Rankings – June 8th

New rankings are out and, as expected, the point difference between Rafa and Federer has gotten a good chunk smaller. And welcome back to the top 10, Gonzo.

Pos Name Points Pos Moved Tourns Played
1 Nadal, Rafael 13140 0 19
2 Federer, Roger 11070 0 18
3 Murray, Andy 9230 0 21
4 Djokovic, Novak 8020 0 23
5 Del Potro, Juan Martin 5480 0 25
6 Roddick, Andy 4400 0 23
7 Simon, Gilles 3890 0 29
8 Verdasco, Fernando 3710 0 24
9 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried 3510 0 23
10 Gonzalez, Fernando 3165 +2 19

22 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    Makes me want to throw up seing Sod’s name at #12

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Nole has gone down more than 1000 points. Its going to be hard for him to get back him number 3 ranking coz the grass and hard court season is back. This is the place wr Andy has more chances that any other player (except Rafa). And as far as Rafa goes, if he looses his number one ranking coz of injury, its not a big deal at all. Coz I remember Roger saying this that he wanted somebody to replace him in the number one ranking by playing well and not by an injury Roger had. I wonder how Roger is going to react if he gets back his number one ranking if Rafa doesnt play at Wimbledon due to injury.

    • johanne says:

      Re: Nole… I think he went down in the 2nd round of Wimby last year…big opportunity to gain some points!

      • loverafa4ever says:

        That is true.. but its tof to get 1000 points more than Andy there. But he can definitely try and reduce the point difference. I want the old ranking back. Rafa, Roger, Nole, Andy. I wish Roger wud go down a little after Wimbledon.
        I wanna see this ranking:

        1- Rafa,
        3- Nole/Andy
        4- Roger.

    • Sopha says:

      My dislike for Federer is almost as big as for my love for Nadal… and HA, I guess that Roger would be the first one to say that he deserved to be number one again… I hate that word deserve…
      In my eyes Roger doesnt deserve anything.. Rafa has to this date won (please correct me if Im wrong) 5 singles titles.. has a record of 44-6.. He is about to become the Greatest Player of All time… IF his body will hold… He, if anyone deserved to break the record and take a fifth straight title at Roland Garros…

      So I wonder… Roger.. how does it feel to win a grand slam without even have to beat just one top10 player? Is that a great victory? U were extremly lucky several times during ur run, and only won those matches because the other player started to realize that u were Roger Federer and that they shouldnt be beating u?…

      But I would like to stay positive in these two weeks of complete darkness… I think Rafa would like to be no.2 again for a while… just to get rid of that pressure on his shoulders.. and he can go back to be the warrior Rafa again… the one that strikes from behind as an underdog… I think he loves that role a lot more.. than just trying to turn into a new “roger ” (clothwise by Nike and personwise by the ATP tour)…
      Why are they trying so hard to fit in a guy, who is born to Stand Out?


      • Chaz says:

        Actually, Del Potro is a top 10 player. Just get your facts straight; that’s all.

        • miri says:

          Yep, he is – but let’s not be rude.

          In fact, I must admit that I’m getting a little tired of things turning into the bash player “X” blog here. This blog isn’t meant to bash anyone – it’s to celebrate a great game and a great player. I know Rafa fans (myself included) aren’t happy with how Roland Garros played out, but that’s life and that’s the tennis.

          I’m not saying we have to be all happy, happy cheerleaders here…just…wishing for a bit more positivity for the sportivity.

          • CC says:

            Oh, thanks for saying that Miri!
            This is the place I come to read about Rafa and discuss HIS fantastic achievements in tennis. That makes me really happy and I would love to continue doing that.
            At the moment though, no matter what the post is about, there are always people bashing other players, instead of discussing Rafa.
            Tennis is a fantastic sport with lots of characters around. Celebrate the players’ diversity instead of writing them down. They’re all different and that what makes the sport interesting.
            Someone’s gotta be number one, and whoever is there got there by winning. That, I believe, is what sport is about!

            (Hope you didn’t mind me saying this, miri.)

          • killian says:

            “Positivity for the sportivity!” You are the best, Miri!! Thanks for shifting the tone :D

          • faecoleman says:

            I agree Miri Roger after all can only play who is on the otherside of the net and I read somewhere that Rafa sent him a text congratulating him, great sportsmanship! Roger can be arrogant at times we all know that but one has to admitt that he is a great player he made Soderling look almost silly out there, although I have to say Soderling didn’t even go for his shots at all, was a dissapointing match after so much anticipation but like you say thats tennis. I have never heard Rafa say anything other than praise toward Roger and we would all do well to follow suit. I think alot of us could learn alot from Rafa’s nature. Of course Roger had an easy draw and was fortunate for Djokovic to get knocked out, but it wasn’t Rogers fault! If it happend to Rafa we wouldn’t be complaining. Roger still had some tough matches where he managed to come through so fairs fair.

