Nadal: “My intention is to be in London”

Thanks to skyejaden for pointing this out – any idea what’s being said? The title is a google translation of the video’s title.

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  1. Josh says:

    My god, even leaving the hospital and he can’t go without signing some autographs.

  2. nic says:

    oh it’s sooo good to see rafa after so long. he’s looking relaxed and lovely, and in good spirits. what a sweetheart. also did you see how long he took with that autograph for that guy!? so cute. the guy was motioning back for his piece of paper and rafa was still writing away :) ah it just feels good to see him. gotta love rafa. just his shy smile is enough to make me forget what a tough week it’s been pondering RG and then the what if’s for the grass season. after this, i don’t really care too much. as long as rafa is happy and does what’s best for him, i’m happy.

  3. Maru says:

    he said:
    I have said (I suppose before), no? so far (i’m not completely sure he said so far; it actually sound like “like everyone else”, but so far makes more sense =S)we don’t know anything, but my intention is to be in London of course.

    That was all :)

    • natch says:

      Welllll…that’s one translation. Here’s another:

      I feel like crap. In fact, I’m not even sure I’ll be alive by Friday. Is that what you want to hear? Fortunately for you, media member, my knee hurts too much for me to kick your ass at this moment.”


      • Debbie says:

        Hee. And the autograph actually says “effing leave me alone. Quit asking me questions I don’t have the answers to. Love, Rafa.

        • natch says:

          Love it. :)

          You know, he signed a similar autograph for me. It says, “effing leave me alone. Quit asking questions when Xisca can hear. And STOP STALKING ME!!! The restraining order is attached. Love, Rafa”

  4. loverafa4ever says:

    Nice… So rafa is goin 2 london but will decide whether to play or not depending on how everything goes. Thats a gud decision. I was scared to look in his website this morning.

    and how cute of Rafa… he gave a long autograph…

  5. CC says:

    When I see this I just want to be there and tell everyone around Rafa to f**k off. But off course Rafa is a much better person than I am and signs autographs until his fingers bleed…
    Seriously though, can’t people learn when it’s appropriate and not appropriate to ask for autographs?

  6. Esmmée says:


    I all sounds so painful…

    work hard Rafa!!! Vamos!

    • natch says:

      Don’t worry, Esmmee. None of it is painful. None of it is going to do him a whole lot of good long-term, but that’s beside the point. If anyone can get better quickly, it’s Rafa, right? The funniest part of all this is the meso. Mesotherapy is usually provided to women to remove cellulite. Imagine Rafa too embarrassed to show up at Wimbledon because he’s got cellulite! *ROFL*

      • CC says:


        Hm. Isn’t mesotherapy when they give tiny injections just under the skin?
        If Rafa is scared of needles I’ll volunteer to hold his hand, or any other body part of his choice.

        • natch says:

          Yes, it is. But from what I’ve heard, it’s like Botox injections (not painful, more like a brief sting.) I’ve taught guys who would come to me getting those as regularly as allowed, and be off those within a few weeks. They don’t do any good, imo.

          If you hold Rafa’s any other body part, he definitely won’t feel a thing anywhere else! ;)

  7. faecoleman says:

    Rafa is looking really handsome hear, and how long is he signing that paper for? sweet kind obliging Rafa, mmmmmm and hot in white may I say, phew!

  8. mary says:

    I think he will play at Wembledon. With so much crap going on in the media and even some of his fans questioning his abilities, even if he read just a speck of whats out there in cyberland he’d play with a broken neck. Listen to your inner spirit Rafael and do what is right for you. You are respected and loved no matter what! Viva el rey!