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Complete with Rafa bouncing around a messy locker room

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  1. faecoleman says:

    Love to watch Rafa doin his usual pre-match routine, “phantom of the opera” or some rock ballad, just love this man, thanks its a gloomy morning here and this cheers me up heaps.!

  2. AnaR says:

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to count you something that has arrived to Spain at Rafa’s friends. I don’t know if you know that tomorrow there is a great soccer match the final cup of Europe, European Championship between Manchester United and Barcelona Football Club (Barça)at Rome. Europe will be entirely stopped. Well, Roger Federer had his first match programmed for today Tuesday but the meteorologist said that probably would raining today and Roger demanded a change and asked play yesterday and no problem for the organisation. But by the other side tomorrow Rafa will play in Susan Lenglen’s court late afternoon (he don’t like this court)and in the center court will be an unknown playing tennis against Tsonga, but of course both are French. Rafa will have his match at the same exact time in which it will play the final of the European soccer Cup. Why this differences between both? Do you believe that it has the same interest see a match of the tennis number one or Tsonga?

    • johanne says:

      To be fair, of course the French players get featured at the French Open. It’s the same for Aussies at the AO, Americans at the USO and any Brits at Wimbledon. The top players will play on either Chatrier or Lenglen because they draw the crowds. I don’t think it’s guaranteed that you play only on Chatrier. For instance, Murray played on Lenglen on Sunday because there were 3 Frenchies featured on Chatrier.

      As far as the match rescheduling for Federer, I didn’t hear anything about this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they accomodated him. But there’s been schedule changes at Rafa’s request before too. Do you know if he asked and was denied? In any case, Rafa is a professional and I’m sure he will be okay. :)

    • miri says:

      Local players often get preference over higher-ranked more world-wide popular players when it comes to court preference – this happens at all the Slams and most of the Masters as well.

      Roger’s rescheduling was odd, but possible without upsetting the bigger picture because both halves of the draw were playing yesterday, but tomorrow is for the top half only.

      I believe all top-ranked players play at least one match on Lenglen per tournament to help give people who have series tickets to that court get to see top-ranked players. I’m pretty sure Rafa played on Lenglen last year as well. And he did – in the second and third rounds. Both days featured much lower ranked French players on the main court.

      Now, why he’s not scheduled earlier, I don’t know. You’d think they could put him on earlier so that he could see his footie match (even though, if I were a tournament director, I’d tell all the whiny players to shut up and play when I say so if their reasons weren’t related to an injury or tennis schedule conflict – heh.)

      • johanne says:

        Isn’t kickoff like 8:30 or 9:00pm Roma time? Rafa could be done by then. And if he’s not, they’ve been suspending matches by like 9:30pm for darkness. It’s possible he could still see the football match. If not, he can invite me over to recap it for him. ;)

      • Anna says:

        I think they should have put him on earlier because not only the matches before his could take forever and he might not be able to finish his tomorrow, I think there’s a rain forecast. He’s won this tournament 4 times and is defending champion. If anyone deserves special treatment…

        • miri says:

          If I were a player, I’d always want to go on early for those same reasons. Do we know if he wants to go on early? Are we making assumptions? He said something about the main court feeling too big yesterday, perhaps he’s not upset about being on Lenglen.

          Basically, I figure we’ll never know what goes on in the scheduling or who requests what. I’ve never seen a tournament schedule that made 100% sense to me, so I give up on worrying about it or trying to read anything into it.

          • Anna says:

            He’s said it in previous years that he prefers Chatrier. Lenglen is faster and doesn’t allow as much room for running. But top seeds have to play on Lenglen at least once, this is not a new development, happens every year. I’m questioning WHEN he’ll play, not where.

            • johanne says:

              I just heard a commentator say today that Lenglen is playing slower and that’s why a lot of Americans don’t like it. Crazy. Who knows what’s going on! :) I just hope Rafa gets to finish his match tomorrow. I see that he’s playing 5th now, because the Santoro/Rochus still needs to finish. Agh!

              • Anna says:

                “Crazy. Who knows what’s going on! :)”

                I’d trust Rafa’s take, who has played and practiced and won in both courts, over an American player who is not used to clay any day of the week. :)

                Rafa says it’s faster, I’m inclined to believe him. *g*

                • miri says:

                  Now that I can get behind. ;)

                  All of the courts were probably playing slower today because of the weather, no?

                • johanne says:

                  Well Americans tend to be vocal when anything’s slow – customer service, the work day, life…I’m guessing the same goes for clay courts, lol. ;)

                  The courts were playing fast yesterday bc it was so hot and Rafa said he liked the conditions. So maybe the rainy forecast tomorrow will annoy him. Again, who knows.

            • miri says:

              Yeah, I totally muddied the waters by mentioning Lenglen in my reply when I was mainly wondering about the timing and/or whether special requests were being approved/denied in an unfair manner. Sorry about that.

