Interview for M6

Rafa gave an interview for the French TV channel M6.

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  1. SheIsBlessed says:

    sheesh! Can’t understand French…and barely Spanish..

  2. johanne says:

    I got about 70% of the French, but would be a terrible word-by-word translator. Basically he’s happy to be back in Paris; he seems confident and comfortable with his preparation for RG and his clay season thus far; reaffirms the Madrid defeat has absoultely no affect on his confidence or his desire to play well here in RG; I’ll give you one guess as to what he says he does in his free time (haha come on lady!); calls Gasquet a friend and doesn’t believe he’d use cocaine, supports him and apparently has exchanged messages with him these past couple weeks (at least that’s what I think he was saying); doesn’t give a direct answer to her question of who is the most dangerous player for him (of course he doesn’t, that wouldn’t be Rafa) but says he is aware that Murray, Fed and Nole are all great players and he knows he has to continue to work hard to keep his place at the top; she asks about his mental strength and how it seems like he never cracks – he says this is a quality he’s had since he was young…and then some other crap I don’t understand, haha; says he doesn’t know who will win RG this year, but that he wants to win, but then so does everyone else.

    Sorry if this sucks! I tried my best!

    • SheIsBlessed says:

      Johanne thank you very much! And no way does that suck!

      I’m embarrassed I’m not fluent in any language, I must try harder!

  3. June says:

    Rafa looks so serious here (kind of nervous) and not smiling a lot (the interviewer seemed to smile more than him). It sounded like he was troubled by something (perhaps the subject of Gasquet’s alleged cocaine use)is hard to talk about being in France & all. Anyway, I’m sure there will be more joyful news to come soon . . . “La joi de vivre.”

  4. faecoleman says:

    yes he doesn’t look comfortable talking about Gasquet and insists that it is impossible, he looks keen to get the h*** out of there, after having to explain again about his defeat in Madrid and the different types of clay etc, hopefully this is the reason!

  5. Nada H. T says:

    Thank u for the vid.

  6. jessy says:

    go go rafa! i hope u will win the fifth titles in roland garros.all of your fans will be support u all the time.even where u your best