Another Roland Garros preview

Posted by merikob

3 Responses

  1. CC says:

    Trucker Rafa is back in this clip.

    All the praise makes me nervous. What if he can’t live up to it? The, pressure, oh, the pressure… (;

  2. Anna says:

    I’m not sure if it’s the Serbian speaking pattern seeping trough, but sometimes while listening Djokovic speak English I have the impression he learned it watching The Godfather trilogy.

  3. faecoleman says:

    Hey thats funny Anna, I know what you mean!… and I so suppose Rafa’s always had the pressure that he is expected to win,(king of clay) and so forth + this year he has the added pressure of being the No.1, in a way I was hoping that losing in Madrid might just ease that pressure, any thoughts on this?