              My basic problem remains the same: every tournament I used to hear how the directors go out of the way to screw Rafa over. It’s shouted loud and clear with no substantial evidence to back it up. It’s a standard rant that was one of many that caused me to leave another site. We have no true way of knowing what drives the schedule and/or who’s getting screwed. Players who want to continue to play at tournaments aren’t going to say one way or another. Tournaments who want players to show up aren’t going to say one way or another.

              Unless you know someone who works on the scheduling for a a tournament and violates whatever confidentially agreement – or conditions of employee contract – they signed to tell you inside scoop, you won’t know. (And, I don’t tend to trust the word of people who violate confidentiality agreements.) So…I just can’t see any point in getting my panties in a twist about it, you know?

              • Anna says:

                I wouldn’t qualify pointing out that a schedule is not favorable to a player (and it obviously isn’t to anyone playing last or second to last, on any court) – especially to players who should have a little more say on the matter, for being a home player or a past champion — as getting your panties in a twist, but ok.

                • miri says:

                  You have a very valid point. I’m probably just over-reacting to all the over-reacting I’ve seen in the past.

                  But, I do wonder about what Rafa wants. In general, I don’t think he likes playing very early or very late, but I’m not sure since, again, he’s hardly forthcoming about it. Until then, I don’t know if he asked for a specific time and was denied the “special treatment” you had mentioned. Does that make sense? I mean, I can assume he did knowing that he most probably wants to watch that football match, but I don’t know he did. I also don’t know what other requests were submitted by other players who might have, perhaps, more substantial reasons than, “I want to watch football.”

                  • tiemyshoe says:

                    I agree there’s definitely an extreme contingent of fans for whom everything – I mean, everything – is a deplorable conspiracy. These are the same people who demand that favorable treatment be given to Rafa while they slam Federer for getting the same kind of treatment, and they don’t see the hypocrisy in that at all.

                    But I don’t think all the complaints about unfair scheduling – and incidental Federer favoritism – can be discounted either. This isn’t because I have any evidence, but rather a skeptical doubt that there are no politics behind scheduling and player requests and what goes on behind the scenes of this sport. There have gotta be all kinds of power relationships there, and issues about clout and popularity and so on – so, on principle, I don’t think the behind-the-scenes decisions are always neutral or fair.

                    That said, Rafa’s an elite athlete and part of his job is dealing with schedules as they come. He’s a professional doing his job, and fans (having the luxury of indulging in some very strong emotions) surely get incised much more easily than he does. If a bad scheduling here or a rain delay would be enough to throw Rafa off, he’d have a big old 0 GS titles. It’s The Tennis.

                    • miri says:

                      Stop being rational when I want to be irrational about perceived irrationality! ;)

                      Yeah, I don’t doubt there’s all kinds of politics and power plays going on in the scheduling. You’ve got a bunch of highly competitive people running around there – bound to be pissing contests. I just can’t help thinking that they aren’t going to piss off their hottest commodity too much, you know? But that is assuming common sense…hmm…

                  • Anna says:

                    Since now we *know* from his presser that he asked to play earlier (no-brainer, imo):

                    “I also don’t know what other requests were submitted by other players who might have, perhaps, more substantial reasons than, “I want to watch football.””

                    I would bet a boatload of money that “I would like to finish my match today and the weather forecast looks terrible” was Rafa’s substantial reason, not the football match.

                    Substantial reason valid for every player. The difference is that not every player is a 4 time winner and defending champion of this thing. (That’s why I was talking about special treatment. I wouldn’t if I was following the football match reasoning – Rafa doesn’t strike me as a diva.)

                    • miri says:

                      yeah, Yeah, I know it was a no-brainer, but I’m just stubborn, okay? :)

                      I agree that a bad weather forecast is a much better reason than a football match.

                      And no, Rafa doesn’t strike me as being a diva at all. He also doesn’t strike me as someone who would feel comfortable asking for special favors or deference. I don’t think he’d mind them coming his way, but I just get the feeling he wouldn’t push for them at all. [And I have no solid evidence to back that assumption up. ;) ]

                    • Anna says:

                      “He also doesn’t strike me as someone who would feel comfortable asking for special favors or deference.”

                      No, but they should be granted to him without him having to push for it, simply because he earned it. THAT is the whole point.

  3. AnaR says:

    Good morning from Madrid,

    Definitely, I think you are right tiemyshoe, yesterday I was a little upset but not because Rafael has to play at the same time that the soccer match or in the Susan Lenglen’s court, but because Federer had changed the match of day by the request of himself. Rafael is a great professional. It is very strange that he protest by complaining or anything but true that during these years we have had to see the differences in treatment between Roger and Rafael. Before they were number 1 Rafael everyone thought it was because they had not yet achieved the top, but now after he has achieved the number 1 have followed many of these differences. But really tiemyshoe you have the reason.