Wimbledon decision due on Tuesday

Photo by LIONEL BONAVENTURE/ AFP/ Getty Images

Photo by LIONEL BONAVENTURE/ AFP/ Getty Images

According to this article, the plan is to decide on whether or not to participate in Wimbledon on Tuesday – once results are back from some tests in Barcelona. (Google translation)

The game kneeling Rafa Nadal will be the subject of detailed examination by the doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro in Barcelona in study sessions that will begin Monday morning. The next day, Tuesday, and the results should be clear. That same day, the player, according to his team, say the last word in relation to his participation at Wimbledon, which starts on Monday 22.

Rafa Nadal takes time dragging problems of tendinitis in his right knee, which tends to compensate for problems with more support on the left. In this sequence, the world number one suffered a minor incident at the Miami Masters, which caused a small swelling in the left knee. “Since then, Rafa has played more than flexing foot, for this problem,” Toni Nadal analyzed.

The position of the left knee was getting worse throughout the spring. The intense schedule of the player has not helped. Back in Paris, just the first day of tournament at Roland Garros, Rafa again suffer a hyperflexión during training. Went the rounds as he could before Daniel, and Hewitt Gabashvili: was improving, but the intense effort to put the matter Söderling worse: during the battle with the Swedish, Nadal turned repeatedly to the stage for his team, noting that the pain was over. Not aimed at the knee at the press conference after the defeat: the number one hates to go public apology when he loses.

After Paris, Rafa has barely trained. “The body does not respond well and is only making out, no run,” says Toni. Between Monday and Tuesday, Wimbledon champion will know if your can build the new retractable roof for Center Court at the All England Club. The last word must Angel Ruiz Cotorro, and of course the champion Rafael Nadal.

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  1. loverafa4ever says:

    Oh god… All these headlines are so scary… Fingers crossed… all of us wanna hear a positive news…

    • vamsi says:

      hello everyone
      actually i m a stuent who is living in a hostel without tv
      i came in for holidays
      i thought it would be gr8 see rafa with the trophy and go back to studies but bad luck

      it was really nice to see that there are so many people around the world who love the amazing guy called rafa

      i hope that rafa has an amazing season(i also hope that he doesnt play much)
      i hope he stays really healthy and very very happy

  2. jo says:

    jesus, this gave me a jolt! what is happening to the world?! no wimbledon?! noooo!!! i hope everything works out for the best! im gonna start my novena now.

  3. Lisa says:

    Personally, I would rather see him concentrate on getting well. If he has to skip Wimbledon so be it. I mean could you imagine if he pushes himself too hard and further injures himself? That would be horrible. Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious. I’m keeping my fingers crossed too :/

    • Pheasant Plucker says:

      Agreed. I’d rather see him skip it this year and come back strong next year, than try to play and possibly exacerbate the injury further (injuries? Sounds like the right knee is still not good from the tendonitis last year, and the left got injured through the subsequent extra load on it. NOT GOOD).
      Put your feet up, Rafa-love. Better to miss them now but still be here in 5 years than to play this year and end your career.

  4. CC says:

    When I read “the world number one suffered a minor incident at the Miami Masters, which caused a small swelling in the left knee.” it really makes me wonder why he didn’t just take more time off then. It must mean that not only does he feel he CAN’T take time off because of having to defend points etc., but he must be the most stubborn man there is. Which is very admirable, but sometimes silly.
    *shakes fist at Rafa*

    On a lighter note, “The body does not respond well and is only making out”. Rafa, if making out is all your body is good for at the mo, I’ll be over in a flash! Wait for me!
    Imagine making out with that man… Yum, yum, yummy…

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Hee, “making out, no run.” I think I’ve got certification in both those fields. PERFECT.

    • natch says:

      “On a lighter note, “The body does not respond well and is only making out”. Rafa, if making out is all your body is good for at the mo, I’ll be over in a flash! Wait for me!
      Imagine making out with that man… Yum, yum, yummy…”

      God, no kidding!
      *gets in line after CC and TS*

      • CC says:

        I shall try not to be too long, but cannot make any promises…

        • natch says:

          Take your time. For once, I’m actually going to use my turn to help, instead of molest, him. There are a number of yoga poses that he should have been doing, but may desperately need to do now, if he wants strong, healthy knees. Remember that exercise video that was up here a while ago? Well, I kept thinking he was cheating. The reason being that many of his exercises were similar to yoga poses, but they didn’t go as far. I mean, *I* could do all the exercises he was doing, and I’m twice his age! I could tell from his body positioning that he didn’t do any type of yoga, which I find such a shame.
          Of course, if he wants to practice yoga with me, he’ll have to do it in the nude and also agree to some tantra sessions! ;)

          • CC says:

            Would you not even consider practicing yoga with him when he’s fully clothed? I think he might be more likely to take you up on the offer then… After a while, something tells me that it will be fairly easy to convince Rafa that practicing yoga without all that NIKE gear on is far more effective… Maybe…? ;)

