Non-stop pain

And no, the title isn’t a comment on what’s it’s like having to listen to Gimmelstob commentate, it’s his statement on what Rafa’s forehand and backhand cause his opponents to feel.

How just how damn difficult is it to say Rafael? Did the Tennis Channel teach every single one of their commentators to say it like “Rafeeeal”? I’m so tired of hearing something so simple mangled. (Of course, I still don’t understand why he goes by Rafael and not Rafel, so I’m easily confused and annoyed.)

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  1. Diane says:

    I think my personal tennis hell would be Gimelstob and Robbie Koenig commentating, and an un-checked Nike in charge of the court-wear, designed by Bud Collins. :D

  2. skyejaden says:

    TC commentators are maddening. Today in Rafa’s match all they kept calling him was Na-dal, pronouncing the ‘dal’ like ‘pal’ – and Patrick McEnroe does the same thing. It’s not that difficult folks.

  3. johanne says:

    I’ll take Gimmelstob over Bud Collins ANY DAY. Did anyone catch Bud actually call Rafa “Federer” on ESPN’s broadcast of the match? Seriously, someone take the mic away and put him to bed. He doesn’t even know who he’s talking about. It’s starting to get sad. But mostly it just annoys the crap outta me!

    Also annoying:

    1) Commentators talking about how Rafa doesn’t have his knees taped and they haven’t seen that in a long time. What? Did you not see him play any of his matches in MC, Barca, Rome or Madrid? WTF.

    2) Commentators discussing the Rafa/Soderling match-up as if they haven’t played since that controversial match at Wimbledon 2007. Umm, hello? Rome, anybody? 6-1 6-0? No? Nothing?

    These guys need to fire their fact checkers! And watch more tennis, apparently.



    P.S. Thanks for this, miri. Did you happen to see Rafa’s interview with Bill Macatee? Rafa turned the I’m-naturally-adorable-and-gorgeous dial to full blast!

    • Diane says:

      I did. The ‘aw-shucks’ was on high, for sure, no?

    • Nada H. T says:

      I Totally agree with you

      I wish we can see ‘Rafa’s interview with Bill Macatee’

      since you mentioned that ‘Rafa turned the I’m-naturally-adorable-

      and-gorgeous dial to full blast!’ ;p

    • miri says:

      Where/when was this interview? Never mind – I just found it on last night’s TTC French Open Tonight. I’ll work on a vid.

  4. Debbie says:

    The pronunciation issues bug the hell out of me. I wish they would just call him “Rafa” instead of mispronouncing “Rafael”. Say it how it is spelled people. The “a” is before the “e”. I don’t think Gimmelstob can actually read though, so, there you go.

    Other rant: JMac continuing to talk about how Rafa squeezes his 11.5 size feet into size 10 shoes. Rafa has said a bazillion times thats not true. Oh well. At least JMac gets most of the stuff right and floves Rafa.

    end of rant. :)

    • rez says:

      How’s that even possible? to fit size 11.5 foot into size 10 shoe? And on top of that playing tennis for 2-3 hours a day?

    • natch says:

      WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT???!!! Rafa only has size 10 feet?
      Say it isn’t so. Surely you must mean he really does have 11.5 feet, right? Right???

      • Diane says:

        I believe that they are the 11.5. You naughty girl. ;)

      • miri says:

        Well, at least his has fairly large hands! ;)

        I totally believe he’s cramming his feet into shoes that are too small. Have you seen his feet without shoes on? His toes look permanently scrunched up. Cramming feet into small shoes is a fairly standard soccer player thing, so I think he got it from there.

        The one time I remember him replying to the question about shoe size and PMac’s “11.5 in 10 shoes”, his reply didn’t really answer the question at all. He said something like, “I wear size 10 tennis shoes.” So, nothing about whether that was a “true” size for his shoes or not.

        • natch says:

          I’ve never seen him barefoot, so I’ll take your (and Diane’s) word.
          I mean, there’s nothing wrong with size 10 feet, except in my Rafantasies.

          • CC says:

            Could this whole shoe size thing be a confusion with the American and UK and European shoe sizes being different? I think an 11,5 in American is about a 10 in UK size and… Oh, heck, I dunno.
            I don’t think Rafa’s got big feet, though. Sorry, Natch! But there are always exceptions to the “rule”, ya know. ;)

  5. faecoleman says:

    I’m-naturally-adorable-and gorgeous dial? ah I would love to see that interview, please, please please, someone? thank you, and thanks for the clip Miri…