Rafa & Toni interviews

The video title references training for Queens and Wimbledon – guess there are no grass courts at the Manacor tennis club.

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And what looks to be a different cut of the same interview:

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  1. Maru says:

    Again trying to make a little bit of sense:

    Rafa: If you get mad then you have the extra job to stop being mad (did that make any sense? =S), at the end it’s a little sad because it was a opportunity lost and from that you just look foward.
    It all came together:I was far from being on my 100% and the rival played better than me and that’s why he won.

    Journalist: On the next hours Rafa will fly to London where he´d play on Queen’s and Wimbledon tournaments. In London he’s expecting to find the appretiation that has been denied in Paris.

    Rafa: In a tournament so important and special to me, to see (realise) that the public who comes to the match it’s rooting for you to lose it’s a bit sad.

    Uncle T:I thought that the public’s reation was disgraceful, on one hand they (demand) want from him so many autographs and then they wish that he losses. What a stupid attitude from someone to built their happiness on somebody else’s lost. I reaffirm that the public’s (attitude) is very wrong but you can’t blame Rafa’s loss on them.

    • miri says:

      Thanks, Maru!

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Rafa: In a tournament so important and special to me, to see (realise) that the public who comes to the match it’s rooting for you to lose it’s a bit sad.

      God, this makes me so pissed on Rafa’s behalf. To quote Sharapova: Allez up your fuckin’ ass, RG crowd.

      • miri says:

        It might be sad, but I still think that their bringing this up so much isn’t going to help and will only make the Paris Masters and next year’s RG even worse. I just wish they’d let it die. *sigh*

        • tiemyshoe says:

          Yeah, I’m sure it’s getting interpreted as post-loss whining, and perhaps it’ll turn the crowd against him even more. Although … can it actually get any worse? What are they gonna do next year, chuck rocks at him?

          The more maddening thing is, I can’t think of anyone else (aside from Borg) who’s so raised the profile of Roland Garros in places where claycourt tennis remains an oddity (like, er, all of the U.S.). Rafa’s done a lot for the French Open, and I’m kind of glad he’s expressing his disappointment at the crowd’s sucktitude.

          On the other hand … Uncle Toni seriously needs to stop calling them “stupid.” Not a good move.

          • Pheasant Plucker says:

            Given that they’ve rooted so strongly against him in RG, and BOOed him in Bercy, I’d say no, it can’t get any worse. The behaviour of the Parisian crowds is despicable and given how diplomatic Toni generally is, it says a lot about how Rafa is treated in Paris that he (Toni) is coming out saying that the crowds are ‘stupid’. And given that there’s such a bias (I mean come on, Federer didn’t even bother to take the court at the Bercy quaters last year; Rafa at least gave them a set), I’m surprised nothing has been said sooner. They treat spaniards like crap.

          • teejustice says:

            You’re right. This is not a slam or surface preferred in the US. I used to dislike it, until the Rafa. My mom is a huge tennis fan and turned me on to it as a kid. We watched RG through the years, but it was more casual. Wimbledon and USO were the crown jewels. They rarely showed AO back then. I remember when Chang won it was a big deal, particulary becuase he was only a couple of years older than me. But after that I really didn’t care about until I saw Rafa in 2005.

            • An says:

              I’m saying sorry in advance to French Rafa fans… Of course there are always exeptions to the rule!!

              But the french are known for this kind of things, you see strange behaviour in other sports too.
              There is no other country where winners of big advents are so manny times acused of using doping as in France, even if there is never found any proof for it! I’m reading accusations towards Soderling evrywhere now!

              Not that i suddenly am a fan of Soderling, not even by far but this is wrong imo, if anybody is tested and there is proof you can report it but otherwise you should shut up!

              Seems like the French just can’t take it that there are people cappable of doing great in sports outside France and thats nonsense!

            • faecoleman says:

              Same here, I never bothered much with the French until Rafa burst on to the scene and watching it now, the atmosphere just sucks without Rafa, and yes the Parisians are stupid, don’t they realise that without Rafa’s charisma, Roland Garros just ain’t right, after all who is the Greatest clay courter to ever grace their courts? sure Bjorg was a great but how long ago was that? yes exactly 30 odd years ago lol… shame on them and there ignorance.