            • natch says:

              Good point. Compromise is key to any relationship, doncha think? I guess I could let him wear the headband…;)

  5. vamsi says:

    just miss this year
    donot play wimbledon
    come back next year and win everything

  6. vamsi says:

    just miss this year
    donot play wimbledon
    come back next year and win everything

  7. vamsi says:

    just miss this year
    come back next year and win everything

  8. kalliopeia says:

    One potentially positive thing about the possibility of missing Wimbledon…if he misses that, he won’t have anything else scheduled until August. If his knee heals well enough and he’s 100% then physically, and well rested mentally and physically too, he might really be in good shape to make a run at the US Open. He’d presumably play at Montreal and Cincinnati, giving him maybe just enough time to play himself back into some kind of good form. Usually by that point in the year he’s completely worn out.

    I guess there’s no way he could hold on to his ranking if he misses Wimbledon, but if he’s in good shape to do well later in the year (when he usually isn’t), he might even be able to get it back by the end of the year if he rests and gets well.

    So, this doesn’t have to be a complete disaster, if it happens.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Yep, exactly what I was thinking. It’s a no-win at this point rankings-wise. If Fed wins today, he’ll need to win Wimbledon in order to keep his ranking, and I don’t see him doing that on a bum knee. Although, knowing how Rafa feels about Wimbledon, he’ll probably show up there on one leg. I’ll keep my expectations very, very low though.

      Keeping healthy for the US Open should be the big goal for him. He came back blazing for the Australian Open after a long break – no reason why he can’t do that for USO.

      What’s worrying is that he’s never able to make it through the year completely fit, and yet he still plays extraneous stuff like Rotterdam and Dubai and exhos and (sorry, Rafa, but yes) Barcelona. Something’s gotta give next year.

  9. CC says:

    You’re absolutely right, kalliopeia. I’m almost starting to think that it would be for the best if he does miss Wimbly and takes time off all summer.

    • vamsi says:

      he needs more than that he can also miss one of cinci or montreal
      it is ok if he cant defend his title at wimbly
      but it is not ok if his is not healthy

  10. skyejaden says:

    I can’t lie, I’m nervous waiting to hear results. I just want him to be healthy. I hate to think about how disappointed he would be to miss defending his title. But he’s smart, and has to think about his career as a whole. And if it means missing Wimbledon and coming to take US Open, then I’m okay with that.

    Just be well Rafa!!

  11. Esmmée says:

    If he can´t do Wimbledon i am sure he will be extra motivated to take Federer at the US Open, it does not even matter the fact that he probably will equal Sampras 14 and get the Grand Slam. Once he said something like: My problem is not the clay courts, it is Rafa on a clay court, i am sure Rafa will as well give him work on a Hard Court.

  12. Josh says:

    Does Rafa have “Tendinitis” or “Tendnosis” cause I was looking them up to find out more about it and what shock therapy might do.

    It was very interesting and it said that Shock Treatment does help sometimes, but not always. I was also looking at other long term treatments for tendinites and there is a new therapy called “autologous blood injection”, that was highly reccomended to work to solve tendinitis.

    I hope Angel Ruiz Cottoro knows what to do, cause there seems to be a lot of good treatments.

    • vamsi says:

      tendonitis is caused by overusing without allowing enough time for recovery
      this could be it
      i found out everything about it except about the shock therepy

      this injury cleary suggests that he doesnot need anything more than a lot of rest

  13. faecoleman says:

    Thanx for that Josh, I too hope he gets the best therapy cause watching Roger lift the coup de masquetees today made my heart sink, nothing against Roger he played exceptionally well as expected, Soderling just cannot make in roads into Rogers game and never has. He really never stood a chance out there, the nerves really got to him. I’m really scared for Rafa though, this must be such a hard time for him, if he can get through all of this, the recent losses and his ongoing injury he can achieve anything, we must all pray for him, I guess thats all we can do right now. Oh the Waiting is killing me!

    • vamsi says:

      we all are praying for him
      u know rafa is a big big fedophile
      he must have been happy to see rafa oops there i go….. roger win the trophy
      that thought made me happy

      but my blood burnt watching someone else lift rafa s trophy
      he will win it next year for sure

      • dutchgirl says:

        Seeing Roger lift the trophy and hearing all those French people go nuts about it (I was standing in between them), actually made me cry. I did applaud for Roger, cause he deserved to win yesterday, but my heart was with Rafa all the way.

        I’m hoping he and his team are wise enough and actually it would make me more comfortable knowing that Wimbledon would be skipped. That way we don’t have to worry anything might happen there and Rafa gets the well needed rest in order to maybe win his first USO and get back side to side with Roger.

