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Thanks so much to Vic for posting this as a comment. I’m posting it here as well to help make sure people see it.

Here’s the link and Vic’s translation:

Info RMC – After having declared its absence in Queen’ s, Rafael Nadal could not be able to defend his title in Wimbledon. because of a painful knee, as Toni Nadal, the uncle and trainer of the player tells us in an exclusive interview.

Toni Nadal, what is Rafael undergoing?

Rafael has a problem in the right knee (edema,) since Miami, and this kept getting worse, So now we have decided to stop. He played with this in Madrid, Monte-Carlo and, Roland-Garros. Every time, it was a little worse.

It is because of this pain that Rafael lost against Soderling in the fourth round?

He lost,, that’s all, we are not going to talk about this after the match. The pain was there from the first day. Since Madrid, he played with a specific treatment preparation by the doctor and the physiotherapist of the Spanish equipment of the Davis Cup.

Why did Rafael not speak of it after his defeat against Söderling?

We are now talking about it because Rafael is not going to Queen’s tournament, otherwise we wouldn’t have mentioned it. Many players play with physical annoyances.

In Madrid, the doctor did not underestimate the gravity of Rafael’s injury?

No, the doctor said that it was not serious but it was painful when the player tried to bend. As long as he could endure the injury, he could play. We saw well that Rafael had difficulty to move in Roland-Garros.

Toni Nadal, Will Rafael go to Wimbledon?

We will see. Monday and Tuesday, He’ll go to Barcelona to pass examinations, and later we will decide what we will do. We will do whatever the doctors tell us we should do.

Are you optimistic?

Oh no, I am not optimistic at all. Of course, if there is an opportunity to play the most important tournament of the season, he will try. We will see.

Is Rafael affected by all this?

Very much so. He is affected, it is normal, because he sees that he’s been hampered in Roland-Garros, a very important tournament for us, and now his presence in Wimbledon is uncertain.

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  1. Vic says:

    Hi Miri, you are welcome!

    Toni Nadal has also been interviewed on Channel 4 TV, Spain:

    They have asked him about Wimbledon and his reply was similar to what he said on RMC french radio. What is interesting though is his reply to the question: “was Rafa affected by his defeat to Soderling?” He said: “Yes, he was a bit affected; specially because his body was not responding and that has been going on for 2 months already, each day being a bit worse. This is not to make excuses for the defeat, at all”.

    He then goes on to say that they will try hard to be able to be in Wimbledon, depending on the results of the medical tests and wether they’ll be able to compete at a reasonable good level.

    “When did the injury start?” In Miami. Ever since then Rafa has been playing rather standing, without bending, which makes playing more difficult.

    “Who will you root for in tomorrow’s final, Sod or Federer?” To be honest, and although I like Federer better as a person, it would be more convenient for us if Sod finally held the trophy. (everybody laughing).

    • tmi says:

      Hi you guys are really great and thanks for upto date info.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Eek, the injury started in Miami? Then why oh why did he attempt to play 4 consecutive clay tournaments right afterward?

      Well, Toni sounds pretty calm and Toni-like. I’m glad he’s not being all falsely optimistic.

      • loverafa4ever says:

        datz true… he shud hav not played Madrid if Doctors wr advising him not to bend… awww… Rafa! Get well soon! and I am hoping to hear some positive news on Tuesday… I am sure his knee will pass the examination…

    • loverafa4ever says:

      Hehe… I like Toni’s reply…that it will convenient for them if Sod wins… lol… so true…

  2. tmi says:

    Hope he gets well soon and be on the right form. I wish he will be there in wimbeldon. Anyway I am having my fingers crossed to see what happens. Let all the best wishes be with him ALWAYS.

  3. SheIsBlessed says:

    In Miami Rafa never looked happy, he looked like a lot was going on in his mind. I remember hearing about rumours going around about something about Rafa but most people started speculating that it was a personal problem.

    • Pheasant Plucker says:

      Well, recurrence of the buggery knee is pretty personal. ;)

      He definitely hasn’t been moving well since Miami, so I can’t say I’m surprised that this has happened. In all honesty, give the way he was moving (and playing) against Soderling, I’m surprised that he even got a set. It definitely had shades of the Bercy quaterfinal last year. Given that he didn’t play again after that until the Aussie Open, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him again until the US Open (or just before). Sounds like the same injury in the same knee…

      • SheIsBlessed says:

        Not when its about your professional career, the gossips are already writing obituary’s about his professional career saying he may never come back, his career is over.

        Anyway, although he has won majors and titles, I do think the knee injury has been niggling him since Rotterdam.

        • loverafa4ever says:

          I think aftr that Australian Open Semis he has had problems with his knee… Did he hav the same problem last year? coz of which he withdrew frm Shanghai and Paris? was it the knee?

  4. Izzy says:

    Hmmm…I dont know guys. I too dont understand why if Rafa had this problem since Miami he chose to play so many tournaments before RG it makes noooooo sense and why he didnt chose instead to skip some of them including Madrid to better prepare himself for his RG defense!