              • Suzanne says:

                I loved Borg, but let’s face it, in the end he just threw in the towel because he was bored. I don’t think Rafa would quit until his legs dropped out from underneath him. He has joy and enthusiasm in his sport. Oh and by the way, the French talk a big game, but when French men face eachother on the battlefield (real war or terre battue) their arms go up in surrender. Rafa Nadal’s arms only go up in victory (although you’ll never see him dance on any player’s grave after they’ve lost…AO champ).

              • teejustice says:

                It’s a shame but I’m sure the crowd is an international one and we can’t just say “the French”…I can tell you if I had the chance to go to RG I’d take it in a heartbeat. I’ve been to Paris a few times and never really encountered the stereotype of being an American in Paris and French rudeness, even when my French was at level 0 instead of level 2. Maybe one day the crowd will appreciate our great champion.

        • vamsi says:

          you know what rafa is not playin at queens it is terrible
          2 weeks without rafa more

      • johanne says:

        The crowd booed Sharapova off the RG courts last year!!! This year they’re cheering for her, chanting her name and wanting her opponents (most noticeably Cibulkova) to lose. They are totally unpredicatable. Who knows, Rafa could come back to warm reception next year because he was “dethroned” in the 4th round. Or they could taunt him. Who knows. But whatever happens, I’m sure Rafa will be prepared to take it! :)

      • jo says:

        Sharpy said that? Definitely wanna see a vid! Gotta give her spunk points for this :D

      • nic says:

        wow did sharapova really say that?

        the quote from rafa just broke my heart all over again :(

        if he’s just mentioned it to the spanish press, and toni is still reaffirming what he said on the radio few days ago, toni must be really doing it in defence of rafa’s hurt feelings.

        boy, does rafa look kinda down to you in that interview? or is he just being really sober. miss his beautiful smile.

        it just upsets me so much that he’s been hurt by it, and mentioning it to the press that it is a little sad, i think it’s probably hurting him more than that. but rafa really has to put this behind him now, and try his best to forget the ungrateful lot at RG. totally, the tournament’s profile has been raised tremendously because of rafa’s achievements there. everytime he is brought up, RG is more often than not mentioned. where’s the respect. toni is just so incensed by the lack of decency.

  2. Josh says:

    Anyone know what that Banner said in the first clip, when they showed to RG crowd?

  3. Trish says:

    I agree that they need to stop talking about it — but somehow, I dont know, I am cutting them a little slack (too bad I am not French) — they are human and they can get their feelings hurt too – but I know that they should try to be more savvy about it — oh well… Still — I love Tio Toni !!!

  4. June says:

    I do agree w/everyone about this entire mess being brought up way too much for now that is. Maybe this time next year it won’t be remembered, only by the media of course. If I were RAFA (I know this sounds stupid) but I would boycott the RG tournament & wouldn’t even grace my presence or set foot in Paris for a while! This does sound Federesque, I assume & it’s me just venting, but in all honesty, I would seriously consider it. We all know that RAFA is the best player that clay has to offer the Parisian fans, but for some unknown reason, he wasn’t allowed to bring it & those crowds turned on him, kind of like in the history books. I agree that the Spanish are truly discriminated against, which is terrible & it’s unfair in reality, but an actual part of life even today, unfortunately. Go to Queens & Wimbledon & take them both RAFA w/all eyes watching you :-)

    • Suzanne says:

      The way to beat them at their own game is to return next year, win, be gracious (when is he ever ungracious?), and be a bigger man than all of them put together. That’s our Rafa. That’s why we love him.

      • miri says:

        And trounce the competition while being gracious. That’ll really piss them off. ;)

        • Suzanne says:

          Five years from now no one will remember the name of the sod buster and no one knows the names of any of those hooligans calling themselves French tennis fans. Rafel Nadal will be a headliner at the World Tennis Hall of Fame forever.

  5. skyejaden says:

    I feel at a loss of words over this whole situation. I love this tournament and have loved seeing Rafa so successful at it. But at the same time, all this behavior has just soured me, and for the first time in a long time, I can truly say I can’t wait for this slam to be over. It makes me sad when he’s hurt/sad for any reason, let alone over an event he obviously holds so dear. It’s a real shame, the whole situation. :( I just hope he has a great week off and gets on with the rest of the season with his beautiful positive attitude.

  6. Denizen says:

    skyejaden, I share your feelings. I’ve always loved clay because of the need to construct points rather than bash balls, but this year has been so disappointing. Still, I’m pulling for Gonzo tomorrow. If he loses, then I’m done with the tournament. Bring on Queens!

