RG: full English presser

Posted by merikob.

(Just be sure to watch the laughy/smiley video from Nereis after this.)

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  1. skyejaden says:

    “you think it’s soon after four years?” LOL! I love that he kind of put everyone in their place at this presser. I don’t know how they sit through this mind numbing nonsense. I give them props for their patience. I swear if it were me, I would take the fine and dash to the hotel.

    • kefuoe says:

      I loved that, too, skyejaden. I love that he makes it clear that being humble is not the same as not deserving respect.

      I try to imagine having to give a press conference after (immediately after) a very bad day at work. Even politicians and celebs can get away with making “a prepared statement”

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    I really liked some parts of the interview… Like he said u knw he was disappointed obviously to have lost here “especially in one Grand Slam when you have better chance to win than rest”, and then he replied to that reporter who asked if Rafa expected a loss so early… and he replied ” You think soon after 4 years, what do you think. Lot of players won four years here in a row. Its older than none no? ”

    I have been longing for this… I have been wanting Rafa to say that he has better chances than the rest, I have been wanting him to admit in public that he is the greatest clay courter ever… he didn’t admit it directly… but he said nobody has done wat he has done before…

  3. Ana says:

    He seems so tired! and so sad!.

  4. faecoleman says:

    Well put Rafa, certainly put them in their place, I love the way he said that ” you think 4 years is too soon?” its older than none no? and the way he really knows he has more chances than the rest to win the tournament, lol love it….. I am more than sure that he will win the French again, when he is more relaxed , especially after the way the French treated him.

  5. Louise says:

    The crowd on Philippe Chatrier are SO annoying. Today they cheered like mad for Fed when he was 3-4 30-40 in the 3rd – it really looked like he was going out – and they supported him brilliantly to give him that extra push to succeed. Yesterday you saw what they were like with Rafa – they gave him absolutely nothing. Never before have they had such a charismatic, humble & worthy champion & when he really needed their support he didn’t get it. Rafa’s their reigning champion, Roland Garros is one of his favourite tournaments & as he said yesterday it’s the one where he feels he has more chances to win than the others (the other Slams I think)so obviously what happened was very upsetting. Lets just remember the positives, his season so far has been exceptional – he should be proud of all his achievements.
    Anyway I hope he’s having a great time at home with family/friends & will have a really enjoyable birthday celebration.

  6. tropic says:

    That was a tough match for our dear Rafa. But I have to admit that Sods was absolutely fantastic in his playing. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play so accurate and very fast in the history of tennis. No offence. It was just a fantastic match but no doubt, I was saddened when the champ found it hard to return as it seemed the moment just was not there for him. Congratulations to both men and as well, I hope Rafa has an exciting birthday!!!!