            • loverafa4ever says:

              Roger is definitely one of greatest. Watever it be, the way he plays, and the way he makes it to every grand slam final is just fantastic. But as u said as Rafa fans v will never say that Rafa had an easy draw and that why he made it to the finals. But soo hard to praise Roger like Rafa does. :P

  3. Mim says:

    Hmm, I wonder. Since Rafa is skipping Queens and as a result loses 500 points, is this where the Davis Cup points come in handy?

    If I’m correct, the Davis Cup points are meant to replace any lost points from an ATP 500 event. So wouldn’t Queens count? Shouldn’t this be the time that Rafa gets use out of his Davis Cup points?

    As for your comments Sopha, I understand your frustrations and disappointment. I was crushed as well when Rafa lost at RG. But the way he handled himself after such a defeat inspired me to rise above it as he did. His attitude, demenour, and outlook encouraged me to understand that loss is apart of the sport and life. The fact that he could say that Roger deserved to win, in the heat of the moment, with all the emotions he must have been feeling, is a testament to what a great champion Rafa really is. And because of that, I chose to follow suit. I’m happy for Roger, and when he won, I clapped and cheered for him. Deep down I knew that, although this is Roger’s time to notch up another big one for the history books, Rafa’s time is far from over. Deep down, I knew Rafa would be back and that he would continue his own march into the history books and he’d continue to turn the tennis world upside down.

    *grins* It’s part of being a fan isn’t it? Going the the highs and feeling such euphoria and then also going through the lows and feeling deep sadness. But the best part of being a Rafan is that the lows, no matter how low it is precieved to be by “experts” and “tennis enthusiasts”, it’s never that low with Rafa because even though he loses, he is never defeated. He never allows himself to go that far into despair. He is resilient, he is courageous, and he has the heart of a lion. That is why I can’t be sad for long, and that is why he will be one the the Greatest Of All Time.

    Take care Rafans, and get well soon Rafa. All of your fans love you! :)

    • Mary says:

      Ah, I agree completely! Well said.

      • Sopha says:

        True, Im done with my frustration and depression now ;) lol…
        There is no other way to (as I myself play tennis at a very high leve) get more inspired on the court then to watch some videos of Rafa…
        Thats my way out of a time of playing bad myself… I just sit down and watch matches, practices with Rafa… and I get amazed and go out and play a hell of a lot better…
        He is an inspiration to become better every single practice.

        Does anyone know any specific time when Rafa may tell if he is gonna play wimbly or not??

        • Wooffie says:

          According to Rafa’s website, there is to be an announcement at 2.30 pm CET.

        • Mim says:

          :D Glad to hear it. I’m sure many of us know what you’re referring to when you speak about Rafa and his inspiration and influence on so many people! How blessed are we to have him? :D <3

          As for the news on Rafa’s health and whether or not Rafa will play Wimbledon, they plan to announce the news today (Tuesday) and keep us updated through his official site:


          tiemyshoe: Boo-yah! Indeed :)

          • dutchgirl says:

            It’s on his site: he’s travelling to London next week. He doesn’t say he will be competing in Wimbledon, only that he will if he’s 100% fit, so I guess we have to wait a little longer.

  4. tiemyshoe says:

    The top ten’s hanging tight these days. With the exception of Simon (seriously, where’d he get all these points to stay #7? He’s gotta be dropping off soon, right?), these guys have all been pretty consistent this last year. Bodes well for ATP depth.

    Also, just wanted to say, Rafa’s in his tenth month of Numero Uno-ness. And some people said he wouldn’t last half that time! Boo-yah!

  5. sia says:

    Don’t forget all, that even if Rafael doesn’t play wimbledon he still will retain his # one status and that until a few days ago he was the reigning champ at three slams on three different surfaces. (note : not to be stingy to Rog, I’m glad he got there, but Rafa got there first.) If Rafa somehow is rested and well enough to play and win at the US Open the headlines will be enormous and all this will be forgotten. However it plays out I know we all hope for a full recovery so we get to watch our smiling warrior play again soon.

  6. patzin says:

    Last year Roger Fed lost his #1 ranking to Rafa for several reasons. He wasn’t well and kept playing thinking he needed to protect his ranking. Of course his performance was off and Rafa’s was performing very well in 2008 – so there was a shift. In 2009 the scenario is somewhat reversed – Rafa is playing when he clearly isn’t well trying I guess to protect his ranking, and it is possible when he should be resting he continues to push the bar.

    I love Rafa and love watching him play, but I question the wisdom for the spring schedule; and now, what? In my opinion, sit out Wimbledon, gear up for New York in August. Take better care of oneself – the ranking will take care of itself.