Wimbly preview

*fingers crossed*

(But only if the knees are healthy and playing won’t hurt them further.)

And, TTC – again with the subtitles for Rafa? Sheesh.

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  1. rez says:

    why subtitles? It’s so clear what he says

  2. tiemyshoe says:

    I guess if you’re used to listening to Macatee and Gimmelstob’s broad-as-hell American accents*, you’d find Rafa’s incomprehensible? No comprendo.

    *Surely I can’t be the only who hears them and thinks, “Gah. Too American.” And I live in the Midwest.

  3. loverafa4ever says:

    His English was “almost perfect” in this video…:D. He spoke so well and I don’t knw who has problems understanding it.

    I think he will play. My gut says that he definitely will and he will not be going into the tournament as the favorite, which is a very gud thing. He usually produces amazing results when he is not the favorite.

  4. Holly says:

    We’re all used to hearing him speak. Others might not be. This makes me so sad…I hope he’s going to be ok.

  5. CC says:

    If they’re going to have subtitles (which to me seems almost offensive), then could they at least get it right! Not “We LEAVE important situtations…together.” It should be “We LIVE important situations…together.” Surely?

    Anyway, look at Rafa’s eyes in this clip. So fresh and full of…good stuff. And the smile when he talks about adapting the game. Lovely!

    • jo says:

      yeah i agree with you on the “leave” thing, i think it should’ve been “live.” i’d say, who can’t understand english now? ;) btw, rafito looks mucho gwapito in this vid, ayayayayay!

    • kefuoe says:

      I do think it’s a bit offensive. No other player has subtitles, including Verdasco on this show and Del Potro on the similar show they did for RG. I think Nadal’s accent is a bit heavier than ususal on these clips (they must have taped them when he was coming off some time at home or while in Spain), but I think his speech is still clear enough.

  6. kay says:

    Could someone tell me what he said please please. Not because I could not understand him, which I am sure I have no problem, but because youtube is banned is China, I can’t see the video.

    • Atch2 says:

      ANNCR: History was made as the changing of the guard took place when Rafael Nadal defeated 5 time defending champion Roger Federer on his home turf at last years epic final.
      RAFA: nice matches when we place each other bec we have already a lot of important matches in our career. That’s always special no, when we play in a final of Wimbledon.
      FEDEX: He’s been definitely a guy that’s been very tough for me to play against. He’s done so well in the last few years to be consistent and a great role model as well.
      RAFA: We live important situations for both in our career together.
      ANNCR: the world was captivated as they watched the drama unfold well into the fading light of day.
      RODDICK: It was great for tennis bec it was the biggest news in sports for the better part of the next week. Even non tennis fans were going nuts about it and i really feel like it kinda elevated the sport as a whole.
      DARREN CAHILL: the emotions and what was on the line and with Federer winning so many times and the fact that Rafa was playing on his probably least favourite surface. For me it was the most exciting tennis match I have ever seen.
      ANNCR: the third final was the charmed for Rafa as he became the first man since Bjorn Borg in 1980 to win Roland Garros and Wimbledon back-to-back.
      RAFA: Wimbledon is special for me always no. I had the last 3 years amazing results there. The only way to have good results is to play my best tennis. I don’t know if it adapts to my game or not but I know if I am playing well I can play aggressive and if I can play aggressive I have my chances to have good matches
      ANNCR: as Rafa looks to defend his title, his one and only coach Uncle Toni will be there by side. A former club pro, Uncle Toni saw advantages in tennis for Rafa as a leftie so he encouraged a natural right hander to switch from a young age.
      RAFA: I started with him with 3 yrs old and I’m sure without him I would never be here today.

  7. tmi says:

    Nice his english is perfect. I waiting for his tomorrow’s announcement regarding his knees and wimby match. God please be with him.

  8. Atch2 says:

    U would think people are use to hearing Rafa speak by now. I mean the number of times he make speeches at finals. Not to be mean but it’s mostly non native English speakers winning the tournaments now anyway (except for Murray).
    I agree subtitles are offensive.

