A coffee for the language

Rafa looking totally relaxed and natural while holding a coffee cup. (Or not.)

Toni laughing cracks me up! (I should have added – I think this is old footage of Toni and Rafa. I know I saw the pictures a while back. Not sure when.)

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  1. skyejaden says:

    coffee + spain = my true love.

    Add in some Catalan and some Rafa and that’s a fine day right there. :D

  2. dutchgirl says:

    What’s it about?

  3. loverafa4ever says:

    Rafa does look very relaxed and I guess he has made a gud amt of progress in his process of restoring colm. :D…

  4. tmi says:

    wow nice to see rafa. Its been long time since we have seen him on court :(

  5. miri says:

    I think this is old footage of Toni and Rafa. I know I saw the pictures a while back. Not sure when.

  6. alik says:

    this is very old footage.

  7. johanne says:

    Mmmmmm Rafa lattes always perk me up.

  8. killian says:

    omg—too much goodness; coffee, Catalan, Spain, Rafa. Be still my heart!

  9. June says:

    Awesome . . . Latte, Catalan, Spain and Rafa, oh my!

  10. CC says:

    Only…Rafa doesn’t like coffee, no? ;)

    But yeah, hot Rafa, looking relaxed, if a little sleepy, nice cuppa coffee and Toni’s “I can’t help it, but everything just cracks me up”-laugh. What more could you ask for?

  11. natch says:

    “Rafa doesn’t like coffee, no? ”
    What?! First the small feet, now he doesn’t like coffee?
    Rafa, I am srsly thinking of leaving you.

    • miri says:

      I can totally understand the not liking coffee – I don’t like it either – it’s the not liking cheese that freaks me out. How can any sane person not like cheese? Cheese makes everything better.

      • aRafaelite says:

        Not if you’re lactose intolerant…!

      • natch says:

        I don’t claim to be sane, but I am a vegan, so I don’t eat cheese. I do eat vegan cheese, so I can’t say I don’t like cheese. So I guess that qualifies me as partially sane. ;)
        You not liking coffee…that’s disturbing. Possibly insane.

        • miri says:

          See, there you go. Lactose intolerant and not wanting to exploit animals are good reasons for not eating cheese. Just not liking it and visibly recoiling from it? Not sane.

          But then, I don’t even like the smell of coffee, so I’m not sure I pass natch’s sane meter either. ;)

          • natch says:

            Did he really recoil from it? (Obvsly, I am not aware of his cheese phobia.) Was it like most women (myself included) recoil from spiders?

            Yes, not even enjoying coffee aroma? Nuts. Carazay. Cuckoo. Wacko.
            What? Too much?
            *blinks innocently*

            • miri says:

              Well, recoil might be a strong word…but he definitely is very concerned when he feels he might be being made to eat cheese. (starting around 2:25 in on that link)

              • natch says:

                First of all, that video! *smacks lips* Rafa is delicious! Plenty of Rafalegs and Rafarse. I think I watched it six times! Thank. You.

                I did notice that when he decides he likes something, he goes back for a second bite…
                …wait til this year’s USO, Rafa…wait til this year’s USO.

                • CC says:

                  Watching that clip makes me sooo smiley. Rafa is so charming and cute and yet again that unselfconsciousness comes through when he is presented with those biccies. I just *flove* it that he’s always himself.

              • nic says:

                i just rewatched that :) ah, happy times. lovely reception from the crowd. rafa smiling so much. can’t wait to see that gorgeous warm smile again.

    • CC says:

      Mm, he doesn’t even like the smell of coffee, which I think is the best smell in the world.

      But he’s still kinda young and it means lots of “grown up points” to like coffee, so I’m sure I can teach him to like it.
      And cheese.

      Gosh, a life without coffee and cheese is unthinkable!

      • natch says:

        Can you imagine teaching Rafa about coffee’s intricacies? Him being so young, he’d be so eager to learn…
        Coffee is only second best smell in the world, next to Rafa. :D

        • CC says:

          Obviously second best smell in the world… How stupid am I?
          *smacks head*

          OMG, there are so many things that carry “grown up points” that we could teach Rafa, apart from the coffee bit, no…? Like drinking red wine and liking blue cheese and…you know, other things…

          • miri says:

            Oh no – blue cheese is evil. I mean, I usually throw things away when they get moldy. Why make an exception? ;)

            It’s like cottage cheese…usually something that runny and lumpy goes right into the garbage.

            I also don’t like red wine (a lot of people with mold allergies don’t)…white wine, though. :) And wonderful Ale…oh, I know what I’m getting to go with my dinner…Duvel here I come!

            • CC says:

              What?! No coffee, no red wine, no blue cheese? ;) Oh, there is nothing better…to eat and drink that is.

              White wine, no thanks. Unless it’s champagne, of course!

              Ale, as in British ale, oh yes, any day! I’ve never tried any other, though.

              But I guess my point was that things like blue cheese carry lots of grown up points. I didn’t like it when I was Rafa’s age, but ten years down the road and I crave a nice red wine and lots of good cheese every weekend.

              • miri says:

                Yeah, I think I remember an old interview where he said he didn’t like cheese, but had been told he’d learn to like it when he was older or something. Cracked me up.

                *making shopping list* stone creek whole grain crackers; assorted lovely cheeses; tons of Duvel ale.

  12. faecoleman says:

    Nope Rafa definately don’t like coffee, he always says no coffee’ but he’s ssoooooooo gorgeous here, sod the coffee I’ll just gaZe at Rafa thank you!!!!!!!

