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  1. johanne says:

    Crap. I just got nervous. Agh!

  2. Phyzzie says:

    Anybody have translations for those comments? Why is Johanne nervous… what happened?? thanks.

    • johanne says:

      just nervous for Roland Garros in general…i don’t know what was said….i just want the tourney to start already! haha :)

      • CC says:

        I keep telling myself “I am not nerv-o-u-s, I am with colm” and that it doesn’t matter of Rafa goes out in the first round in RG. But of course that is all just a lie…
        Ah well, as long as Rafa is “with colm”, then I suppose it will be fine.

        Hey, why’s Xisca in the back seat? If you’re going to be away for the next few weeks, Rafa, let her at least sit next to you in the car!

  3. kefuoe says:

    When Rafa gets on a plane…
    They probably have to have special procedures for dealing with the inevitable fights among the flight crew as to who will bring him blankets and help him with his seat belt.

  4. strobi says:

    Standard Rafa thing, saying that it’t difficult, that 128 players want the same, that numbers are numbers and each year is different, and luckyly for him the past 4 have been good for him so he hopes this year he’ll do good also (huge understatement).

  5. AnaR says:

    Rafa basically said that he is one of the 128 players that can win the tournament RG, which in the past 4 years he has gone well, but every year is different to others and we must wait and see what happens this year.

    As always he is cautious and he never gives anything for granted. He knows that there always has to work hard to win. But its simplicity is admirable.

  6. AnaR says:

    Hy everyone,

    Rafa debuts Thursday against Arnaud Clement in the Masters Guinot Mary COHRE, exhibition tournament organized by the Paris Golf & Country Club and it is played on clay at the premises of Rueil-Malmaison. You can follow the EUROSPORT PLAYER.

  7. faecoleman says:

    I read that Toni had said that this year would be difficult at RG and there would be more doubt than usual because of the recent loss in Madrid, and that Djokovic or Murray could beat Nadal also. Nadal had said that he hopes to play well and if he does he has a good chance, but if he doesn’t he must take it with calm and that he has had a good season so far etc qualified for the WTF’s etc already… I hate to have to watch the French on Eurosport as you don’t get a choice of matches, the coverage sucks…

  8. Phyzzie says:

    Thanks to everyone for the “translation.”