        • dutchgirl says:

          By side to side I mean in winning Grand Slams on all surfaces, ofcourse…

          • dutchgirl says:

            OMG, I must be in some sort of ‘train-lag’; I mean in winning all the Grand Slams… (let me check: yes, this time I got i rigt! :-D )

            • vamsi says:

              you are soooooooooo right
              well it would have been a gr8 experience for u to have see n final

              • dutchgirl says:

                Tell me! I already missed an opportunity before to see him play. I had tickets for last year’s semifinal in Rotterdam, but then Rafa lost in 2nd round. Guess who I got to see play that evening… Soderling!!
                I did see Rafa play in this year’s semifinal in Rotterdam, luckily, but was so hoping to see him in this final of ‘his’ tournament, on clay.
                Well, maybe I’ll try again next year.

                • vamsi says:

                  he will be there
                  i know it must have really hurt to see someone called
                  soderling instead of rafa and that too twice
                  but anyway u had a chance to have a look at him
                  u r very very lucky
                  i really hope that u got his autograph
                  does he look like what he looks on tv?

  14. beau says:

    WE missed Rafa at the french open final this year, since soderling beat him was the one who deserved to play in the final. I am worried about the knee. I pray for perfect recovery. Nadal can equal the record of ALL FOUR GRAMSLAMS this year, so maybe wait for the US Open!! Love u RAFA!!!

  15. SheIsBlessed says:

    I’m sure all will be okay with Rafa. Let’s not worry.

    I’ve seen pics of Rafa having a great time with friends whilst he’s resting and taking his mind of rankings and all that malarkey.

  16. Christian says:

    Rafa dear, health comes first, than – the rest! Manage your physical potential for a very long run. You might even have 10 years of performing IF you handle things wisely. It would be a stab in the heart for us who hold you dear if you waste your magic powers!

  17. Josh says:


  18. Sarah says:

    Rafa Darling, praying that you will be okay to defend your Wimbledon Title. Would love to see you take on the likes of Andy Murray and Roger Federer again. Missing you already in the Queen’s Championships. But your health comes first and I wish you all the luck in the world to come back fit and healthy. I really hope this isn’t a serious injury like what the gossip has reported. Same here Dutch Girl I wanted Roger to get Sampras’ record and win the French Open but just looking at Soderling made me want to cry cos he knocked Rafa out and it was horrible. Good Luck Rafa; hope to see you soon!

    • tmi says:

      Hi what is said in that link. other than 200% and 100% i couldn undersatnd anything else. But I am damn happy to hear that rafa will be in wimby. Thank god :) Thank you too for this info. I was waiting for it from the morning.

  19. dutchgirl says:

    As I commented somewhere else on this site: of the official Rafa site he says he still has a lot of work to do for his recovery. I’m reading this as if the decision has been postponed a little, but that he’ll do everything possible to be able to play Wimbledon.
    So we have to be patient yet again!

  20. AnaR says:

    tmi, the translation more o less said …

    Nadal said who will play at Wimbledon
    The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal was put back on Tuesday with medical tests in Barcelona and, in view of the result, has decided to participate in Wimbledon, the third Grand Slam of the season that begins next June 22. He suffers discomfort in his knee and he had departed from the tracks. On Monday, Nadal spent the whole day in Barcelona undergoing more medical tests. During the past 36 hours, the Spanish player has undergone extensive medical tests under the supervision of Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro.
    After knowing the outcome, Nadal, has announced that on 16 of june will be traveling to London with the intention of defending his title at Wimbledon, in the light of the results of medical tests that he has been subjected for two days in Barcelona.
    “I will give 200% for have the 100% of level because it is the most important tennis tournament on the world that always made me dream.” I will not leave with any form to the track, much less central to Wimbledon to see what happens, if I play I know I will be at 100%, “said on its website.”I’ve been playing with pain in my knees for several months and personally I can’t continue. With this physical pain and on certain movements which made me not feel well mentally,” said the Spanish player.
    Nadal is willing to sacrifice him because rest two weeks of missing Wimbledon. “I’ll remain very tough during two weeks ahead of recovery where you have to work, not what I like best, which is tennis, but on the base recovery de fisioterapia and recovery work specific muscles in the area.” For his part, Dr. Cotorro, the Federation Spanish doctor and head of the medical center MAPFRE tennis said that “shows, once the relevant tests (MRI, ultrasound and bone scan) an” insertion tendinitis of both quadriceps tendons in bone with slight swelling above both poles of patella. “It will be subjected to intensive treatment based on oral anti-inflammatory, local mesotherapy more physiotherapy (Magnetotherapy, thermotherapy) and progressive enhancement of both quadriceps muscle,” he added. Nadal will return to the sport in a progressive manner “after the 48 hours of treatment.”
    Remember that after making history with his victory at Roland Garros, Roger Federer spoke of his friend and rival, Rafael Nadal. The Swiss said that he would be “something big” win in Wimbledon, but he hopes that on the herb can be found in London with Nadal. Because, as said Federer, would be “terrible” that Nadal did not attends due to physical problems.The number one resigned to playing the ATP tournament at Queen’s and was waiting for the opinion of the doctors who examined him at a clinic in the city to decide on his presence at Wimbledon.

    I hope you can understand because it’s too long and with medical terms.