    I do wish that Toni had expressed himself differently – “stupid” is a poor choice of words. Classless, boorish, rude, contemptible, base – these words describe their behavior rather than pass judgment on their intelligence.

  7. CC says:

    Yep, me thinks Toni and Rafa need to drop this now and I am still surprised that el Tio even brought this up. Again, I suppose it’s tv and the press that keep going on about it…

    OK, I think the RG crowd might have been “unfair” to Rafa, but that’s the way they are and maybe one day it will all come back to them in an unpleasant way.

    Vamos Söderling today!

    • johanne says:

      “…maybe one day it will all come back to them in an unpleasant way.”

      Personally I’d like to see it bite them in the ass on Sunday, with Soderling beating Federer in the final. Wait, you guys don’t want Robin to win? Be careful what you wish for, RG crowd. ;)

      I would find it hilarious.

      • faecoleman says:

        I soo agree with you Johanne on that one, the crowd were behing Fed all the way today against Del Potro and he still managed to take Fed to five sets so good for him, shame he choked in the 3rd set though. I would love for Soderling to beat Federer, just to teach the crowd a lesson, can’t see it happening thou, it would take a miracle from Soderling. I really hope Rafa comes back next year and anihlates all the competition! all he needs to do is let his tennis do the talking!!!

  8. imjimmy says:

    This is amazing:

    “Rafa says that it’s useless to get mad because then you have to get “un mad” and that’s another job.”

    He should start counseling, after he’s done with tennis.

    • dutchgirl says:

      Maybe he could counsel us, because we do seem to be angry instead of him!

      • imjimmy says:

        Exactly. Can’t even put in words how mad I am :)

        That said, it would be naive to believe that Rafa’s not bitterly disappointed after this unprecedented loss. It’s one thing to project calm to the media, and quite another to feel it yourself. The real question is whether he can get his confidence back in the time for Wimbledon, which is only 16 days away now.

        • dutchgirl says:

          Ofcourse, he’s only human too. And it’s nothing more than logical that he must be feeling some disappointment. But after all, he’s Rafa! And we’ll see how he’s doing next week at Queen’s. Can’t wait, because I need to see he’s okay.

  9. eliza says:

    It just makes me even angrier at that crowd, seeing Toni being so un-Zen about it – if he’s acting like a typical protective uncle, the Nadals must be really pissed off about it, and Rafa must be really upset. He looks pretty unhappy there too. Ah well. You’ll get plenty of support in London Rafa :)

  10. AnaR says:

    Some people think that Toni shouldn’t make these statements. Personally I think Toni has done well talking about this issue because any statement of Toni or Rafa at the moment goes to around the world and it is important to make clear that this only happened in Paris (where Rafa has proved to be the best) and not in any other place around the world. It is important to make this clear to avoid that a lot of people can say that Rafa is permanently doing complaint or that he blames to public for his defeat. We know this is not true.

  11. aRafaelite says:

    I watched the highlights the other night and was stunned by how the crowd cheered when Rafa fell over. That’s beyond rude. I might say a silent prayer of thanks when a player I don’t like hits a double fault, but I certainly wouldn’t cheer their misses or misfortune.

    I’ve been on the receiving end of Parisian rudeness (which is also sadly thriving across the pond in Montreal as well) and all I can say is this: “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”

    Rafa will no doubt come back stronger than ever and be making a joke out of it next year. Maybe he won’t better that 4 times in a row we were all hoping for, but Borg only won 6(?) RG titles in total, and Rafa’s got more than a couple more in him, I think! The Parisians can shove that up their …..!

    Vamos Gonzo! You’re not as polite as dear Rafa, so I’m looking forward to what you’ll do if the crowd disrespects you. Some vintage Gonzalez “kiss my arse” type gestures would go down very well with me! Buena Suerte!

    • natylite says:

      Okay. So I just talked to my co-worker (he’s from Marseille) and explained to me why the French don’t like Rafa. I apologize ahead of time to anyone who is French and may be offended by this. That being said, here’s what said:

      1. He wins too much. The French Open used to be a tournament where there was always a different winner, now….
      2. He doesn’t smile. Rafa=intense focus and the French prefer someone who smiles. Think Guga or Tsonga. (Djoko would do well there).
      3. They root for Fed b/c he’s never had success in Paris and also he speaks French
      4. Nadal’s won 4x and never even attempted to speak French (I know, I know, he tried a little last year, but apparently that wasn’t enough)
      5. Even if there was a French player who won too much they might still root for the other guy to beat him. According to my co-worker, “it just apart of French culture.”
      6. The exception, of course, is the French Football team…they can dominate until hell raises over and the French would have no problems.