    I totally love Rafa but I have a suspicion that although the knee issue is there its not as bad as it sounds and that all this does for Rafa coming up to Wimbledon is:

    1) Take the pressure off! As he will not go into it as favourite after missing Queens because of his ‘bad knee’.

    2) Gives him added rest and mental recuperation!

    Could it be a case of 20% knee and 80% mental tiredness, because one thing is for sure, Rafa was moving ok, his reactions were just slower but nevertheless the same.

    • Pheasant Plucker says:

      As much as I’d love to believe that this is a pressure-relieving ploy, I really really don’t. Why did he play all those tournaments? Because they’re the ones that mean the most to him personally, AND because he had a huge number of points to defend. Skipping Monte Carlo and Madrid (for example) equates to the same thing as skipping Roland Garros in terms of points.
      As for his movement, it hasn’t been anywhere near fine since Miami. He’s been struggling, and he’s been looking pretty miserable. Up to this point, the knee clearly hasn’t been as bad as it was during, for example, the Bercy quaterfinal game last year (where he stopped moving all together, and kept his weight off it), but he’s been slow and defensive.

  5. Josh says:

    According to this Yahoo! new article, the spanish newspaper Marca reported that it wasn’t to do with his Knee Tendonitis it was something different.

    Maybe it is just shades of the problem he faced in Rotterdam, which was again not tendonitis related but because his knee was simply sore and needed rest….well after that final he got rest and then on his comeback; won Indian Wells…I am optimistic!

    Even if he misses Wimby, I am confident of a good run at the US Open, circa Australian Open 2009; in that scenario at the beginning of the year; he came back from injury, was beaten soundly by Gael Monfils in Doha and then wooped some candy ass in Australia.

    Take as much time as you need Rafa!

    • loverafa4ever says:

      Yea… he took around a months brk before going into Indian Wells… I hope this time also it doesn’t really have nething to do with tendinitis… and that its jst abt giving some rest to his knee… I think its all gods will… he jst want all the attention off Rafa so dat Rafa can come back at is 100% to win the USO… :)…

  6. miri says:

    I thought he was moving very, very well in the IW final. I thought it was his movement and adjustment to the ball that won him that windy match.

    The problem is, the tour makes it so difficult to skip events even due to energy. It really screws up your seeding at the Slams. I can completely understand why he played the required events, what I don’t understand is the two exhibitions (three, really if you count the one setter) and two 250s he played. Yes, one is Barcy and I think he’d have to be half-dead to skip that…but Rotterdam?

    That being said, all I can do is put my trust in him and his team to make the right decisions. They certainly know much more about what they are doing than I do. I’ll also say that, while I am worried, the Nadal’s (especially Toni) are the champs at lowering expectations and over-stating the impact an injury might have on a tournament.

    • Josh says:

      For me, some of the best hardcourt tennis I have ever seen Rafa play was the Rotterdam final, in the 2nd set.

      Bar being broken so much cause he couldn’t push of his knees at all, some of his ground strokes were venomous; simply because he was having to shorten points with the inability to move well. It was the flatest forehand I have ever seen from him and sounded kinda like a gunshot really.

  7. CC says:

    Usch…my head is spinning when I read all this… I do sincerely hope it is a case of “over-stating the impact of an injury”, as you said miri. Because when people start mentioning Rafa never being able to play again, taking early retirement, etc. it’s just too much.

    So if this started in Miami, or possibly even before, how the HELL can he go on to play every DAMN tournament and also WIN or be in the final in all of them?! That makes him…*sigh*…even more admirable.

    Rafa, you LISTEN to us. REST dammit, REST! Just lie on the beach in Mallorca and don’t even DARE get up until Wimbledon starts. (:

    • loverafa4ever says:

      So true… with all that pain he managed to win 3 out of four tournaments and was also able to pull out a 4 hours few minutes match… and if dis was such a problem how come he started playing at Roland Garros… wat if he hadnt lost dat match against soldering… wat if he was going 2 play the final 2moro… I mean I dont understand this… I am trying to find reasons not to believe that this is something serious and am trying to convince myself that this injury is not something that might keep Rafa off the Wimbledon…

      I think he will play at Wimbledon… it means so much to him… and after Wimbledon there r no tournaments for 5 weeks… I really hope he will feel better by the end of dis week…

      But seriously can’t believe all des nonsense media has been talking abt… Him retiring… WTH! All players have gone thru such phases… every player (may b except Roger) has had injuries that has kept them off the tournament…

    • tiemyshoe says:

      I really don’t pay attention to much outside tennis media these days because of RG, but I wouldn’t give the “he’s going to retire!” hysteria a minute of my time. Players get injuries, and this one hasn’t been determined to be career-ending or, as of yet, even Wimbledon-ending. I mean, people come back from surgeries and all sorts of more traumatic things – Rafa will be fine after this rough time.