Nadal Tennis School at Anantapur

According to this article on, Rafa’s foundation is working in conjunction with Fundacion Vincente Ferrer to build and establish a tennis school in Anantapur.

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal is setting up the Nadal Tennis School (NTS), the first of its kind in the world, at the Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) in the southern Andhra Pradesh town.

This announcement was made recently by his mother Ana Maria Parera, who’s President of the Fundacion Rafa Nadal (the Rafael Nadal Foundation).

“We don’t want mega projects, but to keep our feet on the ground and do our bit,” she said of the venture, work on which will begin in September.

The magnificent Mallorcan’s well-known fondness for children prompted him to embark on this project, Ana Maria Parera said.

Equal emphasis will be laid on education in the scheme, which it is hoped, will become residential over time.

“It is easier to teach a child through sport than without it, because children are real sponges and learn faster when having fun,” she reasoned.

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  1. LouLou says:

    Oh Nadal, how I adore thee, thy kind heart and shifty eyes!!!

  2. imjimmy says:

    Thanks so much for posting miri.

    That’s so amazing. What a benevolent gesture by the champ. All the kids will be praying for you Rafa. May you win many more grand-slam Trophies.

  3. vamsi says:

    this is amazing
    i m from india or rather i m from andhra pradesh
    it is awesome that he thinks about everyone
    his project will definately succeed

  4. melancho says:

    Also having been to Anantapur many times, all I can say is, Vamos Rafa!

  5. Suzanne says:

    I wish I spoke Spanish. I’d apply for a job in a heartbeat! Rafa’s vision to help kids, especially underprivileged kids, is an inspiration. I’ll never forget him leaning down and sweetly kissing the cheek of the little girl who was his “mascot” in Hamburg last summer. The whole crowd oooed and aahhed. I also love the fact that this worldwide superstar that everyone swoons over refers to himself as “normal”. Happy birthday, Rafa. You’re quite a man.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Yes, that’s the one. Thanks, I’d lost my copy! It seems that even as a teenager he always loved kids. When he went to Euro Disney a few years ago there were lots of pics of him with his whole extended family and he almost always had one little cousin or another in his arms. By the way, on another subject, have you noticed that despite his saying (countless times) that he “Never had an idol” but enjoyed watching older players when he was growing up, so often the television
    commentators refer to his idols (i.e., “He idolized Carlos Moya when he was a kid.”) What rubbish! Don’t they ever listen to his interviews? Don’t they have any insight into his character? When he won the French Open for the first time, he walked straight over to the king and queen of Spain and spoke to them and the king touseled his hair and patted his shoulder like he was his son. Then there was the famous walking over to the royal box at Wimbledon to thank the prince and princess for coming to his match. He didn’t even idolize royalty; he just showed them respect, as he does to everyone. What a precious boy he is. Not to be idolized himself, just admired but a grateful fan who is sick of the prima donna, hot tempered, sore losers who probably DID have idols and want to be idolized so when they lose they are afraid of never achieving that status. Rafa’s joy is in the hunt! I hope he comes home with two big game trophies from England!!!

  7. Mohit says:

    Always knew you are extra ordinary person, you have bought a power to the sport I love. I havge been to Ananthapur several times as my brother went to University there and very glad you chose that place as it is known drought place, Government and other trusts are working hard to help th District. And your gesture is amazing to help the underprivileged kids. Being a great fan of the Tennis, thank you very much on behalf of the People of India/Telugu/Ananthapur.

    Thanks you !!!

  8. patzin says:

    Rafa and his foundation are to be commended for their vision.

  9. Srini says:

    Congratulations to Rafael Nadal.
    This is a perfect example of Nadal’s service to society via games.
    This is Rafael Nadal’s not just Play to Win but Play to Serve concept.
    I wish him all the best and I wish he bring more social service projects
    in future.

  10. That’s really wonderful rafa!,
    Even the state govt here in India dosent really bother about sports/kids here!!
    That’s really generous of you.

  11. s md sadik says:

    I am very very happy
    iam a big fan of nadal
    its a good thing to start such a program in india

  12. Stephanie says:

    I am very excited for this(:

  13. k. karthik says:

    Hi rafa,

    Badiya yaar. And come every year to India and participate in chennai open yaar. Also, if possible start tennis clubs in four metros.

  14. malli says:

    this is amazing news for indians and spaceally andhara pradeshans. heartly thankful to you.
    But how to joins tennis school my childrans.

  15. Ram says:

    such an amazing news, being from andhra pradesh and harcore Rafa fan, it cant get better than this….. thanqqqqqq and VAMOS Rafa…………

  16. Tapan says:

    Anantapur is the greatest place in the world

  17. fedfan says:

    great news to hear, the best thing is he didnt tell anyone. he was not looking for publicity or anything. it just came from the heart.

    comming form indian federer fan this is great news.