      I asked him if the crowd was likely to support Rafa next year (considering he lost) and he said “I doubt it. He’s had too much success there”. Now there’s something to look forward to ;-)

  12. ekattor says:

    he’s not playing Queens!!! And its because of his Knees!!! I hope nothings too bad…


    • ekattor says:

      May be its good for him to take some rest and figure out that knee problem… but he will have so little practice before wimbi…

      and what will happen to me?? I’v been waiting for queens ever since his RG exit :(

      • dutchgirl says:

        OMG, this is terrible, Wimbledon starts so soon! I must admit, I was worried about his knees with the way they were burdened in the Soderling match, especially with the fall he made. Hope it’s nothing to serious.

    • eliza says:

      Oh Rafa :(
      I so hope that this is just precautionary. Worried about the knees, and also worried that he is kind of heartbroken over this loss and the way he was treated in RG. Hopefully that is just me being melodramatic.

  13. dutchgirl says:

    Quote from the official site: “I am really sorry and I hope that the people at the Club will still want me to come next year.”

    Being melodramatic, as a lot of us are, you could read this in the way he has been hurt more than he wanted to admit by the way he was treated in Paris.
    But it could very well be the humble, modest Rafa talking here. I vote for the latter.

  14. June says:

    I hope poor RAFA heals fast for himself and I’m sure he’s dissapointed that he’s unable to play at Queen’s. I wonder if that new clay court in Madrid that they compared it to being similar to a hard court did some damage to his knees (hopefully not) but maybe he just needs some much needed rest (I’m sure his doctors know what’s best for him). I kind of wish that it was Gonzales & Del Potro in the final, but since it’s Fed & Sod I do respect Rafa’s way of thinking that Roger wins this one for him (what are tennis rivals/friends for). It will certainly be a very interesting match to watch, to say the least. If the Sod does happen to win by some unknown reason, then I agree that he won’t be remembered for long, at least by next year & will probably be booed by the Paris crowd next year (looking forward to that). I heard some commentators at one point mentioning that RAFA made a statement something to the effect that he may probably not be able to walk by the time he’s 27 because of the style of tennis he plays. He needs to be kinder to his body since it’s the only one God gave him & take care of himself more as he’s so young & has many more years of tennis playing left in him. Perhaps accupuncture might help him somewhat since he obviously can’t take cortisone shots. I wonder if his legs are insured by Lloyd’s of London!

    • Suzanne says:

      Why wouldn’t he be able to take cortisone shots? A series of three of them got Andre through his last US Open when his back was in such pain. I don’t think it’s a banned substance as it is anti-inflammatory. By the way, people are being pretty hard on Rafa and Uncle Toni for expressing their sadness at the way the French treated (and have often treated) him. No one seems to care that the sod buster showed his lack of humility by bragging about taking down the “best clay court player ever”. Let’s hope that Fed (one of the best ever on all surfaces, along with Rafa) takes him down one big notch on Sunday. You might all be too young to remember Illie Nastase (aka “Nasty”), but as much of a nut case as he could be on the court, he was fun and kind with his fellow players, and never arrogant. I think the sod buster deserves a nickname like “skanky sod”.

      • dutchgirl says:

        I happen to be in Paris for the final on Sunday and I’ve been waiting with tension who would make it there. I’m glad Roger got through, I’ll be rooting for him. Anything better than Soderling! I will be wearing my Vamos! shirt though. Ofcourse I will. I have been thinking about a banner saying ‘Vamos Roger’, but no, that would be too much.

        • Suzanne says:

          Maybe you should make a banner saying “Grind down the sod, Rogerio!” That way it will get across both messages; you want to see that rude pretender go down and you want to support Roger along with Rafa (he calls him “Rogerio”). Fun.

          • dutchgirl says:

            That would be funny! I can’t imagine being really happy if either one of them wins though. I still think Rafa should have been Roger’s opponent.
            But IMO Roger deserves it more than the Sod.

            • CC says:

              I find it interesting to read a lot of people’s comments about how rude and arrogant the French crowd is, and then in their next post go on to suggest for others to be rude and arrogant to players, when in the crowd.


