Vogue photoshoot “behind the scenes” video

BTW, the article and pictures are now up on Vogue.com. Give it some hits and help show Rafa’s a popular subject. ;)

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  1. loverafa4ever says:

    Very nice… Rafa is speaking so well.

  2. johanne says:


  3. skyejaden says:

    Aw, i wish we had seen those bare toes in some pictures! :) Nice little bonus…

    Great vid!

  4. killian says:

    Finally—thank you!!!! Well worth the wait, and glad to see Xisca included!

  5. faecoleman says:

    Thank you!!! just great to see Rafa relaxed speaking here and he is soo hot, so handsome, phew! love him in crisp white too.!

  6. johanne says:

    Btw Vogue, where’s the still picture of Rafa at 0:47?! Head on hand, lying down, seductive wry smile. He looks so so gorgeous in that shot!

    *fans self*

  7. nic says:

    Wow Rafa is so impressive in this video. Totally laidback at ease just chatting to the camera. They must have had a good interviewer to make him relaxed. He also enjoyed working with Bruce, looks like he’s a top photographer for a reason, able to put his subjects at ease. And he’s speaking so well here. Really nice to see him like this. Fresh and full of smiles. What a sweetie. And how hot does Rafa look in all that white. You’re so right Johanne, where is that pic!!

  8. Nada H. T says:

    So Nice :)

  9. CC says:

    They must have taken hundreds of photos, so how come they only show us three or four?!?! (Probably only to tease us.)I want to see more seductive looks and bring on some more bare Rafa toes, please… Cute clip.