Flashback Friday

3rd Roland Garros title

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  1. CC says:

    Ah…this is a great way for me to start my Friday, thanks Miri!

    Scruffy Rafa, gorgeous as well…

  2. faecoleman says:

    Thanks for this Miri, a real lift, just read on Atp insider that Federer like Agassi is going in to Roland Garros for the 11th time, Agassi won his only Roland Garros on his 11th attempt. They all so go on to say that Roger holds the same match streak as Agassi did back then! Scary stuff! Why do I read this stuff? On the bright side Roger will be thinking that with the way Novak is playing that this could be his last chance, PRESSURE,PRESSURE,PRESSURE! Hope so….* oh the stress of being a passionate Rafa fan!* come on Rafa!!!!!!!

  3. Debbie says:

    Thanks again Miri. Fun to reminisce. I cringed when I saw Bud Collins though. What a goof. Rafa had a WTF look at times too, especially when he was talking about how he had hurt Fed. And-I agree with CC-sruffy Rafa FTW! :)

  4. johanne says:

    Oooooo gorgeous Rafa. So soft spoken during this one. He looks amazing. Love when he walks to the stands in the first vid – lovely bum. ;)

    P.S. I could barely watch the interview with Bud Collins. He really needs to retire.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Word re: Bud Collins. He’s a character, but I’m glad they don’t trot him out for these on-court interviews anymore. “You really hurt him”? WTF?

  5. faecoleman says:

    I love that take at the end, ahh gorgeous Rafa *sighs*..