    • natch says:

      Maybe he wouldn’t object to me licking coffee off of him? I’m all about compromise these days. ;)

  13. Atch2 says:

    Maybe it’s hot chocolate. We know Rafa loves chocolate.

  14. June says:

    It’s funny, but I love cheese, hate coffee (only like vanilla latte flavor since it’s not real coffee to me) & am definitely a chocoholic. I think the Spanish love their chocolate either hot or cold — I liked watching that Cola Cao commercial of RAFA drinking his cholate milk! I’ve heard that chocolate drink is “food of the gods” :-)

  15. June says:

    Here’s that link to the cola cao video of RAFA I referred to previously (sorry, I spelled chocolate wrong – “cholate” or else I made a new word (LOL) ha , ha !!!!

  16. Atch2 says:

    Something new abt Rafa and food that I never knew:

    Q: What’s your specialty in the kitchen?
    Rafa: Pasta with shrimp and mushrooms. I’m also good at making cakes.

    Rafa and cake. What could be more adorable?

    • June says:

      That’s interesting . . . I think there’s a Spanish dish I saw on a website w/those ingredients, but don’t recall the exact name of it. I tried to ask RAFA what kind of cakes he likes to make on his RG blog w/the NY Times, but never got a response. At least my daughter did when she asked if he ever had a scary plane ride & he gave a more than yes or no answer which she thought was kinda cool. We must have submitted like 50 or more questions to his blog so it was neat that we got a response.

      • CC says:

        Ahhh… I remember the scary flight question. How cool that it was your daughter’s, nice to know that some people actually got theirs answered!

        • Wooffie says:

          I know exactly what you mean June. I had a question answered by Rafa when he was doing his blog at the Australian Open. It was AWESOME, like he was talking to me. It was a question about soccer and whether he thought his local team, Real Mallorca would beat Barcelona. I’m a member of a bunch of Rafateers in the UK and we’ve been lucky enough to have a number of questions answered along with our comments posted. He’s such a sweetie for taking time out to do this kind of thing for his fans.

          • June says:

            That’s great Wooffie! Yes, I agree RAFA is a kind soul indeed & he just loves his soccer team. BTW, that’s a really neat name for your club. My daughter & I would love to see him play, let alone be able to meet him & get his autograph. That would be so amazing ;-)

            P.S. We did try the AO blog in fact, but had no luck that time, so it’s wonderful that you did!

    • CC says:

      If you go to this link, there is a photo of Rafa making his cake at Wimbly 2007:

      In case you haven’t seen it before!

      • June says:

        Thanks for that, I never saw it so it was nice to finally see that. Yes, she was so excited about that question getting picked. She wanted to put our last name & city where we live, but I told her not to & now she wishes she would have so her friends in high school could see it was really her in fact. We’ve both sent in so many questions this year to RAFA’s official website along w/at least 10 each day at RG on the NY times blog. I always wondered about that one myself if people you know get their qustions picked. She even did some for the Babolat chat online to win one of 10 racquets but of course didn’t get picked.

  17. Suzanne says:

    FYI, he also has said that he doesn’t like tomatoes. Everyone has their little quirks…It is neat to see the Times “getting” Rafa. By the way, I think that he still has his Kia and toots around in it with his friends, and saves the sportscar for special occasions. He also still drives the first Mercedes he won in Stuttgart; he gave the second one to Uncle Toni. What a cutie!

    • June says:

      Wow, that’s all new info to me — I wonder if he likes tomato sauce on pasta or just plain then. I just love this site that Miri put together (thanks so ver much doll)! How many cars does that young man have now? It’s so nice to exchange info that one of us may see on tv or read elswehere & share it w/others who are interested ;-)

  18. IIOO says:

    I just found the official website of the campaign. This video is from last December. Here’s the link to the site, the article with Rafa and Toni is the penultimate one. http://www.cafellengua.cat/
    I used google translate and this is what it says:
    “The international athlete mallorquí the Tennis Players, Rafael Nadal and his uncle and coach, Antoni Nadal, took part in the campaign of Obra Cultural Balear “Coffee for the language.” The number 1 world tennis, Rafael Nadal, and adds, in an initiative of the organization to revitalize the use of Catalan in the Balearic Islands.

    The implication of great Mallorcan Rafael Nadal Tennis Players in the campaign is only a first step: in the coming months is expected that other prominent personalities of the world cultural and social insular support this initiative.

    Rafel Nadal y Toni Nadal, they do one of the first coffee for the language with representatives of the Obra Cultural Balear, and an atmosphere they exchanged views on the necessary return on our language.

    The campaign for Language Coffee was publicly presented last Tuesday, December 9 at Can Joan de s’Aigo, in a ceremony that was attended by numerous personalities from the social and cultural life of Mallorca. “Coffee for the language” aims to promote popular participation in matters of language. For this purpose, the organization is scheduled to meet with groups of people and organizations representing diverse sectors of society who mallorquina be invited to make a coffee and talk about language. The campaign aims to reach between 12,000 and 15,000 people during 2009.

    Around the world, all cultures, coffee is a sign of friendly conversation and civilized exchange of ideas. That’s why the Obra Cultural Balear invited everyone to a coffee to discuss, without prejudice, those issues of concern around the language. Because it is important that citizens participate and tell her, the principal asks the time to talk with organizations of language, family, friends and acquaintances.”