A wee bit more on the state of the knees

Vic sent in a link to this article today. Most of it is what we already know, but I thought this bit was interesting:

‘We knew that this could happen, but trusted the knee would hold up until after Wimbledon when there would be time to rest,’ said Toni Nadal.

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  1. Trish says:

    Oh Rafa — rest up and get better….

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Oh god… They shud hav slowed down. I am feeling so sad. dey knew the knee problems and Rafa being the person he is didnt want to disappoint his countrymen and played Madrid. I can’t imagine not having him at the Wimbledon. I was watching all the matches he played in 2008 and its amazing the way he made it to the finals and won there. He played fantastic tennis and he was in perfect condition which was visible from all the matches he played. This is wat I am doing rit now, watching all the wonderful matches Rafa played last year. It was such an amazing year for him. I hope at the end of this year all of us will feel the same again. Even after going thru all this turmoil, we all will b happy with the season Rafa had.

  3. johanne says:

    Hey guys…I’ve been gone a couple days and come back to sad Rafa news! Blah :(

    His movement has definitely seemed strained at times the past few months, so I guess it comes as no surprise that he’s been dealing with this since Miami, or whatever they said. I honestly don’t think Team Rafa would be so risky as to let him play if they really thought it was super serious. That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s a bad injury that’s progressively gotten worse, I just doubt Rafa and his team would actually make the decision to disobey doctor’s orders to stay off it. And it sounds like there was no doctor’s orders to completely stay off it…until possibly now. So we’ll see what happens. It will majorly suck if he misses Wimby, but his health comes first. I suggest his listen to the doctor!! :)

    Anyone else feel just a little better knowing that this injury probably played more of a role in Rafa’s loss to Soderling than maybe he would ever admit? I mean come ON! Sure, Sod was playing well that day, but when Rafa is 100% he does not lose like that. WHO’S WITH ME?! Maybe I’m drinking from the Kool-aid again, but I have a feeling a healthy Rafa would have bitten that dang trophy today. ;)

    • loverafa4ever says:

      I am with u on that. Like I said I was watching all the old matches he has played last year and at that form it is impossible to beat him and thatz what happened last year at this time, him sweeping practically every tournament till Cincinnati. And this is probably a matter of giving a break to his knees, I dont think its anything more serious either as his doctor had examined him during Madrid and said that he can play but it will hurt if he bends (if I heard it rit)

    • rez says:

      The 24-year-old stunned Nadal in round four but claimed Federer was a much tougher opponent.

      “Roger’s game does not suit my game at all, he does not allow me to be aggressive and he always had me on the run today,” said Soderling.

      “With Rafa, it’s easier to be aggressive. In all my matches against Rafa I think I DICTATED the game, I dictated the play.

      self-belief is one thing and this is another, how can you lose a match 6-1 and 6-0 and “dictating the game”, I agree that the match was closer than what the score in Rome suggested but still dictating the game in all his matches…

      I hope Nadal finds his best form soon again

      • loverafa4ever says:

        Let him think watever he wants. “Dictating game”, “can play aggressive”… wait for Rafa to be at his 100% and then will see who dictates the game. I can’t wait for Rafa to trash this guy at Round of 16 at French Open next year.

      • Trish says:

        Let the SOD believe whatever he wants to believe. This is his moment of glory and the way I see it — this will be his LAST moment of glory — he wont be getting anymore silver platters (or trophies) after this.

        Yes Sod, it is easier to be aggressive when your opponent is not 100%.

        That you were so outclassed by #2 — means that (a 100%) #1 can outclass you any day!

        *** Apologies again for not being gracious.

        • loverafa4ever says:

          I don’t think any of us can be gracious while discussing Solderling.

          • An says:

            Maybe you will say its easyer to talk now, now we know the facts and sure it is..
            But i knew that there was something wrong with the way Rafa played since Miami. I almost watch evry match he plays and it was vissibale. I didn’t know what was the problem off course but you could see there was something, altough i tried talking to myself that there was not.. “see, nothing wrong, he won MC,Barcelona, Rome and than that semifinal agains Djoko in Madrid! Some matches you saw it more than others. The match agains Hewitt in RG was good, i realy tought: see, he is regaining his form, he’ll be ok.. In his blog after the Hewitt match he talked about having to do some extra work with the physio, and i started doubting again… And than came the loss.