  9. Esmmée says:

    Here is what Roger said:

    “It seems like it’s not 100 percent serious, his knee injury. I only wish him the best and I hope it’s not true that he will miss Wimbledon,” Federer said.

    We do hope so too, Roger,

    • johanne says:

      Yeah but Fed also said he thinks it’s a lot of speculation because he wasn’t taping his knees and he knows when Rafa’s hurting and when he’s not because he’s played him so much. I was a little taken aback by that comment. Seems he’s questioning Rafa.

      • CC says:

        Yeah, I don’t normally have a problem with what Roger says (read: I don’t normally care what Roger says), but that quote caught my eye too. That he knows when Rafa is hurting… Hm. I dunno. Does he? I really don’t know. It’s all too confusing!

        • Esmmée says:

          i am kind od just hopefull that he will recover soon you know!!! Anyway, i also have noticed that Roger enjoys more by winning over Rafael.
          He may say that probably will play pressure less for the rest of his career but, i thing now that he has 14 he wants to win on a major against Rafael, he is stuck on this man 5 years younger than him, and being the only one to defeat him in 5 Grand Slam finals, and even denied him the last Hamburg tittle( where he won for so long), i do also believe that Rafael, being kind to his knee at Madrid, Roger was looking for revenge, even the healthiest. he is only human after all…
          Maybe Rafael was tired of retiring from games because of injuries, i think that he wanted to go along anyways, because he went very far on Hard Courts this season…

        • johanne says:

          Right…it struck me as a little unprofessional…questioning the legitimacy of Rafa’s injury? He’s a close colleague, I mean WTF, why would you do that? Did he ever question your back pain, RF? Unprofessional. It came across as him saying: Don’t you guys dare say that had Rafa been healthy, he would have won the tournament.

          Sorry, that’s exactly what I’m saying, Roger!!! LOL :)

  10. faecoleman says:

    Nice one Rog, always gracious in victory lol…. One more day and we’ll know, god bless Rafa and lets hope he’s good.

  11. killian says:

    Yes, God bless Rafa and all the doctors taking care of him. And LOVING these pics: (edited by miri – do not post paparrazzi pictures)

    • Debbie says:

      Killian: Were those the jet ski pictures? because they were published, not paparrazzi pics.

      • miri says:

        Just because photos were published doesn’t mean they aren’t paparrazzi pictures. Unless he said, “yes, you can follow me around and take photos of my in going about my life”, they are paparrazzi photos. Magazines and photo agencies pay photographers money to follow celebs around and intrude in their private lives – and that pisses me off.

        • Debbie says:

          No problem Miri. It makes me mad too. I thought the pictures were probably put out by Benito and didn’t think they were that type. Sometimes he “leaks” things like that. I heard on TW and FD that these are old pictures so figured they were intentionally put out there. MY BAD! BTW-thanks for all you do. LOVE your site. :)

          • miri says:

            Everyone draws the line at pap photos differently, I just happen to be pretty strict on them because I can’t know if a photo was “arranged” to be a pap photo. These were taken by/for Splash News Online – a photo agency that bills itself as “the paparazzi’s own blog”

            • Debbie says:

              Well yuck on them. Kind of makes me sick-that name…seriously? Who could work for that type of agency?

            • killian says:

              I am truly sorry, Miri-I really respect your site and did not mean to post anything that is contrary to your wishes—i was happy that Rafa seemed to be enjoying a birthday present with friends and loved ones and did not think about invading his privacy. My bad. Please forgive me and keep up the fabulous site!

  12. vamsi says:

    guys i loved this article from bleacherreport,com
    have a look and tell me even if u dont like it http://bleacherreport.com/articles/194619-wimbledon-needs-rafael-nadal

    • johanne says:

      That article sums up my opinion on tennis in general. My very biased opinion, that is. Tennis is BORING without Rafa. B-O-R-I-N-G. Especially because everyone else seems to wilt like a wallflower when they play Federer. SNOOZE. (wait, except maybe Andy Murray. I do think he’s taken a page outta the Rafa book on that matter…he just needs to prove he can do it in the majors). Anyways, Rafa made and continues to make tennis exciting. Because he never walks on the court thinking he’s going to lose…even if it’s Fed on the other side of the net.