              Sorry, I had to say it.

              OK, I will go away now. Maybe I’ll join natch in her Rafa cove on Mallorca. ;)

              • miri says:

                No need to go away…at least, not in my book. I agree completely.

              • tiemyshoe says:

                Word, CC!

                • CC says:

                  Oh, thanks.

                  Might still join natch in that cove… ;)

                  • dutchgirl says:

                    It never crossed my mind to actually perform this kind of acts. In that way I consider myself different from the French crowd. I’ll be a sport as well, applauding for whoever is performing good.
                    But I’m only human too, and can’t help but thinking of it sometimes.

      • miri says:

        As much as I dislike Soderling and as much as it hurts my brain to think about it, I will be rooting for him in the final for 3 reasons:

        1. Dude’s been playing out of his mind good and deserves all he can get out of this tournament.

        2. It means Rafa would have lost to the eventual winner and not just some random guy not in the top ten

        3. Fed should not break Samprass’s slam record, win a career slam and earn all the GOAT accolades he’s going to get for going through a tournament while only having to play one guy ranked in the top 10. It’s been a cake-walk draw for Fed…and he’s still had problems winning.

        • dutchgirl says:

          Okay, you’re right, especially about the 2nd and 3rd reason. But… I can’t look at Soderling without thinking about his behaviour and attitude.
          Right now I simply hope to see an exciting tennismatch and will trie not to think too much about what could have been. And in my belief justice somehow and at some point will be done, so may the best man win.

          • dutchgirl says:

            I’d like to add I don’t like Sod’s type of play. I have seen him play before, in last year’s semifinal in Rotterdam. My husband thought he played really well (I think it was Clement who he beat), but I was only bored.
            And sure, he’s been playing better this tournament, but nevertheless. I’m hoping Roger will finally be able to show his best tennis.

            • imjimmy says:

              I agree with Miri. If my favorite lost, I would want the man that beat him to win it all.
              What if Fed straight sets Soderling — Where does that leave us? Rafa lost to a man who Federer demolished?

              Anyway the reasons that Soldering probably won’t win:

              1) He looked weary in the 5th set against Gonzo. Not sure if he’ll be physically 100% on Sunday.
              2) Final and SF are different ball games. It’s easy to falter when you see the trophy so close.
              3) Never mind the cheering against Rafa, the crowd will be 100% pro-Federer. Soderling’s got to deal with that since it could get ugly. I’ve seen the french crowd over the years, and know exactly how fickle they are.

              That said, I still believe that Soderling has a chance if he’s physically 100%. Simply because his A game is miles better than DelPotro (who nearly had Fed on the ropes) and Soderling’s f&$* it all attitude just might help him ignore the crowd and the pressure of the final and do the impossible!

              So Robin Soldering for the win for me!! Sorry for the long post.

              • teejustice says:

                I just can’t ever root for Fed. I agree with Miri’s reasons too. Before Rafa, Sampras was my all-time favorite. When Fed had about 8 slams, I smelled the record getting in jeopardy and never wanted him to match it or beat it. He may very well do it of course, but hopefully not at RG and especially w/o having to face Rafa. I am no fan of Soderling, but he has been playing well. I saw him as a tough match for Rafa (never thought he’d win) because he was playin well. Maybe it’s just his tourney. This could be a breakthrough for him and re-shape his attitude because overall it just sux

        • Suzanne says:

          In some ways I agree, but something about sod just really rubs me the wrong way. I’ve never been so unhappy to see anyone do well in tennis, no matter how unlikeable. I feel like a mother hen protecting one of her chicks where it regards Rafa. When someone is so rude to him when he’s so kind to everyone it just shows his lack of class and ignorance. It would be like someone saying Andre Aggasi isn’t generous, giving $1.00 to charity, and blasting it all over the headlines that they are the most generous person of the moment! It doesn’t fly.

          • miri says:

            I think Rafa’s pretty good at protecting himself and doesn’t need me to worry about that. I can understand him bringing out those feelings in others (esp. when he’s in goofy dork mode), but I think he’s a grown-up who can handle himself.

            And it’s not like Sod’s just an ass to him – he’s just anti-social in general. (And yes, I can totally understand the anti-social attitude of not caring to say “hi” to everyone in the locker-room.)

            And I don’t see the parallel with the Andre idea. Sod’s never said Rafa wasn’t gracious or friendly.