            And now i know for sure that the fact that the knee hurt him played a (BIG ) part in losing that match, Rafa will NEVER admit that himself tough but i’m sure when he’s back 100% fighting fit again the next time they meet he will let his racket do the talking!

            So… Yeah Johanne i’m with you!
            Roger may borrow that RG trophy this year but a fighting fit Rafa wil show us many more times who’s trophy it is!

    • Vic says:

      Johanne, I agree with you,

      In fact, this piece of news solves for me the whole puzzle. Rafa has beaten all of them when he is on top psysical form. All the players know that, including Fed, whos is more inteligent than (S)others and admits to winning RG because Rafa was not there. It’s not like suddenly Rafa does not know how to win…..

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m with you 100% Johanne!

  5. imjimmy says:

    There’s one thing that hurts: Rafa lost to a guy in 4 sets on his best surface, while Roger won against that same guy (comfortably) in straight sets on his worst surface. I know matchups are important, but this really sucks. Hope that Rafa can recover quickly both mentally and physically. I know he must be devastated after such a pivotal loss.

    I think if he’s below 90% for Wimbledon, he shouldn’t play. Not giving any psychological edge to Federer or Murray is vital. Rafa doesn’t want to make the same mistake that Roger did with his mono last year. Better to be skip Wimbledon, be 100% fresh and then perform well at UsOpen 09, AO and RG ’10.

    • kay says:

      This comparison is too unfair, I have to say. The Sod who played Roger last night was not the Sod who played Rafa. Only real talents like Rafa could win in their debut Grand Slam Finals, most are expected to get really nervy and lost whatever amazing form he had to get him to Final. The surprise factor of Sod at 4th round is also gone and Rog is well prepared. Last night match up is just typical of that phenomenon that we see time and time again. Even the best players or world no.1 (like Safina this year) cannot do it the first time. However much Sod choked last night his scoreline was still better than Roger in last year’s final against Rafa (playing his 3rd final against Rafa and getting worst as opposed to Rafa getting better each time at Wimby). So there can be no dispute who the king of Clay is.

      But I agree with you, it’s better for Rafa not to play Wimby if he is not 100%. Better for his long term sustainability and for his confidence.

    • Kalliopeia says:

      Soderling did what guys often do in slams…play out of their minds for most of the tournament and then collapse like a house of cards in the final. See Tsonga and Gonzalez in the Australian Open for good examples. There is a reason these guys don’t win big tournaments….they don’t have what it takes. They don’t have the mental toughness, the self-belief, etc. I mean really there’s no reason why they shouldn’t win. No one gets to the level they all have reached without being crazy good players. Champions have to have more than raw talent. Soderling will never have that.

  6. dutchgirl says:

    Just got back from Paris, where I really felt miserable watching the final in person. I was so terribly sad when Roger and Soderling walked up that court, I mean, it was supposed to be Rafa walking there! It felt good to hear people in the crowd cheer for Rafa from time to time and waving Spanish flags (two people in front of me wore Rafa’s yellow headband).
    The fact that I know now that there was a knee problem with Sod is comforting and distressing at the same time, for obvious reasons.
    What I want to say: yeah johanne, count me in as well. Watching that match against Soderling litterally hurt me, I somehow had the feeling Rafa was struggling with something. And he wasn’t getting as much balls he usually does. And his face when he fell down – to me it looked like he was in pain.

    It all kinda falls to place, knowing that the knees are bothering him since Miami (and what about Rotterdam, where it seems to have started?). That comment from Rafa about ‘something personal’ in Miami, it now seems he didn’t want to put focus on his physical restraints I guess.
    And while we were discussing whether he had motivation problems, he might have been worrying and struggling with his knee.

    My only hope for now is that he will do whatever it takes to get back in optimum shape. And if that includes nog playing Wimbledon, so be it! All that matters now is Rafa’s health!

