh, so Rafa is not playing Wimbledon… It’s obvious he’s scared” and things like that. I gave them all a slap and said you know NOTHING about tennis in this country, NOTHING! (:

        • johanne says:

          Oh God. You know, I think when you’re as famous as Rafa is, you’re gonna have people who love you and people who hate you (I don’t like the word “hate” but it was faster than saying people who strongly dislike you….even tho I just said it there, hahaha). Anyways, point is, when you’re at the top you’re gonna have plenty of critics. Luckily you have billions of fans too. I guess my problem is I don’t understand how anyone could NOT love Rafa. I mean, come on! If anything, the boy is gorgeous! HELLO?! Look at him! LOL, I’m a dork. ;)

          • CC says:


            I KNOW!

            First of all what annoyed me at home, was that NOBODY knows what they are talking about! They don’t hate Rafa or even dislike him, all they do is comment on things that have been wrongly put forward in the press, forming an opinion based on what is sometimes lies. I HATE that. (Although I’m sure I do it myself sometimes…)

            Secondly, I cannot BELIEVE how people cannot like Rafa or find him the hottest man on earth! I’m stunned when my sister, who’s 19 years old, prefers Roger Federer to Rafa. WHAAA!?!?!?

            • johanne says:

              ROFL! We’re totally on the same page, CC! As per usual…. :)

              I cannot believe your sister, lol. My mom thinks Rafa is “so cute” and it’s hilarious to hear her talk about him when she sees him on TV, saying things like, “If you got points for being good-looking, Rafa would have match point at the start of every match.” HA! SO TRUE, though.

              • An says:

                LOL, You girls… Johanne youre mother is a wise woman… And CC youre sis is…. ( ok i hold the word ) but DJEE a young girl who prefers Roger over Rafa..
                Do her eyes work?

                I know how tough it is to have to defend Rafa all the time to family and friends :( Mine always do have theire opinions ready too and i just cannot figure out if they realy mean it or if they are just teasing me, and in the last case it works all the time!

                Well CC, off tomorrow you could run into Rafa there, imagine.. You lucky you! I hope you do and if you do give him a good look for me to, or a …., or a …. ( i’m sure you’ll work something out )

                • dutchgirl says:

                  I know, I have to do a lot of defending as well. Both my sons always favour Rafa’s opponent, just because it’s not Rafa (but they’re really great kids, really!) My husband is always arguing with me about why other players are so good Ihe likes Hewitt, for his fighting spirit, sounds familiar?) and my brother simply doesn’t understand what I see in Rafa.
                  The only one that shares at least some of my admiration is my boss… because he sees the great sportsman that Rafa is.

                  Well, at least I know there are lots of people overhere that understand his greatness!

                • CC says:

                  Oh, I’d love to run into Rafa (literally) when he’s here, but although I’m only about an hour away from Wimbledon, I doubt it… *sobs*
                  However, if I DO, I’ll give him a wet kiss from you all!

                  • An says:

                    Yes, exactly!! And you tell him its from all his Rafanatics so he better not whipe this one off!

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Awesome! datz gud news… He definitely needs some practice before going into the tourney and this wud b a gud way to check the condition of his knee, which mght be tof to analyze by jst practicing… I really really hope the exhibition goes well for u Rafa… and I hope he gets back his confidence, at least a part of it…

    I was reading about how borg was… he usd to find the first couple of rounds to be the most difficult in a tournament, and players usd 2 b mst successful in taking him out during the first few rounds… Its pretty similar to Rafas case…actually des 2 players hav a lot of similarities… I hope Rafa will hav similar results at Wimbledon (in terms of number of Wimbledon’s)…

  3. ekattor says:

    Other confirmed ATP Tour players to play d event include Marat Safin, Stanislas Wawrinka, James Blake and Tomas Berdych.


    why is safins name in red?

  4. Josh says:


  5. alik says:

    my mother loves rafa as much as i do.She can’t say Nadal…so she calls him my-doll(lol)which he definitely is a doll!

    • Courtney says:

      Hahaha, that made me think of Midol instead, which is an American medication that eases menstrual cramping. Poor Rafa… :)

  6. Atch2 says:

    Any hear? Rafa didn’t win the Laureus Sportsman of the Yr 2009 Award. Usain Bolt won it. It was tough competition. Our humble Rafa would hve been honoured just to have been nominated.