            (I cannot believe I’m defending a guy I don’t like!)

            • Suzanne says:

              I was actually just making a comparison of someone who is kind to everyone and someone who isn’t just anti-social, but rude and has NO people skills! He was very rude at Wimbledon and didn’t need to say anything, his actions define him, as Rafa’s actions define him. Andre’s generosity is to Rafa’s kindness what sod’s rudeness and arrogance is to the person thinking themself generous in comparison to Andre. Maybe it’s just me. Isn’t it funny that I have a motherly feeling towards Rafa? He could squash me with his (crooked) little finger! Have you ever seen him play in person? I was blessed to see him at Indian Wells the year he first won it. He presence is immense close up, and yet in the after match interviews he always sweetly thanked the crowd for supporting him and coming to his matches. Some players think the honor is for the fans to see them; Rafa is honored to play for us!

              • miri says:

                “he person thinking themself generous in comparison to Andre”

                Yes, he was rude at Wimbledon (2 years ago) and yes he’s an ass. But…he’s never claimed otherwise and I don’t think he’s ever tried to say he’s less of an ass than Rafa, that’s why the comparison isn’t working for me. Sod’s never tried to be nice or whatever because he’s just honest about the ass that he is. ;) As much as I don’t like his assiness, I prefer an ass who doesn’t try to cover it up with with fakeness. Only thing worse than an ass is a fake ass. So, he gets one teeny tiny point from me on that one.

                (I think I just set the record for typing the word “ass” in one post.)

                And yep – I saw Rafa play this year. Sadly, it was in Miami where he wasn’t exactly happy.

        • Nimmy says:

          miri, like you I don’t want Fed to win FO and become a GOAT all in a year he’s playing so mediocre. But at the same time I’m scared (very much) that a grand slam win might turn Sod into a true monster: he’ll be insufferable whenever he plays Rafa again and this might give him HUGE confidence boost he might become a top 5 player.

          Oh, only if there was someway that neither of him can win this slam!

        • faecoleman says:

          I totally agree with you Miri, it would definately show Rafa’s loss in a better light if Soderling were to beat Roger! All this goat talk is driving me crazy and can you imagine Feds interview post trophy ceremony, sickening! Roger will be back if not already to his conceited self but one has to admitt that Rogers draw was a walk in the park, and as usual he will have one a Slam without any real competition, and still he has struggled through to the final. Goat indeed!

        • Trish says:

          I agree with Miri’s 1-2-3! As much as I hate wanting him to win — I hope S-D does take it away from Roger…. it is the only justice now (for me).

        • tiemyshoe says:

          Oh it pains me, but I’ll cheer for Sod to the max on Sunday. If he could dust Roger in three sets, that’d be even nicer. My reasons are the same as miri’s, but more importantly: I’ve seen two players go down to Roger after having won 2 sets off him today, and it has DRIVEN ME TO DISTRACTION. The guy rides on his name in the fifth set. Somebody needs to take him down.

          That said, if it goes to a fifth set, or even a fourth, I’d put my money on Roger to pull it out. Consequently, it’ll be the greatest victory of his life. He’ll be talked up as the GOAT forever. It’s starting to seem like destiny that he’ll be heading the pantheon – that’s the hard fact for non-Roger fans. If not this year, then some other year.

          C’est la vie. (That said: YOU CAN DO IT, SOD. Seriously. Channel that anti-social hatred toward GOOD.)

          • teejustice says:

            LOL…my mom and another friend of mine flove Fed…they just don’t see his conceit and arrogance and why I’m such a tennis fan but don’t love Fed..duh! Besides all the tennis sites, I’ll never hear the end of it regarding his grace Roger Federer…yuck. He’s a great tennis player, no doubt. but still not my cup of tea…his arrogance and backhanded comments…ugh

            • dutchgirl says:

              I agree with miri that a fake ass is much worse than being an ass and make no secret about it. If there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s people who are fakes. That doesn’t mean I appreciate his kind of behaving.

              But, if Federer were to win this, it could mean he’s playing at his best or at least better at this point in time and therefore just as well might have beaten Rafa if he’d been his opponent.
              So, for me it’s not necessary that Soderling wins in order to give Rafa’s loss that kind of meaning. After all, he (Sod) has been able to reach the final in an impressive way.
              Besides that, I think if Federer were to win this, it has actually not so much to do with Rafa. If Rafa is good enough, he will win more Slams, will keep or regain the #1 spot, and otherwise he won’t. Okay, Fed gets another record, but is that bad for Rafa? I don’t think so. It could even be that Rafa finds new motivation in it.