      • CC says:

        Word, Johanne! Agree with it all!

        • johanne says:

          Yeah! And then to see Rafa so often get thrown under the bus by the media as some thorn in Federer’s side, as someone who’s prevented Roger from having even more success….well that just pisses me off even more! Kiss my ass, media! You should be thanking Rafa more often for making tennis interesting again. And Wimbledon will definitely be less interesting if Rafa isn’t there. But he should listen to whatever his doctors say and not risk his health.

          Is it bad that I’m already annoyed with Fed for tooting his own horn by calling himself the favorite at Wimby because of “all the success he’s had.” Ugh, there is an arrogance there that just doesn’t sit well with me. Or maybe I’m just bitter. But I believe the sport needs Rafa so bad. I cringe when I think about what Roger’s arrogance level would have been like if there had been no Rafa. Ewwww. Rafa get well soon.

          • CC says:

            No, I’m sure it’s not bad. I’m sure you are right, I wouldn’t know.
            As I said before, I very rarely read or listen to anything that Roger says. Not because I dislike him, simply because I only…care about Rafa. Is THAT bad?
            (OK, I care a little Mr Murray as well, kinda like him!)

            • dutchgirl says:

              I like the article too, vamsi.
              I wouldn’t go as far as calling all the tennis boring without Rafa. That is, I didn’t really think tennis was boring before Rafa came up. Now, it is a slightly different story, because we compare all the tennisplayers to him. And that’s not in advantage of the others.
              So yeah, at this moment the world needs Rafa tennis!

              And as for Roger: I’m really trying to like him (mainly because Rafa does so), but every now and then he makes it more difficult because of the arrogant way in which he says things like johanne mentions.

            • johanne says:

              Nope. Not bad! :)

          • Esmmée says:

            johanne, have you ever seen Roger Hug or Stay close to Rafael when he lost Wimbledon in 2007???

            • johanne says:

              No. But that’s probably because Rafa saved his tears for the locker room and let Roger enjoy his moment!!!

              *deep breaths*

              • Esmmée says:

                exactly my dear!!! he stole Rafael´s moment and did not even care.
                and how huge was it for a Rafael that started do cry when he finished Verdasco at the semi?
                The first Spaniard ever to win it!!! it was huge.

              • Esmmée says:

                Exactly my dear, How selfish was that of him??? we all know he would get the 14th if he won AO, but Rafael… the first ever spaniard to get it? he had to be a spoiler.

            • loverafa4ever says:

              But Roger did say that “Rafa deserves the last word”…But still it was very unprofessional of him to cry and intentionally or unintentionally make the winner feel guilty. I was so mad at Roger, coz when I saw Rafa’s face, it was very clear that he didn’t knw wat to do… whether to be happy or to be sad and guilty. And if this repeats at this years US open too, Roger will loose all the respect people have for him. That is for sure…

    • loverafa4ever says:

      This article is so true. Wimbledon will be super boring without Nadal jst the way French open was this year..with no real competition and at the end of the slam having the same damn result.. Fed with another Grand Slam… So predictable, as the article says all the players (except Nole, Roddick and Murray) get scared at the very sight og Federer on the other side of the court. esp at the Wimbledon. Djokovic think he can do it, but has nvr done it. He just keeps saing that he was close and that next time around he will defeat such and such player. That has never really happened and I dont have much hope there. If Murray is in the same side of the draw as Fed only one of them will make it. In that case the final will b boring any ways. And if Murray and Fed are both to make it to the final, it will b boring too, coz of immense pressure on Murray and that confidence of Fed against Murray in a GS final. Whoever be in the final, without Nadal its going to be super boring…

  13. Sopha says:

    Joanne.. yes WORDS!
    When Roger quits tennis.. I wouldnt be sad at all.. and the world of tennis would just honor a big player…
    But when Rafa quits.. im gonna have a huge depression… There is no one out there with the same fighting spirit or carisma has he has…
    He is a Gladiator, while all the other players are just soldiers…

    Novak and Andy and Rafa.. are the only ones who doesnt care who is on the other side of the net.. especially when they play Roger…
    Novak and Andy has something though when they are playing Rafa…
    But Rafa is the only one, with NO FEAR written all over him.
    Look now… Roland Garros.. it felt like I was watching some normal ATP tour tournament… like a Bastad tournament… There was no players that made me jump up and down in the sofa of excitment.. or gave me the feeling of that I cant wait for the match to start..
    I was just making it threw… hoping it will be over soon…
    because.. nobody cared….I for sure, didnt care after Rafa and Novak dissapperad.