  7. rebel naughty says:

    Totally agree too, Johanne. It was clear that the only way for Rafa to beat Sod was to run him from side to side and I kept screaming that in my head, hoping he would hear me!!

    Instead it was the Sod who ran Rafa side to side and it was so obvious our guy would not put any pressure on his knees, as seen when he had that awkward tumble.

  8. Sopha says:

    Im stunned that I havnt found this site before… and thank god… its the only sunshine in my Nadal life right now…
    Im so tired of hearing all bullshit about soderling (and Im swedish too, so I should be happy.. but trust me…im far far away from that)…
    Finally, some ppl that now whats really going on with Rafa… It was clear.. that from the Madrid match against Djokovic… something wasnt right.. and yes.. the explanation is right there.. If the best mover on the tenniscourt in the world is injured.. in his knees! Its impossible to even do urself justice on the court…

    I agree with someones here… even though it breaks my heart to say it… He shouldnt play Wimbledon… He should take the rest of the summer off… Go for the US Open.. and take home that trophy and become a Living Legend.. at 23 years old!!!!!! Grand Slams on all surfaces.. not even “the great one” Federer did that… at 23….

    After the US open.. take the rest of the year off… and get excellent for 2010.. and take a full grand slam.. and damn destroy everyone at the Roland Garros.. Particulary a certain Mr.Soderling.

  9. Vic says:

    I’m sure most of you have seen this, but it cheered me up so much…the french commentators were cracking up at Sod’s trying to cheat. LOL. This video puts things in the right perspective for me. Rome 2009, the blatant cheater.


    • CC says:

      Don’t think he was trying to cheat. Just confusion, as the umpire suddenly didn’t seem to know which mark was which. Soderling’s drawn out reaction was completely OTT.

      Sometimes I wonder if I’ve ended up on a “let’s-hate-on-Soderling” webpage instead of a “let’s-totally-love-on-and-admire-fantastic-Rafa” webpage. Pretty, pretty tiring, in my humble opinion…

      • dutchgirl says:

        I agree CC. I’ve decided to let the Soderling match/thing behind me. It’s not helping Rafa anyway.
        So, back to Rafa love!

      • rebel naughty says:

        It’ll be difficult… but, okay. you have a point. Let’s bring on the love.

  10. Vic says:

    First news from Barcelona:


    Despite the initial alarms, it seems that Rafa Nadal will be able to be present in the edition of Wimbledon 2009.

    The Manacori was put yesterday to a few medical tests in Barcelona, from which it is clear that the possibilities that Rafa could play Wimbledon are very high.

    Nevertheless, today doctor Cotorro, the doctor who treated him yesterday, will give the keys to his state. “On Tuesday we will know it. We have practised on Rafa almost all the necessary testsand until Tuesday we will not have the results”. The important thing is that the first resonance has discarded any serious injury.

    • Kalliopeia says:

      I hope he can, but part of me just wishes he wouldn’t. There’s going to be so much pressure on him at Wimbledon. He’d have to repeat to keep his ranking (and I know that some people hate talk of ranking points but I don’t believe for one second that it isn’t in HIS mind), plus now Roger is gunning for breaking Sampras’ record, not just equaling it. And the media will be in a frenzy after Roger was gifted the French by Soderling (and Del Potro….who had that match in his grasp and let it slip away).

      Sports is stressful, y’all. :)

      • tiemyshoe says:

        I agree. It’s gonna be a hype-fest. But then again, I want badly for Rafa to experience playing on Centre Court as the defending champion. I imagine that’s pretty important to him. And, and it’s his favorite tournament! He’s probably been looking forward to setting up house near the grounds again and cooking pasta for his team. It’ll make me sad if he doesn’t get to do all that.

        About the ranking, as soon as he lost at RG, it was kind of a foregone conclusion that he’d have to lose it for awhile (I say for awhile because he’ll be back, bitchez), so maybe knowing that takes the pressure of defending points and puts the onus back on playing better. Or I’d like to think anyway.

        But yeah. Sports. SO STRESSFUL.