  15. June says:

    In response to Suzanne about the cortisone shots. IDK re: the cortisone (I thought this was a steroid) or maybe it’s predisone for inflammation that’s a no no. I’m surely not that young any more, but don’t remember the name of that tennis player you mentioned earlier. It’s really a toss up Fed or Sod, Fed or Sod (F before S). I think I’ll throw a quarter in the air & say heads or tails or do rock, paper, scissors for kicks. I know Fed doesn’t deserve it, but it seems like RAFA prefers him to win than the SOD character. Dutchgirl, please give ’em heck in Paris when you go there & definitely wear your Vamos Rafa t-shirt & make a sign that’s not very complimentary to the Sod in Rafa’s honor & enjoy your time there. Miri, I do see your point in thinking about Sod winning though, but still it’s a toss up for me, sorry.

    • Suzanne says:

      Illie Nastase was an incredibly talented player from Romania, who was a hilarious character, but his antics often made people a little nuts and sometimes angry. He still goes around to the tournaments and hobnobs with the folks. The last really big match of his that I can remember (as I was fairly young at the time) was when Borg beat him in the finals at Wimbledon for his first of five titles there. I think it was in 1976. Anyway, as nuts as he was, he was still charming. There is no one like him around today, but I’ll take our Rafa over any player in history times 10! (Sorry Patrick Rafer, you’ll always be my number two!)

      • miri says:

        Hee! I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Nasty called charming before! He was, indeed, an amazing player, though. And loved to get the audience involved…not that his opponents always liked that.

        And, June, it’s a toss up for me too, so no need to say sorry. In fact, no need for anyone to say sorry no matter who they support.

  16. June says:

    Suzanne, thanks for the explanation of who Nastase is/was & Miri, thanks for understanding my point of view. It’s such an emotional tug of war sometimes & a rollercoster ride rooting for your favorite player/team in any sport — ain’t it a beach! I’m going to use your “arse” word in this post again & don’t have to say Sod’s name, but oops, here I go & did it again because he is a big one & may it rain cats & dogs at RG on Sunday (not) which would only postpone the inevitable I guess.

  17. loverafa4ever says:

    Thinking about the fact that the last couple of years Fed and Rafa has shared the Grand Slam…(except last years AO)… coz of which I dont want another player to get a Grand Slam…(mght sound crazy but I want that record to keep goin… I dont want nebody else to win a GS…not netime soon) But I also dont want Fed to be GOAT… definitely not this year when he has had his worst run… and I dont knw wat will happen if Soldering wins a slam… God! and Rafa going into French Open next year with Soldering as the defending Champion… and Grand slam final is a totally different ball game… Soldering has never played a Grand Slam final and as Rog said he doesnt knw wat a slam final is… if Sod’s mind is the same as how it looks outside he is not goin 2 care a damn abt whether its a GS final or not… and wud go for his shots… If he does that Fed doesnt really stand a chance… But is dat goin 2 happen… I doubt it… I think Fed is getting it this time… Very unfortunate and depressing tho…

  18. eliza says:

    I want Fed to win, I’m afraid. With the proviso that he never wins another slam. Given how much he has struggled to get through the draw here, despite meeting only one top ten player, I think that’s not unlikely. I just can’t get behind Soderling under any circumstances. The GOAT talk doesn’t bother me or interest me – I will always prefer Rafa to Fed and Agassi to Sampras regardless of all that nonsense.

  19. faecoleman says:

    Yeah Fed getting the momentum going into Wimbledon, sucks. If he wasn’t with such a bad attitude towards other players, so full of his damn self, so conceited, its a shame that such a great player is sooo arrogant! If he wins this and I predict he will, the odds are against Soderling, all the hypes gonna drive me mad after wards. Its enough people commenting on how that Rafa’s knees were going to crumble sometime it had to happen etc.. Btw I disagree with dutchgirl, if Rafa had have gotten to the final his form would have been awsome and I really think he would have gotten his 5th, although it would have been a tougher match than last year for sure, one forgets Feds route to the final, 2-0 down against Haas, he even struggled against Henri-mathieu, and then Del potro managed to take him to five also. This consistent comebacks however will give him extra belief though going into the final and I don’t think the Sod will have a chance.