RG 3rd round Spanish presser

Can anyone help us mono-linguists with a translation?

Via Yahoo! España

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  1. faecoleman says:

    Can’t understand a word, but love listening to Spanish anyway, beautiful language for a beautiful person, Rafa’s smoking here! looks really hunky, just the thought of cuddly Rafa, those lovely arms!

  2. Ana says:

    I am in it! It’s too long!

  3. Ana says:

    The interview says something like this..

    Rafa starts talking about his match against Hewitt and said he felt fine, he has been playing better every day and is very happy with this result and winning in straight sets to Lleyton is a great triumph and then the rest of the interview is on the theme of control / persecution suffered by the tennis players and for a new law of the International Tennis Federation and that means that, for example to him in the only day off he went to the beach with his friends and his mother called him because were there were at his house waiting a few men(popularly known as vampires) by control drugs. Rafael was forced to leave their friends and go quickly, because he mind that if they are going three times and you’re not at home you have a penalty. He said that all players are against This new law does because you have to be located permanently He noted that sometimes neither their parents know where he is and for instance if he loses today in RG he will travel inmediately to Majorca that is one of the unexpected things that they have to take account. He notes that David Ferrer and Fernando Verdasco in the hotel the other day at 6 they had the people to make the control and that David was molest because he was playing on the same day one match against Kiefer during 4 hours and they not let him sleep .. . that night he slept only 4 hours. After this he talks about the issue of Richard Gasquet and Rafael said he sends a very strong hug and a kiss to him, which is friend and who has been talking with him by phone and Rafa did not think that Richard Gasquet took cocaine but said that any tennis player can go to a party and that someone can put something or just kissing a woman who if had taken cocaine and that analisys be positive. Which has its entire support. Then the journalist asks the players what they can do against this persecution and Rafa says he does not know but that ultimately they are the ones who play and those who suffer the consequences of this persecution. And (I say this myself) I think Rafael is determined to do something against the law. Sure because he is a very determined person and has great importance in the middle.

  4. Jaun Millalonco says:

    My first visit here, found the blog accidentally really, and I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my visit and had some good reads while here :)