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Smallest fish I ever catch?

Not too deep (AP Photo/Laurent Baheux)

Today’s entries are up on the Times Online site:


Thank you again for the opportunity you bring me and let me say I have to admit that I was very reluctant to write it again. It is not easy to find words or things to talk about during these – hopefully – two weeks. Because that is the thing, I will be writing this while I stay in Paris playing. That’s why I hope it is two weeks. If on Tuesday night there is no more blog that would mean I have lost my first match, my first round here at Roland Garros.

Wait, how long does he hope to be writing this for?

So I hope what I say is not taken too serious or to not serious. I am someone who doesn’t go too deep to talk about things openly. I can be very open with my team, with my family these weeks, but kind of reserved with the rest of the World.

He doesn’t go deep? Not touching that.

So what I write about is basically about my day, about how’s been, what I’ve done, who did I practice with, what did I eat, what did I do to “kill” those hours that I spend waiting to play my next match or waiting for my next practice… Those things that are part of my work, of my routine, that clearly are not interesting enough to be written by the media in their normal reports.

They are two busy asking you important questions like: what’s your favorite place in the world? Are you sad you picked tennis over soccer? What do you play on PlayStation?

So that’s why I write this blog, so that my fans, those who want to know everything about what I do, they can be informed.

Duly noted.


Which do you think is the best way to decide the outcome of five set matches at grand slams – by being two games ahead of your opponent in the fifth set, as is the case at Wimbledon, the French Open and the Australian Open or by winning a fifth set tie-break, as is the case at the US Open?
Niamh Kearney, Ireland

RN: I think the way it is now with a tie-break in the fifth is good. Imagine how many more games and hours I could have played with Verdasco in Melbourne…

You know, I’m not a fan of 5th set tie-breakers, but when you put it that way…. Nope. Still not a fan. :)

When you have kids in the future, would you like them to play tennis and be a tennis star like yourself? If so would you be their coach?
Feng Lu

RN: I would like them to do whatever they want to do, meaning if they decide to become tennis players I will support them. But the most important thing is that it should be their decission. Not sure I will be their coach though…

Sensible answer – especially on the coach thing.

Did you lose some weight this year (you look a bit slimmer!), and if so, what is the reason for it?
Wendy Pan, China

RN: No, I didn’t. But some people has said that to me lately. I am the same weight, believe me. Maybe the sleeveless shirt?

Believe him!

Do you sleep well before an important match?
Gabi, Germany

RN: Yes, normally I do. But I have to admit that before the Wimbledon final last year I had more difficulty than usual going to sleep.

I can’t imagine why.

There seems to be an increasingly amount of attention paid to fashion in tennis these days. What’s your favourite Nike outfit that you’ve worn so far in your career?
Julia, London

RN: Actually I like very much the one I will be wearing tomorrow in Roland Garros.

Ever the diplomat.

What sort of things in life make you lose your temper?
Elizabeth, London

RN: Bad education of people. Not sure I get to lose my temper but close.

Bad education? I wonder if he means bad manners – kids not brought up properly.

Do you think Roger Federer has a chance to win the French Open this year, since he just won recently at Madrid? Does this pressure you in any way?
Samantha Portillo

RN: Sure he does. I don’t think Madrid has anything to do with it since the conditions are completely different due to the altitude and the way the courts were done. But sure he has chances to win.

What he does with his chances are up to him.

6 Responses

  1. skyejaden says:

    I was wondering what that bad education meant as well…could mean a few things. Hmmm…

    Okay so someone’s already asked him about Federer, check. Someone’s already asked him about the kids, check. I suppose favorite food and who he idolized will be tomorrow.

    LOL always the fashion diplomat, I love it. We want to seeeeeee! :D

  2. kefuoe says:

    Actually, those questions were pretty good. His media handling skills are always on point, too.

    I think you might be right, miri, about the education. I remember reading someplace Nadal saying that he was really glad he was raised the way he was when he sees how other people act.

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    Hrmmm, I wonder what Rafa’s like when he really loses his temper. Probably kinda hot. Just guessing. I’m always entertained on the very, very rare occasions when he gets into it with an umpire for whatever reason.

    Love how emphatic he is re: the questions about Fed’s win in Madrid. The conditions were completely different, alright, asshats?

  4. johanne says:

    I’m not convinced he didn’t lose a little weight. Maybe all those tummy flashes are throwing me off – he’s got a pretty small (and slammin’) waist.

  5. faecoleman says:

    I think Rafa may have not lost weight just developed more lean muscle losing any puppy excess he possessed as a teenager. Muscle weighes more than fat but at the same time can give you a leaner appearance. He is looking more atheletic than ever now, better for his game.

  6. nic says:

    I love the way he answered these questions. Very nicely put about the kids. He is so totally leaner now that’s for sure. Slim and trim. I think it’s amazing that we get to hear from the World No. 1 during Grand Slams, don’t think anyone else has ever done something like this. To be with him all along his journey. Poor thing said he was reluctant initially, I can understand why. This is one extra thing he needs to dedicate his time and attention to during a really intense period. Well, at least he knows how to back off and not do them when he’s really tired or tied up. Wonder what book he’s going to end up buying now :)