Villas talks about Nadal

I have no idea what he’s saying…

Posted by ib3.

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  1. faecoleman says:

    Neither do I, translation anyone? Thanks much appreciated!

  2. AnaR says:

    faecoleman, it’s really difficult to understand to Vilas even for me that am from Spain, don’t worry, In fact there is a part impossible for understand. He says that Rafa is the favourite, who has had a year like other years (??????? I do not understand this because 2009 is the best year for Nadal) and that Nadal has it all and people who play against him has to give everything on the track because if you don’t has a little rhythm you knows what will happen. And says that he was with Rafa when they gave him the trophy to the player with fewer games lost on Clay and people asked him why accompany Rafa if he must be a little sad because he no longer has this record? Vilas and replied that he was not sad because he still has the record for least games lost in all types of tracks. This is a curious guy.