    • jimmy says:

      Thanks for the article. I agree that there’s no other competition for Roger except Nadal (at the moment). Murray’s the only one who might be up for it, but it will take him 1-2 yrs, at least, to start beating Federer in the slams . I wouldn’t say tennis is boring without Rafa, but transcendent domination is. Which is exactly what we saw in Fed’s prime, and could happen again. I can see Roger getting something like 20+ slams if Rafa retires today ( or if Rafa hadn’t played in this era). I guess my biggest fear is that Rafa might keep getting plagued by knee problems and not perform 100% and/or get his career cut short by his physical issues (like Guga with his hip). Maybe that’s why the Rafa camp has this approach of getting Rafa to play pretty much everything i.e making the most of it as long as it lasts.

      Regd. Federer’s comments: I would rate him 100 for his tennis, but 20 for his humbleness. There’s no secret that he’s ultra-competitive and has the propensity to display confidence bothering on arrogance. I guess it’s understandable -everyone can’t be like Rafa! Personally I’ve never seen a more down to earth player (at the top level) in any sport. Here’s wishing a speed recovery for the Spaniard.

      • rez says:

        Thanks jimmy, Roger’s comment were sort of strange in the last paragraph. Do you know in which context he’s said it?

    • Bluetina says:

      I am 100% agree with u Sopha in every word u said that is exactly the same way i felt for RG this year.

  14. johanne says:

    Sorry guys…I really don’t mean to bring you down with my problems with Fed. I will try to control myself. It just bothers me so much! And I still like tennis, obviously. It’s just not the same for me when Rafa is absent. Boo. But that’s because I’m such a huge fan of his so I’m admittedly biased. Thanks for understanding! ;)

    If Rafa pulls out of Wimby I will cheer for Nole & Murray me thinks. Probably wouldn’t mind the new-and-improved, calmer, more mature Andy Roddick to make a strong showing. Or hotsauce Becky (now THAT that would be a crazy surprise!)


    • loverafa4ever says:

      Same here… I will cheer for Murray and Nole. I wud like to see a final b/w dos two. and I hope roddick doesnt end up in Feds side of the draw. He never seems to get past that guy for some reason. I think mentally all the looses he has against him has taken a toll on his confidence level.

      • johanne says:

        Yes, unfortunately I agree about Roddick…there’s definitely a mental block for him when it comes to facing Roger on court. And they always seems to be in the same quarter!

      • Sopha says:

        Yeah… the more I watch Nole.. the more I like him… Roddick… Roddick… No, he doesnt have what it takes, even tho he did beat Roger a year ago… I dont think that will happen again…
        But I hope Im wrong…

  15. AnaR says:

    There is a video of Rafael yesterday when he’s entering in the clinic for medical tests at Barcelona .. later if you want I can translate it.

  16. dutchgirl says:

    This morning I read in a newspaper that Paul Haarhuis (former Dutch doubles player for those who haven’t heard of him) had said that he thinks Sampras’ 14 titles meant more at the time because he had more competition (Courier, Becker, Agassi, Edberg) while Federer only has Rafa as real competition. Nice to read, after all the fuss about Federer equalling Sampras.

  17. Atch2 says:

    Agree with the article. It’s not a exciting or close if Fed isn’t playing Rafa. Soderling and Murray couldn’t make it an even game at the last US or French Opens, and losing in 3 sets.
    It’s a shame the French crowd didn’t want to see a good quality match. I’m sure the Aussies, British and Americans want to see Rafa vs Fed in the finals.

    Just read on Rafa’s website. He’s going to Wimby!